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The final confrontation with the puzzle master, Edward Nigma, sees us having to find Riddler‘s hideout. Finally after spending hours, days, weeks, months and perhaps even years in searching for all of his secrets in Batman Arkham City. Be it riddles, trophies, security cameras and other such related hidden collectibles this is it! The final showdown!

However, how do we find the Riddler hideout? How can we get there? Is Edward Nigma the best character in the Batman Arkham series? Well the answer to that last one is a yes! However, to find the answers to the other questions we need to delve further..


Video Shows The Final Riddler Confrontation


In order to finally confront Nigma and stop him from kidnapping the GCPD detectives. We need to have, of course, rescued all of the hostages. There are five in total and they all need rescuing. This will involve having to solve puzzles.

Not only that but we also have to find all 440 secrets. That is a lot of grinding and required patience. It took me about two months to unlock them all. Granted I did not work on it every day.

From there we will then be rewarded with the location to Riddler’s hideout. Oracle will contact us and mention that she has found something that links all of the death traps together. Basically the rooms where we found and rescued the hostages.

She will continue to mention that these rooms were all owned by Mr. Fine. Otherwise known as Sherman Fine, the Broker. We will now get a location over in The Bowery.

Riddler’s Hideout Location


Make your way over to The Bowery, west of the map. Here we can find the Riddler’s hideout. It is actually underground. So grapple on up to the ledge above and glide down. The only way we are going to reach the actual door to this hideout is by getting to a high vantage point.

Glide on over the electrical fence and you will have reached the entrance to the hideout. Great! Now on to confronting our adorable trouble maker. Once inside you will notice several green footprints. This is how we know we are at the correct location.

The nearby door is locked so do not bother trying to open it. Instead turn your attention up and towards the ledge above. Grapple up here to find a vent. Remove the vent cover and crawl inside. We will now hear an argument between both Aaron Cash and Edward.

Uncovering the vent inside Riddler's hideout

Continue on through the vents to find a room full of security guards. All of whom are walking around wearing helmets, flashlights and carting around an explosive. They are all being forced to walk around. If they are stopped for whatever reason then they, and probably the entire building, will explode. Would this not also eliminate both Ed and the Bat too? What an ending. Regardless though, this is not an ending I personally like, it is also not an ending that will complete this section. Our goal is to save these hostages instead.

We can save them by avoiding them, so that they are not forced to stop walking. Explore this area and room. Find the gate that leads to the section with the Riddler on the other side of it. We cannot open this gate. It is locked.

So, instead, head underneath the platform that Edward is currently standing on and there should be an option to break through it. This leads to a surprise takedown. Well done.. I guess..

Both Batman and Aaron Cash will strap on a helmet and force Nigma to go through what the security guards had to endure. It’s not really funny.

The Female Riddler

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