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The Batman Arkham City Fragile Alliance is the Bane character related side mission. Here we will get a distress flare over in the Amusement Mile district. When we go to inspect it we will be led over to the Krank Toys building. Which is the one with the giant creepy looking teddy bear on the rooftop.

Head inside, there is a likelihood of some random thugs over at the entrance, no big deal. Once inside we will find Bane.


AR Training (Side Mission)
Video Shows All Titan Container Locations



Speak with Bane and he will inform you that the Joker had managed to smuggle over some of his Titan formula. That was created back in the Arkham Asylum. This specific drug was used to give Bane his super powers and strength. Basically he was a test subject.

Bane is not impressed with the Titan still lingering around the city and wants us to go and find and destroy the remaining containers. He is informed that there is at least 12 Titan containers still out there, so he agrees to dispose of 6 himself. Whilst Batman gets the rest.

The Titan Containers will now be marked on your map. They appear as small little blue boxes


The Titan Containers now appear on the map. When you have successfully managed to find and locate one of them they will often be guarded by enemy thugs. They also appear as white containers with the word ‘TITAN’ written on it.

Batman will happily point out these container just in case you are still unsure. He will also advise as to how to destroy them. By essentially using an Explosive Gel.


There is a Titan Container over at the steel mill, south east of the map. It is located outside and where a group of thugs will be hanging out. Locate an abandoned white van and an a sign for ‘Death Ride’.


This next one is located inside the actual steel mill (Cooling Tunnel-8). Take the main door that is currently being guarded and we will find one of the Harley Quinn speakers. Just next to it is the Titan Container.


Head to the Wonder Tower Foundations, which is accessible via the sewers over at Wonder Tower. Continue on until you reach the container. There may be a respawn of guards in the room, so be ready. One of whom is actually a Riddler informant.


We can find this one in the underground Subway Tunnels, which we can access by heading to the Subway Terminal. From there make your way down and to an area with a series of abandoned train cars.

Search for a large poster of Solomon Grundy. The Titan Container sits next to it.


This container is out in the open, over at the Subway Station. Easy find. It will be situated in the corner and is currently being guarded like most of the containers.


Head to the Museum and make your way over to the War Room. The container is located towards the back on the room


Make your way back over to the Krank Toys building in the Amusement Mile district. In order to report back to Bane

As we speak to him a bunch of Joker’s gang will come running in demanding the remaining Titan Containers that Bane has successfully managed to store in this facility. With the aid of the big boy proceed and defeat the thugs.

Batman will then attempt to capture Bane and end up locking him inside a cell. By doing this we can then destroy the other containers. Much to the big boy’s disappointment.

This will then complete the ‘Fragile Alliance’ side mission.

The Female Riddler

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