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Where to find all of the Arkham Asylum Penitentiary Riddler trophies and challenge collectibles. Which is one of the key locations within Batman Arkham Asylum. It houses a lot of the inmates and insane patients.


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Video Shows All Riddler Collectibles Within The Penitentiary


x20 Joker Teethx3 There are a few Joker Teeth by the lockers. Near the door leading to the Main Cell Block

x2 In the area with the electrified floor. Simply open the electric double doors and the teeth will be bouncing around on the other side – Extreme Incarceration

x3 Another set of three Joker teeth can be found wandering the Controlled Access halls.

x3 More teeth can be found and located near the door leading to the Controlled Access corridors – Main Cell Block

x 3 Another set of teeth can be found on the upper levels of the Main Cell Block

x3 We can find more teeth in the corridors leading to the Guard Room. – Main Cell Block

x3 Yet more teeth can be found in the Guard Room. Near the door to the Main Cell Block
Riddler TrophyLocate Clayface and head up the stairs to find a breakable wall. – Security Control Room
Riddler TrophyThis one is located inside of a cell. – The Green Mile
Riddler TrophyHead to the top floor of the Controlled Access corridor. Here we will find a large breakable wall. Destroy the far left side of the wall and drop down to the area below.
Riddler TrophyHead into the room that controls the numbered cells. Then use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the number 5 controls. The trophy is inside this cell – Extreme Incarceration
Riddler TrophySearch for a vent on the wall. Follow it to the trophy – Main Cell Block
Riddler TrophySearch for a breakable wall, just before the stairs leading to – Generator Access
Riddler TrophyMain Cell Block – We can find this one inside of a cell.
Riddler TrophyHead up the stairs and locate a control mechanism on the wall. Here we will also located a trophy behind the bars. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to gain access. – Security Control Room
Riddler TrophyGrapple up to the metal vents above and locate a breakable wall. We will now have access to the room with the toxic chemicals. Then switch over to the Ultra Batclaw.

From there use the Remote Batarang to deactivate the toxin in the room.

Now we can get over to the platform we just revealed. Opposite. – Guard Room
Riddler TrophyCells Access – We can locate this one inside of the men’s bathrooms.
Riddle (This room is the end of days for even the most celebrated killer)Main Cell Block – For this one we are looking for Calendar Man’s cell.
Riddle (When is something right in front of you but still hidden from view?)Guard Room – Head into the toxic room. Use the Explosive Gel and Ultra Batclaw to gain access to the mechanism that removes the toxin.

From there switch to the Remote Batarang to disable to mechanism and clear the room.

Head to the opposite side of the room. Where the disable switch was located. Then activate the detective mode to find an unfinished question mark.
Mystery (Secrets Map)Head through the double doors in the middle of the area. The map is on the desk to the left. – Extreme Incarceration
Patient Interview Tape (Zsasz #1)Head through the double doors in the middle of the area. Follow the path around to reach a table with the interview tape. – Extreme Incarceration
Patient Interview Tape (Zsasz #2)Grapple on up to the top section of the Main Cell Block. The interview tape is then on the desk here.
Riddle (All alone in your cell? Why don’t you break the ice with the most dangerous prisoners?)Extreme Incarceration – Scan cell number 4. It will have ice all over it.
Riddle (A case of mistaken identity?)Scan Clayface. Who is the one behind the glass wall. He can shapeshift. – Security Control Room
Riddle (Two people, one voice, no gun?)Main Cell Block – Scan the Ventriloquist display
Patient Interview Tape (Zsasz #3)Cells Access – This tape is located on the desk by the door.
Patient Interview Tape (Zsasz #4)This one is located on the floor next to Louie Green – Guard Room
Riddle (What has four walls, two sides, and one ex-DA?)Find the Two-Face (Harvey Dent) cell. It will have a large banner on the wall saying ‘Vote Dent’ – Controlled Access
Riddle (Prometheus, Arkham guards’ most wanted and most hated)Guard Room – After removing the poisonous gas through the use of the Explosive Gel, Ultra Batclaw, and Remote Batarang. We will then want to search for a poster of Prometheus.
Riddle (How do you reflect on your successes and failures, Batman?)Head to the woman’s bathroom and scan the mirror with Batman’s reflection – Cells Access
Patient Interview Tape (Zsasz #5)Controlled Access – Head through the small gap in the ceiling. The tape is on the desk by the television set.
Chronicle Of ArkhamWe need to gain access to cell number 5. The controls are in the room above. Use the double doors on the left to reach the control room

From there head into cell number 5 and use the Explosive Gel – Extreme Incarceration
Chronicle Of ArkhamRemove the poisonous gas. Then search for a small breakable wall in the water. – Guard Room
Chronicle Of ArkhamGenerator Access – Destroy the breakable wall. Switch over to the Line Launcher and reach the other side
The Female Riddler

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