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Arkham Island East Riddler Trophies – Batman Arkham Asylum

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Where to find all of the Arkham Island East Riddler trophies, challenges, and riddles within Batman Arkham Asylum. This area is, of course, east of the island. Where buildings such as the Arkham Mansion reside.


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Video Shows All Riddler Collectibles Within Arkham Island East


Riddler Trophy #1Head to the rooftop of the Arkham Mansion and to the large clock face at the top.
Riddler Trophy #2Locate a small wooden shed and the trophy will be inside.
Riddler Trophy #3Head to the security building that is just outside of the Arkham Mansion and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to remove the barriers.
Riddler Trophy #4Search for a breakable section of the floor. Next to the Arkham Mansion
Riddler Trophy #5Head to the courtyard of the Arkham Mansion. Here there will be a large tree. Just beyond it there will be a ledge. Grapple up here to find the trophy.
Riddler Trophy #6Head to the rooftop of the Arkham Mansion and just below there will be a trophy.
Riddler Trophy #7Another Riddler trophy that can be found on the Arkham Mansion rooftop.
Riddler Trophy #8This next trophy is located within the graveyard. Near the Botanical Gardens.
Riddler Trophy #9We can locate this one on top of the watch tower.
Riddler Trophy #10This can be found near the cliff edge. South of the map
Patient Interview Tape #1Head to the top of the watch tower and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to remove the barriers. The tape is on the desk.
Patient Interview Tape #2This interview tape is located on a small table in the watch tower.
Secrets Map (Mystery)Head to the security building just outside the Arkham Mansion. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to remove the barriers. The map is in here.
Riddler Trophy #11Head to the watch towers and remove the barriers by using the Cryptographic Sequencer. The trophy is in here.
Riddle (The legacy of this island has been well and truly buried)Head to the graveyard and look for the Dr. Amadeus Arkham gravestone.
x10 Joker Teethx2 Two sets of Joker Teeth can be found at the entrance to the Arkham Mansion

x2 Two more over by the security building and warden statue

x2 Two additional Joker Teeth are located by the entrance to Arkham North.

x2 Another two are over at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

x2 The next set are located within the watch tower.
Chronicle Of Arkham #1We can find and locate this one at the Arkham Mansion courtyard.
Chronicle Of Arkham #2Head to the graveyard and search for a breakable wall.
Riddle (Gotham’s greatest family towers over the city)Head to the graveyard and look into the distance for a building. This is Wayne Enterprise tower.
Riddle (My challenges appear to those with the correct position in life)Head to the rooftop of the Arkham Mansion. South east of the map. Near the large clock face there will be an unfinished question mark. Activate detective mode.
The Female Riddler

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