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Where to find all of the Riddler trophies and challenges within the Botanical Gardens area of Batman Arkham Asylum. A place in which Poison Ivy dwells along with her giant plants.


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Video Shows Location To All Riddler Collectibles Within Botanical Gardens


x20 Joker Teethx5 Glasshouse Entrance

x3 Statue Corridor

x5 Flooded Corridor

x3 Flooded Corridor

x3 Ventilation System
x5 We can find a total of 5 sets of teeth at the Glasshouse Entrance

x3 Another three sets are in the Statue Corridor

x5 We can find more by the door that leads to the Botanical Glasshouse. More can be found on the opposite side

x3 More can be found to the north west of the Flooded Corridor. Use the Line Launcher.

x3 The last remaining sets of teeth are located in the control room of the ventilation system
Riddle (What time is tea time in Wonderland)Botanical GlasshouseHead to the Botanical Glasshouse and search for a tea set.
Riddle (Remember the Waynes? How could anyone forget?)Statue CorridorScan the memorial plaque on the bench by the statue.
Patient Interview Tape (Poison Ivy #1)AviaryOn the bench by the prisoner cages.
Patient Interview Tape (Poison Ivy #2)Glasshouse Generator RoomOn the large computer monitor.
Riddle (The Ratcatcher needed more than just his charm to lead his army)Flooded CorridorHead through the vents and whilst inside of them, search for a pair of gloves and a bag. This all relates to Ratcatcher.
Riddle (This challenge can only be seen by those with a different view on life)Abandoned ChamberClimb and jump across the area, towards the rushing water and grate cover.

Then jump across to the other side and use the Batarang to create a walkway for yourself

Shimmy along the next damaged pillar and equip detective mode so that you can see an unfinished green question mark.
Patient Interview Tape (Poison Ivy #3)Glasshouse EntranceSearch the benches
Patient Interview Tape (Poison Ivy #4)Statue CorridorAnother one that has managed to find its way on the bench.
Riddle (Looks like all the king’s horses trampled all the king’s men)Flooded CorridorScan the toy soldiers on the bench
Riddle (Is this a tribute to what a mad dog left behind?)Flooded CorridorScan the plaque of the statue, which reads MAD DOG.
Mystery (Secrets Map)Glasshouse Generator RoomRemove the barrier in the room by using the Cryptographic Sequencer. The map is in here.
Patient Interview Tape (Poison Ivy #5)Flooded CorridorOn the bench next to the statue
Riddle (There’s no closet in the Gardens, so someone is using the roof instead)AviarySearch the rocky walls for a skeleton. It is a Killer Moth related riddle.
Riddle (Is the number up for these guys?)Glasshouse EntranceScan the man sitting on the bench, with a collection of books.
Riddler Trophy #1Abandoned ChamberFor this one we will need to climb and jump our way around the room. Similarly to how we found the ‘different view on life’ riddle.

From there use the Ultra Batclaw to reach the trophy.
Riddler Trophy #2Abandoned ChamberHead through the vent below. Follow these underground vents to the green trophy.
Riddler Trophy #3Botanical GlasshouseThis next one can also be acquired by heading through the underground vents
Chronicle Of Arkham #1Titan Production FacilityUse the Ultra Batclaw. The trophy is behind a breakable wall.
Riddler Trophy #4Ventilation SystemWe can find this one inside the vents. Located in the Flooded Corridor
Riddler Trophy #5Botanical GlasshouseHead to the ground floor of the area. Near the water. Here look for a breakable wall.
Riddler Trophy #6Flooded CorridorUse the Line Launcher to reach this one
Riddler Trophy #7Abandoned ChamberHead through the sewerage tunnel. The trophy is on the other side.
Chronicle Of Arkham #2Abandoned ChamberMake your way to the top of the room by jumping and climbing. Shimmy across the damaged walls and pillars.

Then once at the top use a Batarang to create a walkway for yourself. From there jump and shimmy the next wall.

Follow the wall to a secret area with the Chronicle of Arkham
Chronicle Of Arkham #3Glasshouse EntranceFind the vent with the large Ivy tree by the door. Drop down the vent to find this next one.
Riddler Trophy #8Abandoned ChamberMake your way through the room and drop the walkway using a Batarang. Follow the walkway around and to the trophy
Riddler Trophy #9Titan Production FacilityUse the Line Launcher to reach this one.
Riddler Trophy #10Glasshouse Generator RoomUse the Cryptographic Sequencer to remove the barriers. The trophy is in here.
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