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Where to find all of the Riddler challenges and trophies within the Intensive Treatment area of Batman Arkham Asylum. Which is a facility that features various holding cells.


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Video Shows Location Of All Riddler Collectibles Within Intensive Treatment


Riddle (Don’t Cut Yourself On This Sharply Observed Portrait)Intensive Treatment LobbyThis one is story related. It introduces the character of the Riddler and his many challenges. The answer to the riddle is a portrait of Quincy Sharp, which is on the wall
Joker TeethIntensive Treatment LobbyHere we can find some Joker Teeth that we can destroy. They will be on the platform where we first encountered our first Riddler challenge
Joker TeethSecure TransitThere are more Joker Teeth located here in the Secure Transit area. Though, there is only the one set to be found. It resides next to the elevator lift.
Joker TeethTransfer LoopWe can find more Joker Teeth in the Transfer Loop area. Near the reception desk.
Joker TeethTransfer LoopExplore the eastern section of the Transfer Loop in order to find a lonely straggler.
Joker TeethTransfer LoopAnother lonely straggler resides near the door leading to the Decontamination room.
Joker TeethDecontaminationThis lonely straggler resides on the other side of the door. Within the Decontamination room.
Joker TeethDecontaminationMore lonely straggling Joker Teeth resides just north of the door.
Joker TeethDecontaminationOur final set of teeth for the Decontamination room resides by the door leading to the Processing Corridor
Yet.. More Joker TeethProcessing CorridorWe can find another lonely set of teeth opposite the Quincy Sharp portrait, within the Processing Corridor
Guess What! Joker TeethProcessing CorridorHead west of the map but stay within the Processing Corridor to find these ones.
Joker Teeth Finale!Holding CellsHead to where Batman had to fight off the first set of Joker henchmen. Then head into the room on the left, after the barriers.
Chronicle Of ArkhamTransfer LoopLook for a vent above, near the Decontamination room.
Chronicle Of ArkhamSecure TransitThis Chronicle of Arkham is located on the platform next to the elevator lift.
Chronicle Of ArkhamSecure TransitFrom the damaged elevator lift make your way back up to the top. Keep an eye out for a vent that we can remove. On the other side of this vent there is a breakable wall. The Chronicle of Arkham is beyond this wall.
Riddle (You don’t know Jack about Gotham. Tune in to find out)Utility CorridorScan the radio with the name Jack Ryder written on it.
Riddler TrophyDecontaminationFind a vent on the floor and head through it. The trophy is located in here.
Riddler TrophyDecontaminationYet another trophy that can be found within the Decontamination room. For this one we will need to remove the barriers using the Cryptographic Sequencer. Once past the barriers proceed and climb up the ladders to find this one.
Riddle (A top hat and tails is the only dress code for this party in the North)Transfer LoopHead through the small section under the ‘Emergency Shutdown’ plaque. Then scan the poster of Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin.
Riddle (Where would you find my home sweet home?)Holding CellsScan the holding cell that has all of the green Riddler graffiti on the walls.
MysterySecure TransitHead to the very bottom of the elevator lift area and then follow the stairs into a small room. The secrets map is on the table here.
Riddler TrophyProcessing CorridorLook for a vent above, near the ceiling. The trophy is up here.
Riddler TrophySecure TransitWork your way up the elevator lift section until you come across a vent. The trophy is on the other side of this vent.
Riddle (Dr. Jonathan Crane plans on elevating fear to new depths)Secure TransitNext to the elevator lift, on the pillar next to it, is a vent. Head inside this vent. Follow this vent until you reach a room with a map on the wall.
Riddle (Hook up with the relatives before you’re transferred out of here)Cell Block TransferRemove the barriers leading to the stairs, next to the Aaron Cash plaque. By using the Cryptographic Sequencer. Scan the picture of Aaron Cash and his family
Patient Interview Tape (Harley Quinn)Intensive Treatment LobbyHead inside the watch tower and the interview tape is on the desk
Riddler TrophyPatient Pacification ChamberHead to where we first encountered Zsasz and the trophy will be hiding inside the vent.
Riddler TrophySecure Treatment TransferRemove the barriers and we can then find this one.
Riddle (Even I was shocked when I saw how Maxie Zeus was treated!)Patient Pacification ChamberHead to where we first encountered Zsasz and there will be a breakable wall. Scan the walls.
Patient Interview Tape (Harley Quinn #2)Secure TransitRemove the barriers that lead to the stairs. Head up the stairs, the tape is on the table.
Patient Interview Tape (Harley Quinn #3)Cell Block TransferRemove the barriers and the interview tape is up the stairs.
Riddler TrophyHolding CellsHead to the Holding Cells and inspect the vent to find this one.
Riddler TrophyPatient Pacification ChamberHead to the top section area of the Patient Pacification Chamber and search for a vent.
Riddle (A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible)Intensive Treatment LobbyHead to the small watch tower in the middle of the room. Activate detective mode and locate a green question mark on the window.
Patient Interview Tape (Harley Quinn #4)Secure TransitThis one is in the exact same place as the Patient Interview Tape #2. However, it will only spawn after getting the ones running up to this one first.
Patient Interview Tape (Harley Quinn 5)DecontaminationRemove the barriers within the Decontamination room and you will find this interview tape on the table.
Riddler TrophyUtility CorridorDestroy the breakable wall.
Riddler TrophyMaintenance AccessExplore the maintenance room that is full of gates and vents in order to find this one.
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