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Where to find all of the Arkham Mansion Riddler trophies and collectibles in Batman Arkham Asylum. Which is actually the former residence of psychiatrist, Armadeus Arkham


Video Shows All Riddler Collectibles Within Arkham Mansion


x20 Joker Teethx3 We can find some of the Joker Teeth at the Ventilation System, where Joker threatened to detonate the hostages.

x3 Three more teeth can be found over in the South Corridor

x3 Triple the extra teeth over at the Warden’s Office. They will be lurking around the filing cabinets on the top floor.

x3 Three more to be found over in the East Wing Corridor

x2 Two more Joker Teeth are located in the North Corridor. Follow the vents and it will take you to the cells

x3 Three more can be found near DR. Young’s room.

x3 The final bunch of Joker teeth resides over in the Main Hall. Near the officers and one inside the small reception room.
Riddle (This fiendish puzzle literally appears out of thin air)South Corridor – Head to the top of the vents and switch to the detective mode. Here, on the wall, there will be a green question mark.
Riddle (What does a bird need in the rain?)South Corridor – The answer to this riddle is, of course, an umbrella. Which is used by the character Penguin.

Locate a display cabinet that contains an umbrella.
Chronicle Of Arkham #1Head to the South Corridor and grapple on up to the vents above. Making our way to the alcove. Here there will be a breakable wall
Chronicle Of Arkham #2Main Hall – Head to the bell tower, which is located above the officers.
Chronicle Of Arkham #3Head to the Main Hall and then look for a vent above. It will be just above the door leading to the Main Entrance Hall. Continue going up to find this one.
Riddle (Isn’t the Warden too old for a puppet show?)Warden’s Office – Find the display cabinet with the ventriloquist dummy (Scarface)
Riddle (Who is the main man in the main hall?)Main Hall – For this one we need to find a framed picture of Commissioner James Gordon
Patient Interview Tape (Scarecrow #1)We can find this interview tape inside one of the reception rooms, next to the officers. – Main Hall
Riddle (It’ll be a cold day in Hell when this Ghul rises again)Dr. Young’s Office – Scan the Ra’s al Ghul’s body bag within the morgue. The body bag will have a tag on it.
Riddle (Our records show that a Strange transfer request was made in this room)Head to the Arkham Records Room by going through the Library. Then search for file that mention ‘Strange Files’
Mystery (Secrets Map)Head to the Warden’s Office and you will find this map next to the Scarface doll display
Patient Interview Tape (Scarecrow #2)West Wing Corridor – Search for a breakable wall. Use the Ultra Batclaw to destroy it.
Riddle (Did Amadeus go mad, or was he just dizzy?)North Corridor – Make your way through the vents until you reach the cells with the Amadeus circles on the wall. Scan this cell.
Riddle (A game of Cat and mouse can be painful)Scan Catwoman‘s display case – East Wing Corridor
Riddler Trophy #1Head to the Arkham Records Room and search for a vent. It will be high up so grapple on up to the filing cabinet. The trophy is on the other side of the vent
Riddler Trophy #2Explore the vents to find this one. – North Corridor
Patient Interview Tape (Scarecrow #3)This interview tape is located behind a locked gate. To head inside we need to search for a vent. It is near the stairs. – Arkham Records Room
Riddler Trophy #3This one is located on the desk by the large television screen. – Warden’s Office
Riddle (How do you mask your feelings without losing control?)Dr. Young’s Office – Head through the vents and scan Black Mask’s mask display on the wall
Riddler Trophy #4Head to the large statue near the officers and rip open the vent cover to claim this next one. – Main Hall
Riddler Trophy #5Library – Find and locate the vent cover and use the Batclaw to remove it. Head inside the vents.
Patient Interview Tape (Scarecrow #4)Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to remove the barriers. The tape is just beyond these barriers. – Library
Riddler Trophy #6Locate a vent at the bottom of the stairs. – Mansion Entrance Hall
Riddler Trophy #7Locate the table full of files and just above it there will be a vent. Remove it. – South Corridor
Riddler Trophy #8Grapple up to the top of the library and remove the next vent cover.
Riddler Trophy #9East Wing Corridor – Search for a breakable wall. Next to the door.
Patient Interview Tape (Scarecrow #5)This interview tape can be found on Dr. Young’s desk.


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