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All of The Bowery Riddler trophies and challenges that can be found in Batman Arkham City. This includes the numerous Catwoman trophies, riddles, security cameras and more!

The Bowery is a district that is located to the west of the map. Between both Park Row and the Subway. Such notable locations include the Museum and the Gotham Merchant’s Bank.


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Video Shows The Locations To All Riddler Related Challenges (The Bowery)



To the west of the Bowery. There will be a rooftop with a green panel and a series of question marks on the wall.

Use the Explosive Gel and target all three question marks. Then return back to the green panel. Trigger each mark one at a time, as they light up. Use the ‘First-Person View’ to focus on them individually.
This one sits on top of the statue outside of the Iceberg Lounge.
On top of a pillar by the tram railsThe Rooftops of Arkham City (Concept Art)
Near the Subway entrance search for a breakable wall. There will be several mines here too, so make sure to ‘disrupt’ them.
Next to the wall, south west of ACE Chemicals. There will be a trophy locked inside of a cage. Activate detective mode and follow the wire to a question mark on the wall

There are two marks on the wall. Spray paint them both with the Explosive Gel.

There will also be a political prisoner here too.
Search the subway, just outside of the museum, for a breakable wall.
On the rooftop two blocks opposite of the museum building there will be an open vent. Next to it is a trophy trapped inside of a cage.
Next to that is a green question mark trophy on the wall

Use the Remote Batarang and guide it through the open vent. We want it to target the mark on the wall. The only way to do that is to guide it through the vent.
Head inside the Arkham Processing Center. Use the Freeze Blast on the water below. Then switch to the Batclaw and open the valve cover. Protocol Ten in effect (Concept Art)


West side of the map. Left of the Museum. Search for an underground section that features a total of three green panels

Use the Line Launcher and target all three panels, without touching the concrete ground.
This one is located below the Iceberg Lounge. We will need to use the tall pillar next to the Lounge entrance and glide underneath the road and over the electrical barriers in order to claim it.
Head to the tram and the many stairs next to it. Left of Penguin’s hideout. It will be here, on the ground below.
On the rooftop of the building next to the museum. There is a lot of armed henchmen here. Wayne Tower (Concept Art)
On the wall of the Wonder Tower entranceArkham City Main Entrance (Concept Art)
Opposite the subway entrance. Search for another breakable wall. Use the Line Launcher
Locate the Gotham News trucks to the south. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the door to hack the TYGER MCP Mainframe.

Once inside search the ceiling.
Behaviourally Modified Inmates (Character Trophy)
Inside the Arkham Processing Center and use the Electrical Charge on both shutters. Check the prisoner rooms for a breakable wall.

Destroy the wall and check the ceiling.
Professor Hugo Strange (Concept Art)


Just behind the Museum. Next to the entrance to the Iceberg Lounge. There will be a green panel and a series of question marks on the wall

Step on the panel and the marks will light up, one at a time. For the first one use the normal Batarang. For the second, switch to the Remote Batarang.
From the Iceberg Lounge head over the gate here and there will be a smaller gate, our trophy hides behind it. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
Head towards the Subway area and look for a set of shutters. Near the Bank of Gotham building.
Search for a breakable wall, near the Wonder Tower and ACE Chemicals
Check the rooftops of the museum.
On the rooftop opposite the museum there will be a section where our trophy is stuck inside a steel cage. There is also a green panel here too, alongside an Electromagnet.

Combine this Electromagnet with the Remote Electrical Charge and guide the cage and trophy to the end, where we can grab it.
Search just above the red neon ‘Hotel’ sign. Here there will be a green panel. With two more just below it. Activate all three without touching the concrete floor. Arkham City (Concept Art)
Inside the Processing Center, open both shutters. Then in the room with the large screen featuring Hugo Strange. Look for a breakable wall.TYGER Helicopter (Concept Art)


Opposite the Iceberg Lounge there will be a small alleyway. The trophy is inside one of these buildings.

