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A compilation of Scarecrow quotes from Batman Arkham Knight. So be afraid as the deadly grim reaper himself comes to torment and ruin all of Gotham with his latest batch of fear toxin.

As many of us already know Scarecrow uses the power of fear to control the opposition around him. Once you get injected with his toxin you will be having nightmares for days. This makes him a very interesting character.

Scarecrow is also one, if not the, main antagonist within Batman Arkham Knight and he makes that rather obvious during the opening intro cinematic. Where we see the innocent victims of Gotham fleeing for their life whilst the fear within the city slowly takes control


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Scarecrow was first seen within Arkham Asylum where his plans involved trying to poison Gotham’s water supply. Alongside Killer Croc’s sewer lair. His plans obviously did not go down very well and he was later defeated by Batman and to make matters worse. Killer Croc ended up getting his revenge by mauling Scarecrow.

Now Scarecrow makes his return. His face is more scarred than his previous appearance due to the damage he endured by the hands of Killer Croc. In fact Crane has gone as far as surgically grafting his mask on to what remains of his face This is also later mentioned by the various city inmates. His past trauma and disappointment does not go unnoticed as he often mentions his lucky escape from the Croc during Arkham Knight. Due to this he is more determined than ever to to make his plans work this time.


In Arkham Knight Scarecrow attempts to create an aerosol device known as the Cloudburst. Which would release Crane’s fear toxin into the environment on a much grander and amplified scale. However, before eventually taking over the project, Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow, was once working alongside Simon Stagg. The CEO of Stagg Enterprises.

Stagg Enterprises is a company that is known for working on creating and manufacturing vaccines to cure certain ailments and diseases. Using many abducted individuals as test subjects. This can also be seen within the Stagg Airships that have many caged animals inside.

Despite his partnership with Stagg ending, Crane did manage to form other partnerships in his attempts to fulfil his plans. A partnership with both the Arkham Knight and Deathstroke. He also managed to recruit other well known super villains too. All in order to try and stop the Dark Knight and have the city under his control.

Crane’s fear toxin is a deadly hallucinogenic chemical that can cause the inflicted to have horrific visions of their worst fears. He even managed to become a professor and in doing so he even performed inhuman experiments on his students, medical patients and even the inmates of both the Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison. All in order to try and perfect his fear toxin.


Random broadcasted messageYou left me to die in the Asylum. But I will show you no such mercy.
Random broadcasted messageThe Cloudburst will spread my toxin for miles in an instant. It will be terrorism in its purest form
Random broadcasted messageWhen I’m done with Gotham – and with you – I will have barely begun. Terror will spread far.
Talking about the effects of fearYou are privileged, men. The brain’s fear mechanisms evolved in response to predation, to beasts hunting us in the dark.

There can be few ordeals quite so evocative of our ancestral fears as this.
Talking about the effects of fearBlood has been drawn away from your skin to serve more crucial functions. Perhaps you felt that – the cold chill of fear?


In Batman Arkham Knight the character of Scarecrow is voiced by John Noble. Who is also known for his roles as Leland Monroe in LA Noire and Denethor in Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King.


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