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James W. “Jim” Gordon, Sr. is a highly recognizable character in the world of comic books, known primarily for his strong association with the ever-popular superhero, Batman. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Gordon made his debut in the first panel of Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. As the police commissioner of Gotham City, Gordon shares Batman’s unwavering dedication to ridding the city of crime. Through their mutual respect and unspoken camaraderie, they have formed an alliance that has stood the test of time.


James Gordon (Character Quotes) Batman Arkham Knight
Detective Comics #25 Cover Variant November 2013 By Jason Fabok
Detective Comics #25 (November 2013) – Jason Fabok
REAL NAMEJames W. ”Jim” Gordon
CREATED BYBill Finger (Writer)
Bob Kane (Artist)
FIRST APPEARANCEDetective Comics #27 (May 1939)
ABILITIESMaster tactician, strategist and field commander
Police training
Expert at Criminology


Jim Gordon was created by the legendary duo of Bill Finger and Bob Kane as a supporting character for Batman. He first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), making him the first Batman supporting character ever to be introduced. His character was inspired by the earlier pulp character Commissioner James W. “Wildcat” Gordon, also known as “The Whisperer,” created in 1936 by Henry Ralston, John Nanovic, and Lawrence Donovan for Street & Smith.

Jim Gordon was born and raised in a rough neighborhood in Gotham City, where crime and corruption were rampant. Despite the challenges he faced growing up, Gordon remained determined to make a difference in his city by joining the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). His hard work and dedication eventually led to his promotion to Captain, where he continued to fight against crime and corruption within the city and its police force.

In his early appearances, Jim Gordon was depicted as a police detective who initially resented Batman’s interference in police matters. In the pre-Crisis era, Gordon and Batman eventually formed a bond, with the detective even deputizing the Dark Knight as an agent of the law.

The Killing Joke

In the highly influential 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke, the Joker kidnaps Jim Gordon in an attempt to drive him insane and prove that even the most morally upright individuals can lose their minds after experiencing a single traumatic event. However, despite the immense psychological stress he endures, Gordon’s sanity and ethical code remain unbroken.

Marriage and Family

Jim Gordon has been married twice — first to Barbara Eileen Kean, with whom he has a daughter, Barbara Gordon (the second Batgirl and information broker Oracle), and then to Sarah Essen. He also has a biological son, James Gordon Jr., who is a psychopathic serial killer.

Barbara “Barb” Gordon

Barbara “Barb” Gordon is the biological daughter of Jim Gordon and his first wife, Barbara Eileen Kean. She leads a double life as a librarian and the crime-fighting heroine Batgirl. Her father is aware of her secret identity and is proud of her accomplishments as a vigilante.

James Gordon Jr.

James Gordon Jr. is the son of Jim Gordon and his first wife, Barbara Eileen Kean. He is a psychopathic serial killer who first appeared as an infant in Batman: Year One. James Jr.’s character arc is explored further in the storyline The Black Mirror, where he is revealed to be a cunning and dangerous adversary for both Batman and his father.

James Gordon (Vol. 3 – Batman) 2016 – David Finch



In the prequel game, Batman: Arkham Origins, a younger and less experienced James Gordon is introduced as the head of the Vigilante Task Force, whose primary goal is to apprehend Batman. Although initially skeptical of Batman’s intentions and methods, Gordon eventually comes to see the value in their partnership. Throughout the game, Gordon faces numerous challenges within the GCPD, particularly in dealing with corrupt officers and politicians. As Batman and Gordon work together to bring down the criminal underworld, their bond strengthens, laying the foundation for their future alliance.

James Gordon (Arkham Asylum)


In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Commissioner Gordon plays a crucial role in assisting Batman in his quest to stop the Joker’s takeover of the asylum. After the Joker‘s escape and Commissioner Loeb’s murder. Unfortunately, during the advanced takeover Gordon is kidnapped by the Clown Prince. Leaving the Dark Knight to try and rescue him


In Batman: Arkham City, Gordon’s influence is felt throughout the game, even though he does not make a physical appearance until the game’s conclusion. As Commissioner, Gordon orders the GCPD to stop sending prisoners to Arkham City, a controversial and dangerous prison facility controlled by the enigmatic Dr. Hugo Strange.

Gordon is then seen when the Dark Knight carries the Joker’s dead body out of the movie studios.

James Gordon In Batman Arkham Knight
Commissioner James Gordon (As Seen In Arkham Knight)


In Batman: Arkham Knight, the final installment of the series, Gordon’s character undergoes significant development as he faces numerous personal and professional challenges. After the death of the Joker in Arkham City, Gordon fears an all-out war for control of Gotham’s criminal underworld. However, the city experiences a temporary period of peace, allowing Gordon to focus on his duties as Commissioner

This brief respite is shattered when Scarecrow unleashes a devastating attack on the city, forcing Gotham’s citizens to evacuate and leaving Gordon, Batman, and their allies to battle a powerful new enemy – the Arkham Knight.

During the course of the game, Gordon’s relationship with Batman is tested and ultimately strengthened as they confront their personal demons and the tragic consequences of their actions. Including the kidnapping of Barbara Gordon. This then sends Jim on a solo revenge path, feeling his trust in the Dark Knight has been misplaced.

The detective eventually gets caught and Batman is required to save him. However, as part of a deal with Scarecrow, who still had his daughter as a hostage. Jim is forced to shoot at the Knight, causing him to fall off the Arkham Headquarters rooftop. Though, in actuality, he knew what he was doing. Aiming at the strongest point of the Knight’s armor. Making sure no damaged was caused.

At the ending cinematic, Jim Gordon becomes the Mayor of Gotham. Whilst his daughter works as a member of the GCPD


James Gordon’s actual name is James ‘Worthington’ Gordon.

Prior to becoming a police officer, James Gordon worked as a member of the United States Marine Corps.

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