Open the shutters and retrieve it
Head to the rooftops opposite Cobblepot’s and towards the Arkham billboards. Here there will be a question mark panel for us to play with. The trophy itself hides inside the vent structure here

Use the panel and you will have a brief window to go and collect the reward
Follow the tram rails until you come across a bridge. Under this bridge is a set of green question marks. Three on each side of the wall

Use the Batarang and target them all before the timer runs out
Gotham Architecture (Concept Art)
Search for a steam pipe by the walls of Wonder Tower.
Find the tram and search the door for a security console. Inside is our next trophy
South of the Bowery, where the ‘Character Changing’ point is located. Drop down from the rooftop and search for a breakable wall next to a window pane. The Bowery (Concept Art)
Locked inside of a shelter on the roof opposite the red neon ‘GOTHAM’ sign.
Head to the Processing Center, open both shutters. Then in the room with the recorded Strange video screen, search for a door that requires the Cryptographic Sequencer. Joker Titan Thug (Character Trophy)


Head to the rooftop opposite the Iceberg Lounge. Here there will be a security camera. Ignore it for now.

Turn your attention to the small shelter on the left. It has a breakable wall. Climb and use the vents.
On the rooftop opposite the Bank of Gotham. There will be a cage in which the trophy hides in. Normal. It also seems to be open already and waiting for us to collect it. Wrong.

Go near it and the cage will automatically close on us. Use the Batclaw from a distance.
We are searching for a breakable door to one of the numerous monorails. Fly and glide into itThe Gotham Monorail (Concept Art)
Near ACE Chemicals there will be a small shelter building on the rooftops. ACE Chemicals Administration Building (Concept Art)
Next to the museum entrance is a gate and an alleyway. The trophy is here
At the ‘Character Switch Point’ above the Subway, there will be three green panels. One on the wall, one on the ground. Whilst the remaining one is on the wall of the opposite building.

Glide and land on all three to complete this one. Do not touch the concrete ground or rooftops.
On the rooftop near the abandoned tram.Gotham Skyline (Concept Art)


This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?Proceed to the Arkham Processing Center and open the first shutter. From there activate the detective mode (L1).

We find an unfinished mark. To finish it we need to open the next shutter here, using the Sequencer. The code is ‘Interrogation’.
My intellect towers above yours, Batman. I wonder if you’ll ever solve this riddle?Scan the Wonder Tower. TYGERS in the City (City Story)
The feuding families always sit down to a good meal. Will there be a massacre? West of Wonder City there is a building known as the Sal Maroni Restaurant. The Maroni Family (City Story)
Cowboy, trilby or bowler? Hats off to anyone brave enough to try one on. Opposite the museum will be the Mad Hatter’s building. Scan the hat display. The Mad Hatter 1 Of 2 (City Story)
Do you need to look SHARP to campaign for change?On the rooftop opposite ACE Chemicals there is a large poster of Quincey Sharp. The Mayor of Gotham.Election Time (City Story)
Was the writing on the wall from the moment you entered?Just outside of the Arkham Processing Center. Here there will be a plaque on the wallOpen for business (City Story)
Arkham City is not the place to be rich or famous. Bruce Wayne has never felt quite so wantedOn the wall of the Museum entrance is a series of wanted posters, featuring Bruce WayneThe Cobblepot Feud 1 Of 5 (City Story)
You’re a dummy if you don’t try and buy oneFind the ‘Magic and Props’ store. Near ACE Chemicals. Scarface 2 Of 2 (City Story)
Studies have shown that if you’re not on your best behaviour, you’ll come out crazy. How Strange?Scan the ‘TYGER Inmate Behavioural Analyst Unit’ shutter doors.

You can find this door by the red neon ‘Hotel’ sign and news van.
Hugo Strange Experiments (City Story)
You don’t want to be caught off-guard in this place, do you?Inside the City Processing Center. Head to the room with the large screen that plays Hugo Strange on loop.

Head into the room on the left to find a prison gurney. Scan the body
Studying the Bat (City Story)
You don’t have to be crazy to shop here, do you?Near the Bank of Gotham. Towards the Subway entrance, there is a sign for the Jezebell Center. Illegal Operations (City Story)


Simply find the TYGER security ‘brain’ and the remaining cameras will automatically get added to the map. From there locate them, using the map. Once one has been found simply use a Batarang to eliminate and destroy it. These security cameras can usually be found on the sides of buildings.

For the Bowery district, the ‘brain camera’ can be found opposite ACE Chemicals.


1 – Catwoman Trophy Head towards the abandoned tram, near the museum. Just underneath the bridge here, there will be a trophy. On the ceiling.
2By the Wonder City walls. Near ACE Chemicals. It can be found inside of a metal cage. The wall to the building can be destroyed. Climb inside and work your way up.
3 On the rooftop of the Museum.
4Near the wall to the far south of the Bowery district. Underneath the glass shelter.
5Opposite the Processing Center. On a rooftop balcony.
The Female Riddler

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