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Here we have a compilation of Red Hood quotes from Batman Arkham Knight.

Ever since his resurrection in the 2005’s story arc, Under the Hood, Red Hood has fast become one of the more popular characters within the Batman universe. During this specific title he also comes off as a mercenary with an attitude.


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Jason Todd was once one of the many Robin characters, a sidekick to the Dark Knight, Batman. He was the second Robin after the original, Dick Grayson decided to change and go under a new moniker of Nightwing. Thus paving way for Jason Todd.

Unfortunately after being kidnapped and tortured for many months at the hands of the clown prince of crime, Joker. In the process Jason Todd kept hoping that Batman would find and rescue him. Though, he never did. Eventually this led to hatred and a sworn promise to get revenge on the Dark Knight for seemingly abandoning him

It could be said that Jason Todd is arguably the main character within Batman Arkham Knight as most of the main story is focused on him. In an, albeit, secret way of addressing things. Thus making him the main antagonist, rather than Scarecrow.

For the majority of the main story Jason Todd goes undercover in his new secret identity as the Arkham Knight. In fact it is never officially announced that he later becomes Red Hood. Instead all we know of the Arkham Knight is that he was indeed Jason. There were never any mentions of Red Hood.

Instead, in order to fully understand the character of Red Hood you would need to know and have read the comics. Making the Red Hood downloadable content rather confusing for those with less knowledge and experience regarding the Batman universe and lore.


One of the greetings at the start of the gameRemember children this is a contact sport.
At the start of the shipment (second area)That’s a lot of muscle for one shipment
Stealth TakedownIt’s all personal. Very personal.
Commenting on Black Mask missing his targetYou’ve gotta be the worst shot in Gotham
At the end of the Black Mask storyline. Say hi to Joker for me


At first its not really evident that the Arkham Knight is Jason Todd or that Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight. However, it would seem from a very early point within the Batman Arkham Knight story that this character wants to defeat and possibly even kill Batman. There is a sign that he wants revenge but for what?

Now if you read the comics, especially those that were released prior to 2005 and the DC reboot saga. You would perhaps have some kind of idea. The reason behind that is because the whole story of the second Robin, Jason Todd, getting tortured and kidnapped by Joker was a big and popular entry.

So here we have one of Batmans’ sidekicks in the hands of the Joker. It certainly made for an interesting take on the Batman universe, one that even gets talked about today. So to have it in Rocksteady’s most latest Batman Arkham title made a lot of sense.

Jason Todd now goes under the name Red Hood in order to try and forget his terrible past and the torture he had to go through at the hands of the Joker. Under the new name, Red Hood, he can now create a new life for himself.


The only way to be able to play as Red Hood is by playing the Red Hood related extra downloadable content. Though, for most physical purchased copies of the game this extra content now comes with the main game itself. Where it is also bundled alongside the extra Harley Quinn content. Amply named the Red Hood or Harley Quinn Story Pack. Alternatively they can also be purchased digitally for £1.59 over on Steam or £2.49 over on the PSN Store.

Within this extra content pack players get to control Jason and Red Hood in an attempt to find Black Mask. Who is now the main crime lord within Gotham.

I find the character of Red Hood to be an interesting one. He is known to be a mercenary with an attitude that is positively delightful. He means business and does not care who dares to stand in his way.

A vigilante anti-hero who is not afraid to use firearms. He is no longer the weak and fragile Jason Todd of old.

Unfortunately the extra content pack is rather short. Coming in at around 30-40 minutes long. There is not backstory to the main character and his main reasoning for wanting to take down Black Mask, other than him being a crime lord. For those who may be unfamiliar with either character you may find yourself a bit confused.


In Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood is voiced by Troy Baker. Who is a well known voice actor that has managed to voice many different characters throughout the years.

He even manages to voice more than one character within the Rocksteady Batman Arkham series. His other characters include Two Face and, of course, the Arkham Knight.


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