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What are Riddler trophies? How to find them? How many are there? We, of course, are referring to the Rocksteady Batman Arkham trilogy series. Which covers Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight. So let us begin..

A Riddler Trophy


In the Batman Arkham trilogy series by Rocksteady, the Riddler trophies are small and, mostly, green. With the exception of there being times when they appear as red trophies instead. This is mostly seen in Batman Arkham City. When playing as Catwoman.

They also appear in the symbolic form of a ‘question mark’, which, of course, is Edward Nigma’s icon. Much like the ‘bat symbol’ is for Batman. Though, they may look different these icons are what represents these characters today.

So, each of the Batman Arkham games within the trilogy contains their own set of Riddler trophies. However, it is also often where most of the grinding and time is spent too. Whilst most of the games are rather short, in story terms. With Batman Arkham Asylum clocking in at around 12 hours and Arkham Knight at roughly 15 hours. The same is usually not said about finding the Riddler trophies.

In fact, for me personally, it can easily take up to several weeks to finish completing one of the Riddler collectible quests. There are that many trophies to find. They are by far the longest side mission within the series.

These little trophies are often, usually, scattered throughout the game. In every corner of each and every building. Street, rooftop. You name it! They are often easily hard to find.

However, if you manage to find a few then, depending on which one, you can often be rewarded with complementary dialogue from the ‘green genius’ himself. Alongside more lore and backstory about the game.


A Riddler informant is usually put into the Batman Arkham games in order to help the player find these collectible trophies. They work for Edward but are often also working in disguise for other super villains too.

An easy way to track and locate one of these informants is to activate the Detective Mode. Which is usually done by pressing the ‘L1’ or the directional button. Depending on which title you are playing. This will then highlight any of these informants that may be in the nearby vicinity

When you find one you will then want to initiate combat against them. If they are seen joined with several other thugs then you will want to target them last. The reasoning for this is because, with the other threat now having been neutralized, you can begin to interrogate these Riddler henchmen.

After a successful interrogation you will be rewarded with the locations to some of the Riddler collectibles and trophies. Though, it has to be said that these ‘green informants’ only appear in both Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight. They never made an appearance in Batman Arkham Asylum.

In Batman Arkham Asylum players can find the locations to the remaining trophies by finding the ‘Secrets Map’. Which was made exclusive to the game. The informants were most likely left out of the game as Arkham Asylum, itself, is a rather small game. All based on one island. Featuring a mere six key locations which were split into three separate areas.

Batman Arkham Asylum was the first entry into the Rocksteady Batman trilogy series. So it felt like a rather linear title, until they were able to expand upon this with their next two titles.

Interrogating A Riddler Informant
Interrogating A Riddler Informant


In order to begin collecting the Arkham Asylum Riddler trophies you have two alternatives. You can either find one rather early. There is one inside the vent over in the Holding Cells. Which we find ourselves in after the opening introductory scene. Alternatively, the story will force you to unlock this optional segment anyway. When we reach the Intensive Treatment lobby.


In Batman Arkham Asylum there are 240 Riddler trophies to find and collect altogether. Though, this also includes having to solve the riddles, destroy the Joker teeth and collect the character interview tapes.

To keep track of what you have collected you will unlock a grid for each area, once you have begun the Riddler segment. Once you have successfully managed to collect one of them this grid will gradually turn completely white, to represent what you have remaining to find.

These trophies can be found in many different areas such as the Medical Facility, Botanical Gardens, Caves and more.


Just like with Batman Arkham Asylum, the Arkham City Riddler Trophies also has two alternative options to unlock this side mission. One of which is to head for the church after the initial scene with the Joker. Whilst the second option is to simply find and collect a single trophy.

By picking either method you will be greeted with a similar grid of trophies and various other collectibles. Some of these collectibles contain TYGER security cameras, balloons and even Catwoman trophies. All of which are unique and exclusive to Batman Arkham City.

However, depending on which method you choose to begin the Riddler side mission you can lock yourself out of some of the dialogue. Which is not necessarily important. It has very little impact on the game.

However, if you choose to head to the church before finding a trophy first. Then you will miss out on some of the Riddler dialogue, where he simply demands you to complete his challenges. By heading to the church you will be able to start the Enigma Conundrum side quest. Which requires us to rescue several members of the GCPD. This can be done at any given time. Even at the end game section of the game.


There are 440 Arkham City Riddler trophies and challenges to be found altogether. Which is by far the most in any given Batman Arkham title. At least with the trilogy series anyway.

These can be found in many of the key locations within the game. Including the Amusement Mile, Park Row, and even Wonder City.

Each of these areas will also have their own exclusive additional set of collectibles. For example in the Steel Mill we have the addition of the Harley Quinn intercom heads. Whilst other areas may have Penguins and Demon Seals.

It is also important to work through the Riddler challenges as they are connected to the Enigma Conundrum side mission. As you will occasionally get stopped and told to collect more secrets, this simply refers to the challenges


In the final game of the trilogy the Arkham Knight Riddler trophies was also introduced to us through the main story. After our visit to the ACE Chemicals. Here we will get interrupted by the character of Edward Nigma, who, after the events of Arkham City, is not too pleased with the Dark Knight. He admits to being left feeling utterly humiliated.

From there we will be tasked with heading to Pinkney Orphanage, which is over on the Miagani Island. On arrival there will be several Riddler informants just standing by the entrance. This basically acts as a tutorial on how to interrogate them and find the hidden Arkham Knight Riddler trophies.

In this version of the series we were also given another Riddler related side mission too, known as Riddlers Revenge. Which, this time around, was not completely connected to the hidden collectibles. Not all of it anyway. As players were able to rescue Catwoman. However, after that and in order to be able to place Nygma behind bars, and only then, was it made a mandatory task.


We seem to have fallen back down again after Batman Arkham City. As there are only 243 Riddler trophies in Arkham Knight. Saying a fond farewell to over 197 additional trophy challenges that were in the previous title.

Once all of the trophies and collectibles were found players were rewarded with an additional fight against Edward. With the first taking place during the rescue of Selina Kyle. This was the first and only time within the trilogy where going head-to-head against Nigma was made possible.

Having the Riddler’s Revenge side mission 100% completed also contributed towards the full and true ending to Arkham Knight. Known as the Knightfall Protocol.


There was also an extra additional Batman Arkham title. Though it was not exactly made cannon to the main series or story. This, of course, was Batman Arkham VR.

Batman Arkham VR was released as a virtual reality experience back in 2016. It featured several fan favourite characters such as the Dark Knight, Robin, Nightwing, Joker, and of course Riddler. Though the latter only featured as part of the voice dialogue and was never given a physical appearance.

To be able to unlock Edward Nigma this time around fans had to first complete the main story. Nygma would then introduce himself and we could begin collecting and solving his challenges. Of which, as it was a rather short and linear title. There was only 30 Riddler collectibles to be found in Batman Arkham VR.

The Female Riddler