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Where to find all of the Batman Arkham City Steel Mill Riddler trophies. This also includes Catwoman trophies and riddles too.

The Steel Mill is one of the key locations within Batman Arkham City as it plays as a hideout for the ‘crazy clowns’ Joker and Harley Quinn.


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Video Shows The Riddler Challenges Found Within The Steel Mill



Head to the Loading Bay and it will be hiding behind the valve cover.
At the Freight Elevator there will be a valve cover. Use the Electrical Charge to open the shutters and the Batclaw to open the cover.
In the room between both the Smelting Chamber and Assembly Line. Grapple on up to the green ‘Joker’s Funland’ neon light. Destroy the wall hereThe Joker’s Crew (Concept Art)
Head to the Cooling Tunnel -D and search for the running water with the electricity above it. Check the walls around here for a vent.
South of the map at Cooling Tunnels -B. Here we have our trophy locked inside of a cage. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the nearby security console. Harley Quinn Intercom (Concept Art)


From the room where the Joker was situated head through the vents and use the Freeze Blast on the steam pipe.
Head to the Freight Elevator and drop down to the floor below. You might need to use the Cryptographic Sequencer first to open the shutters here.

Use the Electrical Charge to raise the elevator lift out of the way. Then find the trophy and grapple up to it.
Heading to the Smelting Chamber. Search the center area for the trophy. It is on the metal walkway
South west of the map, in the Cooling Tunnels. There will be several steam pipes. Use the Freeze Blast to block them up and then switch to the Line Launcher.

The trophy is on the ceiling above the water. So use the Freeze Cluster Grenade and then the Batclaw.
Near the entrance to the Cooling Tunnel -B there will be a ledge above that we can grapple up to. Up here is a breakable wall


Make your way over to Joker’s Fun House / Manager’s Office. Then through the door here to reach a room with an elevator lift. There are two trophies in here. One for the Bat and one for the Cat
Another one that can be found in the Freight Elevator. Head to the ground level of the area and search for a breakable section of the floor. Kidnapped Doctor (Character Trophy)
Remaining in the Smelting Chamber. Find the vent in the room, by the green neon lights. Here we will find another conveyor belt. Grapple to the ledge just above.
South of the Cooling Tunnels. Just above the water and the Harley Quinn Head. Use the Freeze Blast to reach the water and then grapple up towards the trophy.
Head to the Boiler Room and destroy all of the Penguins on the conveyor belt. Harley Quinn (Character Trophy)


Opposite the Manager’s Officers there is a ventilation shaft. Destroy it by using the nearby Electromagnet
Making our way to the Assembly Line. Here there will be several ‘bumper cars’ or ‘dodgems’. We can also find a small vent and an Electromagnet too.

Unfortunately these ‘cars’ care blocking access to the vent, so move them by using the Electromagnet.
Heading to the Smelting Chamber. North west of the Steel Mill map. Search for a valve cover. The trophy is insideThe Joker’s Henchmen (Concept Art)
Another one for the Cooling Tunnels. Next to the ‘Harley Head’ and the water there will be a cage. Behind this cage is our trophy and a Fuse Box.

Open the nearby vent cover. Now just a little north of here is yet more running water, this time with electricity above it. We cannot deactivate this fuse without electricity.

Switch to the Remote Batarang and direct it towards the electricity and then through the open vent. Into the fuse box.
Mayor Quincey Sharp (Character Trophy)
Head to the Boiler Room in the Basement Level. Search for a breakable wallJoker Thugs (Character Trophy)


Inside the ventilation system. Use the Line Launcher to get across the fire and make sure you land on the green panel on the opposite side. The Joker‘s Sickbed (Concept Art)
Navigate your way over to the Assembly Line. By the ‘dodgems’ there will be a vent with a steam pipe. Use the Freeze Blast.Lieutenants (Character Trophy)
Moving on to the Cooling Tunnel – D. We can find this next one underneath the small cart. Use the Electromagnet to move it.
Head to the Cooling Tunnel -B. From the large screen grapple across to the other side of the water and search for a green marker. Deactivate it using a normal Batarang.

Zip line across and remove the vent cover.
Batman confronts the Penguin (Concept art)


Where to find all of the riddles within the Steel Mill of Batman Arkham City. There are 7 riddles in total to find and solve altogether.

This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?Head to the Cooling Tunnel -D. When you reach the water and Harley intercom switch on detective mode.

You should be able to locate an unfinished green mark. Use the Freeze Blast and look at the question mark from the water
They say the more things change the more they stay the same. Which dummy said that?The answer to this one is located within the Manager’s Office. Here we will find a display of Harley Quinn’s outfit. A Sick Plan 2 Of 3 (City Story)
Once assembled, do these two become one again?Head to the Assembly Line. Inside the room next to the dodgems is a wall. Activate detective mode and you will discover something or someone behind this wall.

Search for a vent leading into and behind this wall. They are actually the Abramovici Twins
The Abramovici Twins 1 Of 2 (City Story)
Surely someone was clowning around when they qualified this person?Making our way to the Smelting Chamber. Find the Harley Frances Quinn certificate on the wall by the posters of Joker. A Sick Plan 3 Of 3 (City Story)
Do you really need to hammer it home? Everyone knows Harley is stupid.In the Cooling Tunnel -D there should be a Harley Quinn intercom. Next to it is a hammer.A Sick Plan 1 Of 3 (City Story)
Who can BOYLE and Freeze at the same time?At the Cooling Tunnel -B. There should be a poster about ‘Boyle Cryogenics’A Cold Start 2 Of 2 (City Story)
What’s a funnyman without his box of tricks?This riddle is located over in the Boiler Room. Basement Level. Scan the case here on the cardboard box. It contains a fish and other crazy gearHolding Grudges 3 Of 3 (City Story)


Where to find all 12 Harley Quinn intercom heads. These basically feature the voice of Harley and can be interacted with throughout the game. We need to find and destroy them all.

They are also marked on the map as ‘Breakable Objects’

Boiler Room
Freight Elevator
Loading Bay
Manager’s Office
Assembly Line
Smelting Chamber
Cooling Tunnel -D
Cooling Tunnel -B


Where to find all of the Catwoman trophies within the Steel Mill of Batman Arkham City. There are 5 trophies to find altogether. You must be playing as Catwoman.

1Head to the Ventilation System and once inside use the ceiling to crawl around
2Making our way to the Joker’s Fun House. Inside the elevator lift.
3In the Assembly Line area. The room just past the dodgems there will be a ledge, jump to it.

Climb through the vent on the floor and back through the following one.
4Navigate to the Smelting Chamber. This one is underneath the railing. Near the middle of the area.
5Our next one is inside the Cooling Tunnel -D. Underneath the rail that acts as a bridge.
The Female Riddler

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