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All of the Industrial District Riddler trophies and challenges that can be found in Batman Arkham City. This includes the Riddler trophies, Catwoman trophies, security cameras and more..

The Industrial District is an area that is located to the south west of the map. It is actually park of the Joker‘s hideout area. As it includes the Joker’s Funland and steel mill.


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Video Shows All Riddler Challenges Found Within The Industrial District



Head towards the large crane and the trophy can be found in the water below. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to move the crane. It will collect the trophy for us.Falcone Shipping (Concept Art)
Find the ‘Joker‘s Funland’ sign, near the two large cranes. Here there will be a breakable wall. Activate detective mode to find it.

The trophy is behind this breakable wall
Find the Joker’s Funland sign. Climb over the black rails. The trophy will be to our right. Alongside a green panel.

Stand on the panel and the shutter door will then open. Use the Remote Batarang and aim at all three of the question marks on the wall
Near the gate leading to the Steel Mill there will be a section with our next trophy. Its next to the Joker’s Funland sign.

Simply disarm the mines, though this is optional. Then navigate past them.
Hugo Strange
(Character Trophy)
South of the Subway Maintenance Access. Here we will find a large construction vehicle. The trophy is just under it. TYGER Sniper (Concept Art)
To the east side of the map there will be a shelter facing the ocean. Inside this shelter there will be a mattress and our next trophy
Follow the damaged rails at the Joker’s Funland. It will lead to a small train car.

On the ceiling of this tunnel is a breakable section. Power the train car using the Remote Electrical Charge. Position it under the breakable ceiling. Use the Explosive Gel to then destroy it.
Head towards the large cranes and by the water there will be a door. Zsasz will be locked in here. Activate the terminal to trigger the electricity barrier

Exit through the door and grapple up and into the vent. Head left and drop down to find the trophy. Keep an eye out for the electrical box inside this vent too.

Use a Remote Batarang to destroy the electrical box. However, in order to destroy it we need to use electricity so wait for the water to lower and then throw the Batarang into the nearby electricity and then into the electrical box inside the vent.


This one is located underneath the large crane. At a Hardware shop. Destroy the wall here

Then switch over to the Remote Electrical Charge and guide the trophy around until you can go and collect it
Head to and find the Joker‘s Funland sign. From there head left to find a set of bars, climb over them.

Here there will be several breakable walls. Destroy them all.
We can find this one located on the giant Ferris Wheel
To the west side of the Industrial District, near the pier. There will be an alleyway, behind a small wall.

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer.
East of the Subway Maintenance Access there will be a breakable wall. Etched onto the tall pillar here.

Glide into this wall and hit the green panel.
Penguin (Character Trophy)
On the rooftop of the Steel Mill there should be a breakable wall. Destroy it.

Here we will confront a green question mark with the trophy just behind it. Run around the rooftop, towards the trophy.

We need to guide the Remote Batarang to the question mark. Once done correctly we will then be given five seconds in which to collect our reward
Industrial Buildings (Concept Art)
South west of the Steel Mill there is an abandoned white van. Near this van is a gate with our trophy behind it.

Slide under the gate and use the Batclaw.
This one is located inside of Zsasz’s hideout. Climb inside the vent and drop down to the left

Equip the Freeze Blast and grab the trophy around the back of the area.
The Lazarus Pit (Concept Art)


Near the Wonder City wall there will be a green panel on the ground. For this one we need to begin from a high vantage point.

Then glide towards the green panel and land directly on to it with great impact. Great enough to hit the question mark on the wall. Then use a Batarang to open the trophy
Find the ‘Joker‘s Funland’ sign. Here there will be a set of bars, climb over them.
We will then come across a section of steam pipes and proximity mines. Disarm the mines and use the Freeze Blast on the pipes.
The Abramovici Twins: Hammer and Sickle (Concept Art)
We can find this one just below the large Ferris Wheel. Use the Remote Electrical Charge
Find the Tricorner Naval sign and then along the path here there will be a set of bars. These bars are actually electrified.

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
South of the Subway Maintenance Access. Near the entrance to the Steel Mill there will be a small wall that we can hop over, do so. There will also be a fallen Nutcracker on the floor.

Destroy the breakable wall
South of the Steel Mill there will be a security area with an electrical barrier. Use the Remote Batarang to aim and direct towards the panel button on the wall. This will remove the electricity.
Head to the rooftop of Sionis Industries. Here there will be a breakable wall.


Here we can find three green panels on three large chimney structures.

Simply glide and grapple around them and activate them all one at a time. Remember to grapple and do not touch the ground.
Bruce Wayne (Character Trophy)
Search the east side of the map, near the rooftops by the water. Here we are looking for a small shelter building. Inside is our reward
In the building opposite the large Ferris Wheel. On the rooftop of this building there will be a green panel. Underneath is our trophy

Step on the panel and we will have a brief window in which to collect the trophy.
Search the rooftops near the Subway Maintenance Access. Here there will be a series of green and red panels.

