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Where to find all of the Batman Arkham Asylum Medical Facility Riddler trophies and challenges. Which featured many different rooms and was where research was being done regarding the Titan Project.


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Video Shows Location To All Riddler Collectibles Within Medical Facility


Riddler TrophyUse the rooftop from Arkham Island, West in order to enter the Maintenance Access. From there open the vent and follow it to the Riddler trophy
Joker TeethWe can find a total of 5 Joker Teeth at the Sanatorium. Destroy them using Batarangs.
Joker TeethMore Joker Teeth at the Patient Observation.
Joker TeethMore Joker Teeth can be found in the Upper Corridor. Both sets are from surprise Joker Gift boxes
Joker TeethDestroy the Joker Teeth in the Lower Corridor. We can get here by using the elevator vent over in the Sanatorium
Patient Interview Tape (Riddler 1)Head to Secure Access which we can get to by heading through the elevator vents. Then use the Cryptographic Sequencer to get past the barriers.
Patient Interview Tape (Riddler 2)This one can be found near the Arkham Island, West door. It sits on the table at the Medical Foyer.
Riddle (Are You Going To Take Your Hat Off To Harley, Bats?)Use the elevator vents to get into the Secure Access area. Here there is a small room full of Joker posters. We need to scan the jester hat display.
Riddle (Shhhsshh! Rumors persist that Tommy Elliot operates in Arkham. Can it be true?)Head to the Surgery Room and find and scan the whiteboard. It will have the name Dr. T. Elliot written on it.
Chronicle Of ArkhamHead to the Sanatorium and look for a path on the ground where we can use the Explosive Gel
Patient Interview Tape (Riddler 3)This one is located on a table. Near the elevator. At the Sanatorium.
Patient Interview Tape (Riddler 4)This tape is located on the computer terminal desk. Where Cash originally stood. At the Patient Observation.
Riddle (Is this bear the Bane of his life)Scan the large bear that is on the table next to the Riddler Secrets Map. Located near the Experimental Chamber.
Riddle (Was this fire fly too hot off the press?)Head to the Patient Observation and then into the small room opposite the door. In here there will be newspaper clippings that relate to Firefly.
Chronicle Of ArkhamHead to the stairs that lead down into the Medical Foyer and then use your Ultra Batclaw to pull down the wall
Riddler TrophyHead through a vent that is located on the wall. The trophy is inside the vents. At the Upper Corridor
Patient Interview Tape (Riddler 5)We can find this interview tape where we first encountered Bane in the main story. At the Experimental Chamber
MysteryThis ‘mystery’ is actually the Riddler Secrets Map. You can find it over at the Experimental Chamber.
Riddle (A Question Can Only Be Answered From A New Perspective. Don’t You Agree?)Look for a section of the ground where we can use the Explosive Gel. Here, if you switch to Detective Mode, we can also see a ‘green question mark’. Align this question mark with the dot below it. Near the Sanatorium
Chronicle Of ArkhamHead to the X-Ray room and use the Ultra Batclaw on the destructible wall.
Riddler TrophyThis one is located within the vents at the Experimental Chamber.
Riddler TrophyHead to the main floor of the Sanatorium and look for a wall that we can destroy using the Explosive Gel.
Riddler TrophyUse the Ultra Batclaw to remove the vent cover. The trophy is inside this vent. Near the Patient Observation
Riddle (What Silent Killer Of The Oceans Can Be Found In A Tiny Jar?)Head to the Morgue and scan the jar on the table.
Riddler TrophyMake your way up the stairs. To where we confronted both Harley and Detective Gordon. The trophy will be sitting on the rail. At the Experimental Chamber
Riddler TrophyGrapple on up to the vents. Then use the Batclaw to remove the vent cover. The trophy is inside. – Sanatorium.
Riddle (TICK! TOCK! News flash! Someone is not getting out of here alive)Whilst in the Sanatorium be on the lookout for a destroyed cage. It will be on the main floor and there will be skeletons inside.
Riddler TrophyUse the Cryptographic Sequencer to remove the barrier in the room. The trophy is past these barriers and up the stairs near the Surgery Room.
Riddler TrophyThis one is located on top of the X-Ray room area. Near the breakable wall
Riddler TrophyHere switch to Detective Mode and search for a breakable wall. Use the Ultra Batclaw and destroy this wall to find the trophy – Secure Access
Riddle (Is The Generosity Of Our Benefactors On The Wayne?)Scan the City Of Gotham plaque that is on the wall. In the Medical Foyer
The Female Riddler

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