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Where to find all of the Caves Riddler trophies and challenges in Batman Arkham Asylum. There is a total of 240 collectibles to be found altogether with many of them located within this area. We make our trip to the caves as the Joker tries to concoct a formula for his Titan drug.


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Video Shows All Riddler Collectibles Within The Caves


Patient Interview Tape (Killer Croc #1)This interview tape can be found next to a body on the floor. Possibly one of Killer Croc’s target practice toys. – Old Sewer
Joker TeethHead to the Pressure Pump Control Room and then use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the door. This will remove the barriers that are on the other side of the door. There are Joker Teeth inside the Pressure Control Junction
Joker TeethYet more teeth can be found by exploring the Main Sewer Junction. Two at the lower levels and three at the top.
Joker TeethWe can find a few more teeth by the doorway leading to the Main Sewer Junction – Old Sewer
Joker TeethWe can locate these sets of teeth by the Croc’s Lair door, leading into the Old Sewer
Patient Interview Tape (Killer Croc #2)Use the Line Launcher to get across to the other side. The interview tape is on top of the oil drum. – Pump Room
Patient Interview Tape (Killer Croc #3)This one is located on a crate box. By the door. – Surface Access
Riddler TrophyWe can find this one inside of a breakable wall – Old Sewer
Riddler TrophyOld Sewer – Use the Line Launcher to reach the trophy at the end of the sewerage waste.
Riddler TrophySearch for the breakable wall that you had to destroy during the main story. From there grapple on up to the top section. You will eventually be back outside once again. The Riddler Trophy hides here, amongst the cliffs and rocks. – The Batcave
Patient Interview Tape (Killer Croc #4)We can find and locate this one on a crate box. – Control Room Access
Riddler TrophyOld Sewer – Look up at the ceiling to find a breakable section. Use the Ultra Batclaw to destroy this section of the ceiling.
Riddler TrophyWhen you reach the watery bridge and fallen pillar. Run up this pillar and inspect the wall at the top. You should be able to crawl around it. – Main Sewer Junction
Riddler TrophyMain Sewer Junction – This one is out in the open. Opposite the door leading to the Surface Access. Use the Line Launcher to reach the other side.
Patient Interview Tape (Killer Croc #5)This final interview tape is located in the Pump Control Room corridor. Near the door leading to the Pressure Control Junction
Mystery (Secrets Map)As soon as you grapple into the Pump Control Room turn to the right. The secrets map is located just below the screen.
Riddler TrophyCross over the fallen pillar and water bridge. The trophy is here on the other side of this pillar bridge. – Main Sewer Junction
Riddler TrophyThis one is relatively high up. Sitting next to a metal structure. Use your Line Launcher. – Main Sewer Junction
Chronicle Of ArkhamOld Sewer – Follow the running sewer waste and this one will be an easy spot. It is out in the open.
Riddler TrophySearch for a vent and the Riddler trophy will be inside. – Old Sewer
Riddler TrophyHead to the Batcave and jump through the large gap in the wall. From there grapple on up to the top and we will be back outside once again. This next trophy is out here amongst the rocks and pillars.
Riddler TrophyUse the Line Launcher to reach this one. It is on the opposite wall from the Intensive Treatment door. Across the sewer waste. – Croc’s Lair
Chronicle Of ArkhamHead to the Control Room and search for a breakable wall.
Riddler TrophyLook for a section of breakable ceiling. Near the door to the Old Sewer – Croc’s Lair
Riddler TrophyThis one is hiding underneath the path towards the Surface Access door. Climb up to the high areas of the Main Sewer Junction and then look down and towards the Surface Access route.
Riddler TrophyHead to the Pressure Control Room and near the door that leads to the Pump Room there is a breakable wall. Destroy it to find the trophy
Chronicle Of ArkhamHead to the destroyed lift platform in the middle of the area and grapple on up to the ledge behind. – Pressure Control Junction
Riddle (A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible)Activate detective mode and search for a question mark on the wall by the fallen pillar. The rest of this green mark is on the other side of the nearby pillar. Grab and head around it. – Main Sewer Junction
Riddler TrophyHead to the Control Room and search for another breakable wall. There will be two in this area. One of which has our trophy.
Riddler TrophyThere is a Riddler trophy on the lower section of the Main Sewer Junction. It is hiding behind a pillar.
Riddler TrophyThis one has a rather good hiding spot. It lurks around and hides behind a large tall pillar on the lower section of the Main Sewer Junction. Look for a pillar that you can grab and crawl behind.
The Female Riddler

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