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Where to find all of the Batman Arkham VR Bird Cage Riddler related collectibles and challenges. The mission itself features Robin (Tim Drake) being caught in one of Joker‘s traps.

The Riddler challenges become available once the main story has been successfully completed. There is a total of 8 mission chapters altogether.


Video Shows All Riddler Related Challenges (Bird Cage)


Security Camera

#1 SECURITY CAMERA: We can locate this security camera right at the start of this mission chapter. Simply look up and to the left of the sewer entrance to find it.

#2 RIDDLER GRAFFITI: Continue through the sewers, keeping an eye on the wall. We need to locate a green arrow that is written on this wall. When you find it, look up to find a hook, it will have a green marker on it. Take it with you.
When you reach Robin. Do not grapple down to him just yet. Instead, you will want to locate the pillars in this room alongside the cages.

Security Camera #2

#3 SECURITY CAMERA: Just before we grapple on down to Robin. Look up towards the cages and pillars in order to find this security camera.

Inside The Sewer Tunnels

#4 ELECTRICAL BOX: Backtrack through the sewer tunnel. Again, do not grapple down to Robin. Here you will want to start searching the walls as some of these walls will have views in to the next area. In fact, if you are quick enough, you will actually catch the tail end of Killer Croc. Anyway, the electrical box can be found here.

#5 RIDDLER BOX: Just before we grapple on down to Robin. You will notice several green flags just hung up. If you equip your scanner and start scanning these green flags, you will notice that they have letters on. Put these letters together and they will spell out the name ‘Nigma’.
Next to these green flags are several green buttons and next to those is our Riddler box. Aim the batarang at these green buttons and make the word ‘Nigma’ using the green flags

Fuse Box Door

#6 RIDDLE (To clip ones wings is quite distressing. What else to do when this needs dressing?): Grapple down to Robin. Remove the fuse box door and scan it.

The Female Riddler

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