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Here we have a compilation of Two-Face and Harvey Dent character dialogue quotes and voice lines from Batman Arkham Knight. Though he might not appear that much and he is not regarded as a main story character, he does still have a fair amount of dialogue.

Most of his dialogue can actually be rather confusing at first. Especially if you have not fully caught up on the Batman universe and its lore. For example some of his dialogue often refers to events that have not appeared within Batman Arkham Knight. Same can be said for the previous Rocksteady Batman Arkham titles too.


Making some of his dialogue feeling a bit out of place and, as if, something has been either skipped or missed. In fact a lot of the backstory for the character is not initially brought into play. Most likely because it does not serve directly into the main story. However, in order to know about his backstory you will need to delve into the mysteries between both Batman Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham

Funnily enough Batman Arkham Origins is not created by the team over at Rocksteady. Though most of the titles, including Arkham Knight, is developed by the London based studio. Arkham Origins is not. Instead that specific title was created and developed by a different team. WB Games Montreal. Despite the confusion amongst fans as to whether or not Arkham Origins is even cannon to the Rocksteady trilogy. It has since been confirmed to be cannon after all. This then makes sense as to why the backstory of such a great character may still confuse some individuals.


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In Batman Arkham Knight Two-Face, who, of course, is also known as Harvey Dent, is an optional antagonist within the game. Who does not show up until midway through the main story. Though he is not exactly a major story character he does occasionally get mentioned during it.

A great example comes relatively early on when we can hear thugs and inmates talking amongst themselves. A lot of their dialogue seems to hint that both Two-Face and Penguin have teamed up together. This is also present during the opening cinematic of Arkham Knight. Where we see the two super villains together as they watch chaos unfold within the city.

Why they are joined as a team is very much part of the game’s backstory. One that will only really reveal itself either through the character tapes that can be collected or towards the end of the story. Turns out that they have decided to join up as a team due to Scarecrow and his influence. His plans for the city.

A lot of the super villains actually decide to join up with Scarecrow in their way of trying to stay out of the conflict that is about to be unleashed. Again this is all revealed within the collectible character tapes. It is a very similar situation that can be seen within Arkham City. Where it too is revealed within the character tapes that the super villains are actually recruited by Hugo Strange. Who, just like with Scarecrow, both play the role of the main antagonists.

It is also hinted that the inspiration for a lot of the scars, and half burnt suit has been taken from the Dark Knight trilogy version of the character. Who was played by actor Aaron Eckhart.


During the first bank heistWe thought you might show up, Batman. We were counting on it!
During a bank heistThe coin wants him dead! It’s fate, dammit! Kill him!
When Harvey Two-Face appearsTails you lose, Batman. And these guys will make sure
In a reply to FireflyNothing burns like injustice!
In a reply to PygSick freak!


The Two-Faced Bandit is the optional Two-Face related side mission or side quest. For the majority of the game it is said that the infamous DA is planning to rob from Gotham’s biggest banks. Roll in Batman who has to try and stop him.

The primary objective for this side activity would be split into two phases. With the first being that the members of the Two-Face gang would prioritise their attempts in trying to steal the money from the vaults. It is during this phase where there would be a time limit. If the gang had successfully stolen everything from these vaults then it would result in a Game Over.


If the gang were successfully stopped then phase two would activate. This would result in the remaining gang members focusing their attention more on trying to stop the Batman. Ignoring the money in the process.

Each bank facility had its own set amount of money that the gang would try to steal. As the side mission came closer to its end, the amount of money and gang members would change. So too would the time limit that was given in order to stop the crime.

Eventually during the final bank heist Two-Face would then appear and try to stop the Dark Knight himself. After his men have failed to do so on their own and prior to his appearance.

Once the mission has been successfully completed we then get to witness Batman arresting Two-Face and placing him inside of a jail cell. If Penguin is already there then the two would argue amongst themselves. Likewise if Two-Face is captured before Penguin.

This scene would usually result in the two exchanging blows about not being able to trust each other and their partnership was never going to work.

Just like with every other super villain within Batman Arkham Knight, Two-Face also has his own display case within the GCPD building. This display case mainly features his iconic weapons such as a rocket launcher, acid-damaged coin and twin semi-automatic handguns.


The ‘A Flip Of A Coin’ is an optional DLC content pack. It was released back in 2015 and features Robin as the main playable character. With the main story taking place after the events of Batman Arkham Knight.

Here Robin has to fight against Two-Face and his men all alone. Batman is no longer around. Though he does have the help of Oracle through radio communication as backup.

The main story for this content pack is that Two-Face has escaped the jail cell that Batman puts him in after having completed the Two-Faced Bandit side story. After managing to escape, Two-Face is, once again, trying to steal money from the banks. This time Robin needs to stop him.

Its a very short story pack coming in close to 30-40 minutes long. In it Two-Face appears very briefly towards the end. Seemingly to have taken advantage in defeating Robin or has he?


In Batman Arkham Knight the character of Two-Face and Harvey Dent is voiced by Troy Baker. Who also voices both the Arkham Knight and Red Hood.

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