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A compilation of Harley Quinn voice lines or dialogue quotes from Batman Arkham Knight. Though she only appeared briefly during the middle section of the main story, she still had a strong personality. One that impacted the overall story quite a bit.


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In the main story of Batman Arkham Knight the character of Harley Quinn is feeling rather depressed and a lot of vengeance against the Dark Knight. Due to the events of Batman Arkham City, she now blames the death of her Mister J on him.

Her Joker is no longer around and she is now on her own. She also takes command of the remaining members of the Clown Prince’s henchmen. Some of whom really question their loyalty after wishing that she would stop mourning the death and move on.

There is a bit of hope left for her however, when she comes across several inmates that seem to have been infected with the Joker’s blood that was released into the blood banks. Causing them to act and have a somewhat similar personality.


At the entrance to Panessa StudiosWhat are you dumbasses waiting for? Shoot him in the heart! No, scratch that, he don’t have a heart! If he did, my puddin would still be around. Shoot him in his stupid, ugly face!
Telling her henchmen to protect Christina BellThat girl is very important to me, so I’m not going to take any chances. Remember who’s in charge here! When I give you an order, you do it!
When Batman apprehends Harley QuinnYou won’t keep me away from Mr. J!
When Harley is locked inside one of the movie studio cellsWasn’t enough to kill my one and only, huh? You had to go and get the rest of ’em killed too!


The Harley Quinn downloadable content or Story Pack allows players to control and play as the female ‘jester’ herself. The story follows events where she must go and rescue Poison Ivy who is currently being held in the Bludhaven prison cells. Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) has given her strict orders to go and rescue her.

Video Shows Harley Quinn Voice Line Quotes (Arkham Knight – Story DLC)


At the opening introductionOkay, donut-dunkers! You gonna bring Ivy to me or am I gonna have to get her myself? Have it your way!
When Penguin tries to offer Harley a place on his teamI ain’t for sale, Penguin. Can’t put a price on me… especially after you tried to kill my Puddin!
When Harley feels lonelyI am alone Umh Hum Umh… I miss ya Puddin
A detective officer gets knocked outYou have the right to remain silent!
When stalking the detective officers below.This little piggy was lost. This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy went over there.

A lot of the dialogue within the Harley Quinn Story Pack downloadable content features conversations with Penguin. Alongside taunting of enemy police officers.

Harley was always known to be a crazed individual, without much care for those around her. She is also rather comical and has her own personal charm.


The character of Harley Quinn in Batman Arkham Knight is voiced by actress Tara Strong. Who has been voicing her in the entire Batman Arkham video game series.

She also voices the character in other such media too. Including; Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Multiversus

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