Run across them all as they turn green
Near the water, west of the Steel Mill. Use a Freeze Blast. Then switch to the Batclaw and rip open the steam pipes
Head to the rooftops between the Steel Mill and Wonder Tower. Here there will be a green panel

Opposite this panel there is a circle of question marks. One of which is currently lit up. Keep a watch on this one, specifically. Step on the green panel.

The circle of question marks will begin to rotate around. When it stops use a Batarang and target the one that was previously lit.
South of the Steel Mill there will be a cage out in the ocean.

Jump from the nearest rooftop and glide through this cage and onto the green panel.
Batman (Concept Art)


Head to the Tricorner Naval. Near there in an alleyway there is a set of red and green panels.

Find them and wait until the panel turns green. Once it turns green proceed and step on it.
East of the map, by the Nora Fries side mission. Head towards the water and search for a section with green directional signs. Follow these signs. They will lead to the trophy

Use the green panel to exit.
Solomon Grundy (Concept Art)
Head to an alleyway, west of the Ferris Wheel. Here there will be two green panels.

Step on the green panel to the left, once. The green lights at the back will begin to light up. Step on it once more. Then step on the panel to the right
Locate the white van south of the Subway Maintenance Access. Jump over the wall next to it. Follow the path to a series of panels.

Use the Line Launcher and land on each of the three panels
Head to the entrance to Joker’s Funland. West of the Steel Mill. Here there will be a fallen Nutcracker. Climb the wall next to the Nutcracker.

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
Near the Titan Container there will be a breakable wall and a shutter that requires the Remote Electrical Charge.

Open the shutters and then step onto the green panel. From there switch to the Cryptographic Sequencer.
Head towards the fiery chimney. Glide past the cage in the water. To the right there will be a security room.TYGER Guards (Character Trophy)


This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?Grapple up to the top of the chimney and activate detective mode.

We will see an unfinished question mark. Complete it by connecting the green dot.
Which notorious family keeps talking trash?Head to the North Gotham Dock neon sign. The small boat just below it belong to Falcone Shipping.The Falcone Family (City Story)
Breaking news! Get out whilst you still canNear Zsasz’s hideout there will be a hotdog stand. Next to this stand is a newspaper articles relating to North GothamCompulsory Purchase (City Story)
Air, sea or land. It would be criminal not to use these wise guys, wouldn’t it?Head towards the large Ferris wheel and there should be a sign just below it. Falcone WarehouseA Family Business (City Story)
Was this parasite ratted out, or does he continue to plague Gotham?Just behind Zsasz’s hideout. There will be a sign, next to a street light. This sign relates to Otis Flannegan (Pest Control)The Ratcatcher (City Story)
Does Zsasz still pose a threat? This guy called to find outJust north of the Steel Mill. Near the large gate and fallen Nutcracker, there will be a pay phone with a fallen victim next to itThe Payphone Killer (City Story)
Did you hear the HOLE story of how Black Mask escaped?South of the Steel Mill. Near the Joker’s Fun House tunnel. Search near the train car for signs and pictures of Black MaskBlack Mask (City Story)
If you’re planning on making your mark in Arkham City, you’ll need a special kind of realtorHead inside Zsasz’s Hideout, which is unlocked after completing his side mission.

Scan the table next to the assassin.
Brokering Deals (City Story)
Can you find this cool couple before the romance thaws?Head to Storage Warehouse 58. Where Nora is being kept.

Scan Victor with his wife.

(Note: It may take a while for Freeze to go and visit his wife. What seemed to work for me is to travel as far as the Bowery and back)
A Cold Start (1 Of 2) City Story


Focus your priority on the main TYGER security camera and once that has been destroyed the remaining cameras will then automatically get added to the map. Destroy them all to complete the challenge.

The main camera is located over at the Tricorner Naval red neon sign. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer.


As you have probably already noticed there are quite a few balloons scattered around the area. Usually they are located on different building rooftops. Simply find them and pop them by either flying into them or by using a Batarang.


#1 Catwoman TrophyWest of Zsasz’s Hideout. There will be a large crane. Just below this crane is a walkway.

The trophy is located underneath this walkway
#2 Catwoman TrophyEast of the map. Just below the crane. There is a small room full of panels and the trophy is attached to this ceiling.

Step onto each of the three panels without touching the ground below. So make use of the ceiling above.
#3 Catwoman TrophyOn the rooftop near the red Tricorner Naval neon sign.
#4 Catwoman TrophyOn the rooftop of the Steel Mill. In a small tight section.
#5 Catwoman TrophyInside Warehouse 58. Where Nora is being held. Climb the vents and it is just above the door
The Female Riddler

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