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Two-Face, one of the most iconic villains in the Batman universe, has a complex and fascinating origin story that stems from his beginnings as Gotham City’s District Attorney, Harvey Dent. To the transformation into a twisted criminal mastermind obsessed with duality and chance.


Two-Face (Character Quotes – Voice Lines) Batman Arkham Knight
Two-Face (Character Quotes – Voice Lines) Batman Arkham City
Two-Face with his iconic coin
REAL NAMEHarvey Dent
CREATED BYBob Kane (Artist)
FIRST APPEARANCEDetective Comics #66 (August 1942)
ABILITIESExpert marksman
Trained by Batman
Skilled martial artist
Expertise in criminal law


Harvey Dent’s early life was filled with turmoil and struggle. Raised in a violent household, his father was an abusive alcoholic who repeatedly beat both him and his mother. The abuse took a toll on Dent, leaving him with various mental issues, notably bipolar disorder and paranoia. Despite the challenges, Harvey’s strong sense of justice and determination to make a difference in Gotham City led him to pursue a career in law.

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Becoming Gotham’s District Attorney

Harvey Dent’s journey to becoming Gotham City’s District Attorney was fraught with challenges and setbacks. After earning a reputation as “The White Knight” of justice, he was elected as DA, bringing hope and inspiration to the citizens of Gotham. However, the criminal underworld did not take kindly to Dent’s crusade against crime, and he soon found himself targeted by the city’s most notorious crime lords.

During his time as DA, Harvey forged strong alliances with Batman, Commissioner James Gordon, and other key figures in the fight against crime. As a result, he became a powerful force for good in the city – even being considered a potential suspect for Batman’s true identity by some, including criminal mastermind The Riddler.

Harvey Dent and Two-Face comparison
Before and after the acid attack

The Turning Point: The Acid Attack

The turning point in Harvey Dent’s life came during the trial of mob boss Carmine Falcone. As the District Attorney, Dent was determined to bring down the criminal empire that Falcone had built in Gotham City. However, Falcone had other plans. During the trial, the mob boss threw a vial of acid at Dent, hideously scarring half of his face and shattering his psyche.

The Birth of Two-Face

The acid attack marked the end of Harvey Dent and the beginning of Two-Face. Consumed by his fixation on chance and duality, Dent became a schizoid criminal mastermind, using his former good-luck charm – a “two-headed” trick silver dollar – to decide the fates of his victims. The coin, which had been damaged on one side during the attack, became a reflection of his half-scarred visage, and he seized upon it as a symbol of his newfound identity.

Two-Face’s crimes typically revolved around the number two, such as robbing the Second National Bank on February 22nd. Despite Batman‘s efforts to reform his former ally, Dent was unable to escape his obsession with chance and fate, and his criminal acts served as a twisted attempt to prove his diametric philosophy.

The Rise of Two-Face’s Criminal Empire

After his transformation, Two-Face went on to form his own criminal gang, quickly rising through the ranks of Gotham’s underworld and becoming one of the city’s most feared crime bosses. His gang, which came to be known as the Two-Face Gang, was marked by their allegiance to their leader’s obsession with duality – often wearing outfits that mirrored Two-Face’s own appearance.

The Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incidents

Two-Face’s criminal empire expanded rapidly, with the villain managing to seize control of significant portions of Gotham City. However, his reign of terror was ultimately cut short by Batman, who captured Two-Face and had him committed to Arkham Asylum. Although he would later escape and play a significant role in the events of Arkham City, Two-Face would ultimately find himself at the mercy of Batman once more.

During his time in Arkham City, Two-Face took over the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, locking up fellow villain Calendar Man in a holding cell beneath it. Seeking to gain power and respect within the city’s criminal underworld, Two-Face planned to execute Catwoman publicly, only for Batman to intervene and ultimately defeat him.

The Arkham Knight Incident

Nine months after the events of Arkham City, Two-Face joined forces with Batman’s other enemies to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all. Together, they plotted a series of bank robberies across the evacuated city, hoping to wear Batman down and amass enough wealth for their criminal enterprises.

However, despite their best efforts, Batman managed to thwart their plans and ultimately captured Two-Face, bringing him to the GCPD holding cells to await trial. Though Harvey Dent’s legacy as Gotham’s White Knight had long since faded, the villain known as Two-Face remained a powerful force within the city’s criminal underworld.

The Psychological Struggle: Harvey Dent vs. Two-Face

One of the most compelling aspects of Two-Face’s character is the constant struggle between his two personalities – Harvey Dent, the righteous District Attorney, and Two-Face, the ruthless criminal mastermind.

In the Arkham series, this struggle is particularly evident in Two-Face’s interactions with Batman and other characters. Despite his criminal actions, there are moments where Harvey Dent’s sense of justice and morality breaks through, hinting at the man he once was. However, these moments are fleeting, as the relentless grip of his Two-Face persona inevitably drags him back into darkness.

The Relationship with Batman

Throughout his journey from District Attorney to supervillain, Two-Face’s relationship with Batman has been fraught with tension and tragedy. As Harvey Dent, he was one of Batman’s closest allies, working together to bring justice to Gotham City. However, following his transformation into Two-Face, their friendship devolved into a bitter rivalry, with Batman desperately trying to save his former ally from himself.

In their various confrontations throughout the Arkham series, Batman often expresses regret and sorrow for his inability to help Dent, while Two-Face occasionally acknowledges their shared past and the friendship they once shared. Ultimately, showing that their bond is still there.


Many popular actors have managed to play the role of Two-Face including; Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart

Harvey Dent was once known as Harvey ‘Apollo’ Kent. However, as Superman’s alter ego is ‘Clarke Kent’. DC decided to go with ‘Harvey Dent’ instead.

After the acid attack, Harvey visited Dr. Elliot (Hush) in order to get his face surgically repaired. It worked and for a time he was at peace once again. The persona of Two-Face seemed to have gone. The Dark Knight then decided to condition and train Dent in order to become a vigilante protector. However, after a series of murders had occurred there was a sense of distrust in the air. The dark persona had once again returned. He also scared his face as a way of inviting his ‘darker side’ back into play, and undoing the work of the surgery that he had been through.

The Female Riddler

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