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All of the Subway Riddler trophies and challenges that can be found in Batman Arkham City. This includes the Riddler trophies, Catwoman trophies, security cameras and more..

The Subway is an underground train station that is located south of the map. Between both the Industrial District and The Bowery.


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Video Shows The Locations To All Riddler Challenges (Subway)



As you make your way down the Subway staircase you should be able to spot a vent. Head through it.
Grapple on up to the top of the train cars. Turn and head right to find the trophy on the ground belowSubway Station (Concept Art)
From the Solomon Grundy poster proceed and open the shutters using the Remote Electrical Charge.

Grapple up to the gargoyles above and search for a breakable wall
Subway Terminal (Concept Art)
Head up the stairs from Platform No.1 and you will find the trophy locked behind a gate.

Head back down the stairs and use the Remote Electrical Charge on the Fuse Box.
The Batwing MK2 (Concept Art)
From the Subway Maintenance Access entrance. Head left and continue on until you find the trophy on the platform opposite. No need to use the Line Launcher, you can claim it with the Batclaw.
At the Subway Maintenance Access use the Line Launcher and turn right to reach the waterfall. Grapple up to the top. Switch back to the Line Launcher. The trophy is behind the gate here.

Turn around and follow the tunnel opposite. Here there will be an electricity outlet. Use the electricity and combine it with the Remote Batarang.

Guide the Remote Batarang to the Fuse Box in the area with the trophy.
Streets in ruins (Concept Art)


Descend the first set of stairs into the subway. Here there will be a door that requires the Cryptographic Sequencer
Find the Solomon Grundy poster and just before the shutters turn and head left. Here we will find a breakable wall

Step on the panel and down the carriage in front of you will be three question marks on the ceiling. Use the Remote Batarang and target them all, one at a time. Before the time limit expires.
Battle in the Subway (Concept Art)
In the tunnels with the signal jammer and train cars search for a row of breakable walls. Destroy them and follow the path down a small set of stairs towards the green trophy.
Enter the door that is located to the right of the platform sign. Here we will find a shutter. Inside is our reward
At the entrance to the Subway Maintenance Access, head right and use the Line Launcher.

Face and head towards the right. Continue to the left to find a small waterfall. Just over the barrier here is a pool of water. Use the Freeze Blast.
Talia al Ghul (Character Trophy)


Head into the tunnels and search the vents on the floor
Locate the Solomon Grundy poster. Turn left before the shutter and crouch into the room opposite. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer.

The door will then shut on us. The floors will also become electrified. Use the Line Launcher and perform a ‘Line Walk’ (R1 on the controller)

Use the ‘Line Walk’ to avoid the electricity. Once the door opens you can then collect the rewards
On the ceiling of one of the train cars.
From the shutters in the room next to the Platform No.1. Continue on until you reach a section of water. Equip and use a Freeze Blast.Joker Penguin Thugs (Character Trophy)
Head for the waterfall after using the Line Launcher and heading to the right.

From the waterfall locate a breakable wall. Which is actually just before the waterfall itself. There will be three trophies in here

Step on the green panel and turn around to find a question mark, use the Batarang. The steam pipes will then activate. Switch to the Freeze Blast.


Head into the subway and ignore the stairs into the tunnels. Keep going into the back exit room. Follow the ventSubway Entrance (Concept Art)
Part of Row 3. In this room we can acquire a total of three Riddler trophies.
In the room with the signal jammer and train cars there will be an upstairs floor, just above the gargoyles. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
At the water near the shutters there will be a Riddler Security Console. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
Part of Row 3


Head into the tunnels. Turn left and explore the train carsJoker Outcasts (Character Trophy)
Part of Row 3. Here there are three trophies inside the single one room
Look for the Platform No1 sign and to the left there will be a vent with our trophy inside.
Make your way to the Subway Maintenance Access. Use the Line Launcher to reach across to the trophy
Part of Row 3. The room has a total of three trophies.


This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?Head to the Subway Tunnels. Just before the giant Solomon Grundy poster drop down between two train cars.

Head inside the train car and switch to the detective mode. Search for an unfinished green question mark. Use the mirror opposite to solve it.
BOARD at drive-time? I’m not going to broadcast any more clues!At the Subway Station. Search for the Vickie Vale Show posterboard. Vicki Vale (City Story)
Coming back from the dead is cheating on any day of the weekScan the Solomon Grundy poster in the Subway TunnelsBuried on a Sunday 1 Of 2 (City Story)
It’s vacation time. Where shall I go? Somewhere venomous? Head to Platform No.1. Scan the Santa Prisca posterTitan on the Streets (City Story)
This Killer was collared, but is he now on the loose?Enter the Subway Maintenance Access. Use the Line Launcher and head right.

Grapple up to the ledge opposite the small waterfall. Here there will be a breakable section of the floor.
Killer Croc (Character Bio)

Killer in the Sewers (City Story)


The Joker Teeth are the small chattering teeth that can be found bouncing around. They also appear on the map as a ‘Breakable Object’. Destroy all 12 Joker Teeth.


Where to find all of the Catwoman trophies within the Subway of Batman Arkham City

Back at the Subway Station. Search the back room
In the Subway Tunnels. Left of the Solomon Grundy poster
This one is located on the above walkway, left of the Grundy poster. Near the shutters connecting to the Subway Terminal
In the Subway Maintenance Access. Use the above walkway to get across the gap. The trophy is also located up here
Enter the Subway Maintenance Access. Jump to the above walkway and follow it to the right. Where the waterfall is located.

The trophy is just below this platform. Above the water.
The Female Riddler

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