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The location to all of the various museum Riddler trophies within Batman Arkham City. This also includes Catwoman trophies, and riddles.

The museum, is where Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), conducted most of his plans. He even hangs a lot of his work out in display. There is even a display case for both Harley Quinn and the Joker. On top of that he also keeps a large ‘pet’ shark here too, which he names Tiny.


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To the left of the museum entrance there will be a boarded up window. Jump through the wooden planks and you will find a series of green question marks.
Target them all with the Batarang.
Just before the Gladiator Pit and after the red ‘New Recruits’ graffiti. There will be a ledge above.

Once at the top use the Line Launcher
In the Torture Chamber there will be a gate or wire mesh to the right of the doorway. The trophy sits on top of it.

To reach it we will need to use the Line Launcher. Aim it in the direction of the Armory. There will be a structure at the entrance that will give us more height.

Again use the Line Launcher and reach the target.
Navigate to the Armory, north of the map. Then search the vents on the floor. Just by the Iceberg Lounge doorPenguin Thugs (Character Trophy)
Just before the Gladiator Pit you will want to search for a shutter door. Use the Remote Electrical Charge


To the left of the large T-Rex animatronic there will be a breakable wall. Climb the wooden boxes.
At the Gladiator Pit. Use the gate to the left and it will bring us to an elevator. Next to it is both a breakable wall and an industrial motor.

Use it to move the elevator and proceed to destroy the wall.
Penguin Titan Thug (Character Trophy)
Line Launch yourself towards the Iceberg Lounge. Then turn left to find a small section just below. The trophy is here, in the water.

It is frozen so do not use the Batclaw. You will be targeting an impossible object. Instead throw a Freeze Blast.
Two-Face and crew (Concept Art)
Near the large mammoth display over in the Armory. Search the ceiling next to it for a trophy that is inside of a cage. Use the Cryptographic SequencerCyrus Pinkney’s Institute for Natural History: Main Exhibition Hall (Concept Art)
At the Gladiator Pit there will be a trophy behind a closed shutter. Also behind this closed shutter is a Fuse Box.

Use the Remote Batarang and guide it towards the nearby electrical wires, this will ignite the Batarang with electricity. From there guide it towards the Fuse Box, this will then open the shutter for us to claim our reward
Doctors (Character Trophy)


Grapple up to the structure above the tetradactyl.
Head to the elevator in the Gladiator Pit. Lower it back down using the motor and Electrical Charge. Grapple on up to the top. Locate the valve cover.
Making our way towards the Armory and there will be a shutter. Open these shutters by using the Electrical Charge.

Once inside throw the Batarang at the rotating question mark.
In the north west corner of the Armory there will be a vent. Crawl through it and use a Freeze Blast on the steam pipe. The Penguin‘s Henchmen (Concept Art)
Head to the north of the museum map, to the Armory. Here there will be an Electromagnet next to a shutter door and a security console. Use the Cryptographic SequencerUndercover Cops (Character Trophy)


At the door just before the Gladiator Pit turn left to find a gate that seems to be closed. However, there is a small gap at the bottom where we can slide through (R2 and X)

Here we will see the trophy. However, as we try to get closer to it a set of black ‘prison bars’ will come down. Blocking our access. Also a new set of green coloured bars will appear behind us. We seem to be locked in.

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer.
On the right side of the Gladiator Pit there will be a closed gate with a trophy behind it. Behind the middle gate is a fuse box.

Use the Remote Batarang and guide it underneath the gate on the left. Then into the fuse box. Batman will also comment about the fuse box too, further hinting as to what to do.
In the War Room there will be a display case next to both the Harley Quinn and Joker cases. It is where Freeze was or is standing (depending on your current progress).

Anyway rescue Victor Fries if you have not already done so and enter his old display.
Mister Freeze (Character Trophy)
Search the eastern side of the northern section of the map. There will be a cardboard wall that we can jump through. The trophy is on the other side.


Remaining in the Trophy Room. Just above the creepy Scarface display there will be a vent.

