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A compilation of James Gordon character quotes and voice lines from Batman Arkham Knight. Though the detective might have always played more of a background role throughout the Batman Arkham series. His presence is always there.

He has been there from the very start of the Rocksteady series, gracing his very appearance back with Arkham Asylum. Where he was more of a target that would often get kidnapped by the likes of Joker.


James Gordon (Character Profile)
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In Batman Arkham Knight the character of James Gordon takes more of a parental role. Whilst in Arkham Asylum he is always the target for kidnapping, and in Arkham City he seems to play an even lesser role, having been forced to remain in the background due to Hugo Strange and his TYGER team.

However, in Arkham Knight Gordon takes a lot of the chaos within the city into his own hands, especially when he realises that his daughter, Barbara (Oracle) did not initially escape the city. As expected. When Scarecrow took charge with his latest fear toxin.

In fact, the reason why she had decided to stay back was because she was working secretly for the Dark Knight himself, over at the Clock Tower. Something that the detective had no idea about. Things take an even more dramatic twist when she is also kidnapped by the Arkham Knight. Who was currently working for the ‘Fear Master’.

When James finds out about the kidnapping he is also alerted about who she was working for. He then becomes furious with the ‘Bat’ and decides to search and rescue her himself. Without the vigilantes help.

Unfortunately, he does not get very far until he is found and kidnapped himself. Thus, his attempts to get his daughter back proved to be a failure. The ‘Knight’ is then required to help.


When Batman takes Poison Ivy to the GCPD lockup. Good to have you here Batman. Bring her down to the lockup on the lower level.
On the phone to the governmentI’ve got a solution, you just don’t seem to want to hear it
A hostage is saved at ACE ChemicalsGreat work. I knew you wouldn’t let us down
Gordon is held hostage at the Arkham HQHurry up and get us out of here!
When the ‘Knight’ tells Gordon about Scarecrow‘s plans and orders him to return to the GCPDHave you found Scarecrow? How much worse can it be? I’ll get my men off the streets but I’m going nowhere. You bring anyone you find to me. You’ll stop him. I know you will.


The character of Detective James Gordon, in Batman Arkham Knight, is voiced by Johnathan Banks. Who also voiced the character Black Mask in the 2022 movie, Catwoman: Hunted.

It was the first time that Banks had voiced the character in the series. As he replaced Tom Kane, who had voiced the character in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. There was no confirmation on why he was replaced. Just that Johnathan was better suited for this particular version of the character.

Johnathan Banks is also known for his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

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