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Batman Arkham Asylum is the first ever entry into the highly successful Rocksteady and Batman Arkham trilogy series. It was first released back in the year 2009 for the Playstation 3, PC and XBox 360. A remastered version of the game was then released for both the Playstation 4 and XBox One.

As it was the first entry into the Batman Arkhamverse it was also a somewhat linear title. One that was mainly all located on a single island known simply as Arkham Island.

Arkham Island is a rather small island that is secluded from the mainland. It originally only consisted of the Arkham Mansion and Botanical Gardens. Before then being transformed into an island that is mainly intended to lock up the inmates and prisoners.

The island itself was founded by leading psychiatrist Armadeus Arkham. Who lost both his wife and daughter to the ‘Mad Dog’ Martin Hawkins. A serial killer and the first patient to find themselves on the island.

Arkham Island is also known as the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. It was named after Armadeus’s mother. Who had dementia.


Batman: Return to Arkham was the 2016 remastered version of Batman Arkham Asylum. It was released as a collection which also contained Arkham City. It was developed whilst using the Unreal Engine 4 and was released by the team over at Virtuos. Who are based in Singapore. The remaster also contained all of the previous downloadable content. Including several challenge maps.

The downloadable content also introduced the Joker as a playable character, which was originally an exclusive to the Playstation 3 version of Arkham Asylum. The clown would then join other playable characters such as Batman. An alternative version of the Dark Knight (Batman Armored) was also available. Where he could be seen wearing a more shiny version of the Batsuit.

Arkham Asylum Joker Challenge Map
Joker Challenge Map

Whilst Batman would be forced to fight a bunch of prison inmates. Joker on the other hand would find himself against several of the GCPD officers.

These said challenge maps were also split into two different categories. One that involved basic rounds of combat style mechanics and gameplay. Whilst the other featured and had more of a stealth aspect to it. Which also allowed for less linear combat.

Some of these challenge maps included The Insane Night pack and The Prey in the Darkness pack. Which contained a mixture of both the combat and stealth challenge maps. Usually two maps per pack.


The main story of Batman Arkham Asylum involved the iconic duo of both the vigilante and his main nemesis. Batman and Joker. Outside of Arkham Origins, which was not developed or created by Rocksteady. This was the origins of their Arkhamverse story, which would then continue into the rest of the Batman Arkham trilogy.

A lot of the background story is not exactly told within the main storyline itself. In face in order to truly understand what happened and how events unfolded, such as how the clown managed to find himself at the Arkham Island. Who Harley Quinn actually is and what Joker actually had planned. For a more in-depth detail on all of these questions and for the answers, you would need to collect and listen to the various character interview tapes.

Character Bios In Batman Arkham Asylum

These interview tapes covered quite a bit of the backstory and answered a lot of questions that the main story itself failed to answer. Other than that though the story basically featured the Joker having been captured and taken to the prison holding cells.

Unfortunately for the GCPD, this was all part of the clown’s plan. Who would then escape custody and begin wrecking havoc on the island. Releasing several of its inmates in the process. This also included the puzzle master, Edward Nigma.

With the help of Harley Quinn, both the criminal masterminds were also able to kidnap Commissioner James Gordon too. Leaving the Dark Knight with no other choice but to chase after the pair and try to bring peace back to the island.


The Riddler challenges are where the character interview tapes can be found and collected. It is also where the main bulk of the game can be encountered too.

These challenges are originally started during the early sections of the game. Over in the Intensive Treatment area. Just after the Joker escapes the holding cells but before we venture outside. However, it is recommended to complete this after the main story has been completed.

The reason for this is because these challenges require the use of all of the Batman gadgets such as the Batclaw, Explosive Gel and more. With these unlocked claiming and solving these challenges would be a lot more easier. However, many of them are locked behind sections of the main story.

Completed Riddler Challenges

In Batman Arkham Asylum the Riddler challenges mainly consisted of a lot of running around. Vising previously encountered areas and locations. All in search of various green coloured trophies. As well as completing confusing and complex riddles, and destroying sets of decoys and gadgets that were basically classed and designed as false Joker teeth.

All in all Batman Arkham Asylum has a total of 240 challenges and collectibles to be found altogether. That is quite a lot of running around. Getting them all though will net you with the Riddle Resolver trophy achievement.

The Armadeus Arkham collectibles are, just like with the character interview tapes, are also connected to these challenges. Getting them all will further net you with an additional, World’s Greatest Detective trophy achievement.


The Waynetech feature is an in-game menu. Where, once the player manages to gain an extra level by either completing sections of the main story or by solving more of the Riddler challenges. You can then navigate to this menu.

Here we will be able to upgrade our abilities and unlock new ones too. Including the ability to perform Inverted Takedowns. Some of these are also necessary for the aforementioned Riddler challenges. Such as the Remote Control Batarang. We can also find the Twin Batarang upgrade in here too. Which is not necessary but still manages to make a great additional to the arsenal of abilities and equipment.

There is a total of 20 upgrades to be unlocked altogether. With a further 42 character bios. All of which contribute to unlocking 100% in Batman Arkham Asylum and the Platinum trophy.


The length it takes to complete Batman Arkham Asylum really depends on what type of playthrough you are planning to do. Are you aiming to just complete the main story? Perhaps, you want to go even further and complete the main story and 100% everything else that Arkham Asylum has to offer.

For the former you are probably looking at around 12 – 15 hours. Which is a fair amount of time for a rather basic and linear title and main story.

However, if you plan on getting 100%. This includes completing the various challenge maps and the Riddler segment. Then you are looking at upwards of roughly 50+ hours. These challenge maps can be quite difficult.

However, these maps are also connected to the Platinum trophy. For example you will need to complete the various challenge maps in order to earn the different medals. You will also need to earn a total of 48 medals altogether. 24 from both the predator and combat challenges. So this will ultimately be a test of skill.

The Riddler collectibles just feature a lot of running around and thus patience and persistence is probably the key for this section. Nothing is really difficult though. As long as you have all of the different gadgets unlocked first.

You will also need to replay the game on the Hard difficulty challenge mode too. In order to unlock the Biggest Bang trophy achievement.

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