Once on the other side be sure to disable the TYGER security turret. Using the Disruptor.
Solomon Grundy (Character Trophy)
Navigate to the Torture Chamber. Drop a Freeze Blast into the water and locate a valve cover
In the War Room, which is to the south west of the map. Head behind Freeze’s old display case to find a steam pipe.

Use a Freeze Blast and collect your rewards.
Ra’s al Ghul (Character Trophy)
Inside the Iceberg Lounge locate and find GCPD Officer Miller and just next to him is a set of proximity mines. Disrupt them and grab the trophy


Where and how to solve all of the various riddles within the Arkham City museum. There are 8 in total

This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?This riddle is located within the Torture Chamber. With Tiny the shark

Once you arrive activate the detective mode (L1 on the controller) and we will see a green mark on the wall.

The ‘dot’ for this mark is on the pedestal, closest to it. Use the line launcher and combine it with the ‘line walk – R1’ option. This will give us the opportunity to line our green marks up and complete the riddle so we can move on.
Who’s in control here? The puppet or the pupeteer?At the Trophy Room there will be a display featuring ScarfaceScarface 1 Of 2 (City Story)
Was he framed? Or does it run in the family?Head towards the Gladiator Pit and there will be a ‘framed’ picture of Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) and his parents. The Cobblepot Feud 4 Of 5 (City Story)
Have Joker‘s pets laughed themselves to death, or just eaten too much?Located in the War Room is a Hyena displayHolding Grudges 1 Of 3 (City Story)
Brothers in arms. Brothers at war. Who’s right? Who’s.. left?Remaining in the War Room there will be an ‘Abramovici Twins’ poster on the wall. Behind the beach displayThe Abramovici Twins 2 Of 2 (City Story)
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or there will be explosive consequencesHead to the Armory, north of the map. Near the large mammoth display there will be several other displays. Including one featuring three skeletonsThe Cobblepot Feud 5 Of 5 (City Story)
Can anyone TOP the Penguin when it comes to the full VIP treatment?At the Iceberg Lounge there will be a top hat near GCPD Officer MillerCobblepot Feud 3 Of 5 (City Story)
How do you protect yourself when it’s raining bullets?Our next riddle is also located at the Iceberg Lounge. Scan the umbrella that the officer is currently holdingThe Cobblepot Feud 2 Of 5 (City Story)


Where to find all 12 Penguin statues. Which are basically the breakable objects within the museum. They tend to appear as white stars on the map

1To the right of the Trophy Room entrance. In the small room.
2There is another Penguin breakable object just down the stairs of the Trophy Room. Near the Batman display.
3Climb through the vent above the Scarface display
4Near the door leading to the next area. Slide under the gate.
5In the Gladiator Pit there will be a penguin right next to the electricity wires. Use the Remote Batarang
6Also in the Gladiator Pit there will be another penguin sitting inside of the cage above.
7There is one on the table in the War Room
8Another penguin can be found by the door to the Armory. Where it will be sitting on top of a boat.
9Head to the Armory and inspect the display next to the mammoth
10This penguin is actually next to the mammoth. Sharing the same display
11 and 12These two are both sat on the table within the Iceberg Lounge


Where to find all of the Catwoman related trophies within the Arkham City museum. There are 5 in total to find altogether.

1Just before the Gladiator Pit. Turn and head left at the ‘New Recruits’ graffiti. There will be a shutter, an open one if you have already been here before. If not you will need to switch back to Batman and use the Electrical Charge.

Jump and make your way to the grating above.
2 Head to the Torture Chamber and climb underneath the metal walkway. Make your way to the other end where you can climb back up again. The trophy is here.
3Enter the Torture Chamber and climb underneath the metal walkway. Crawl across to the other side and climb back up again. Once on the other side there will be another walkway above. Jump to it.

Follow this ‘above’ walkway to the next trophy
4North of the map is the Armory. Head to the western side of the room and we can find the trophy above the ‘Freeze’ display.
5Meanwhile on the eastern side of the Armory. From the entrance door search the ceilings for a walkway that we can jump to.
The Female Riddler

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