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Where to find and complete all of the Wonder City Riddler trophies and challenges within Batman Arkham City. This includes both riddles and Demon Seals.

Wonder City is part of Old Gotham that has now been abandoned. The city itself is also where Ra’s al Ghul created his Lazarus Pits. It also consists of many abandoned robots, known as the Wonder City Mechanical Guardians.


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Where to find the Riddler trophies within Wonder City of Batman Arkham City. There is a total of 25 trophies to be found altogether


Making your way from the Subway area, head for the Collapsed Streets of Wonder City. Grapple on up to the ledge above to find this one
Remaining in the Collapsed Streets area use the Line Launcher and navigate to the right as soon as possible. Here there will be a small platform.

On this platform there is a ledge. The trophy is up here and on the ceiling.
Robin (Concept Art)
On the east side of the Tower Foundations there will be a breakable wall.
Follow the Processing Center to the sewers. Then use the Line Launcher but before reaching the other side turn around and land on the small platform.

Use the wall to swing across to the following wall. There will be a ledge that we can use. When you see a small wooden walkway drop down onto it.

Drop down through the hole in the ground to find the trophy inside of a locked cage. Just above it is a ‘Riddler mark’. Switch to the Batarang.
South west of Wonder Avenue there will be a push chair. Sitting in it is our green trophy


From the Collapsed Streets disarm the two steam pipes using the Freeze Blast. Grapple up to the ledge and grab the trophy
A Riddler trophy is located in the icy water of the Collapsed Streets. Use a Freeze BlastAssassin (Character Trophy)
Head to the Arkham City Processing Center and navigate yourself to the sewers.

When you reach the frozen water proceed and use a Freeze Blast. The trophy is underneath the metal walkway. Use the Batclaw
Make your way to Wonder Avenue and to the east, by the Wonder City Jewelry store, is a ledge. Grapple up.

Up here we will notice the green trophy is stuck inside of a cage. We also have a green coloured panel.

Just behind us is another green panel, then another to the west of this one.

Use the Line Launcher and land on all three green panels without touching anything else, including the concrete floor.
North of the Wonder City map is the Secret Corridor. We can get there via the Drugstore secret passage.

We will arrive at a proximity mine. Disarm it and slide under.
Mechanical Guardian (Concept Art)


From the Collapsed Streets use the Line Launcher to cross over the gap. As you begin to zip line across to the other side. Look to the left for the trophy
South west of the Collapsed Streets is a metal shutter door with a security console next to it. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer.

The trophy is on the ceiling once the shutters have been unlocked
Whilst in the sewers use the Line Launcher to get across to the other side. However, before reaching the other side turn around and you should be able to find another trophy

It will be inside of a cage attached to the wall. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
Experience Antarctic Dining (Concept Art)
North east of Wonder Avenue there will be a building with a valve cover. Just underneath is a small gap with our trophy just beyond it. Run and slide under (X and R2 on the controller)
East of the Chamber of the Demon. We can get there by heading through the secret Drugstore and using the maintenance hole.

From there find a large door with an industrial motor. Use the Electrical Charge. The trophy is on the other side of the door


After entering the Collapsed Streets look up to find a breakable wall above. Just before the gap and end of the path.

Throw a Freeze Blast into the icy water below. Then grapple up to the top ledge. If done correctly you will be pulled through this wall. We can then use the Batclaw
Robin (Character Trophy)
Making our way to the Wonder Tower Foundations. The trophy is behind a locked gate, next to a TITAN Container. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer
At the sewers once again use the Line Launcher and turn around to find this trophy on a small platform
North western side of the Wonder Avenue inside of the Drugstore. There will be a breakable wall. Destroy it to find the trophy, locked inside of a cage

Use the Remote Batarang and direct it towards the back of the Drugstore. To a ‘Riddler mark’ on the wall
The League of Assassins (Concept Art)
Heading to the actual Wonder Tower section of the map, over to the east.

At the elevator and once on the rooftop tower. To the right there will be our next trophy, behind the bars. In order to reach it we will have to shimmy around the building.


As you enter the Collapsed Streets from the Subway you should notice a breakable window, right opposite the door. Smash through it

The trophy is inside of a cage on the wall, of this single room. Now when you enter the room the cage will be locked and closed. Meaning we cannot claim it.

However, if you look at it from the perspective of the, now smashed, window frame. You will notice that the cage is now open.

Our task is to locate the other breakable window in this room and destroy that one too. Now make your way around the room, to the window that we just broke. You will need to use the Line Launcher.

Only when appearing from this window will we be able to use the Batclaw and claim our trophy
South east corner of the Tower Foundations. On the lower ground, by the vents.
Once again head to the sewers from the Processing Center and use the Line Launcher. Turn around before reaching the other side and make your way to the small platform.

This trophy can be found here, frozen in ice. Use the Batarang to drop it into the water below. Switch to the Freeze Blast and collect it
North west of Wonder Avenue, north section of the Wonder City map. Find a small lit up pedestal and follow the linear path around the back of the Drugstore.

Here there will be both a ‘green question mark’ alongside a breakable wall. Break the wall and collect the reward
The Mechanical Guardians of Wonder City (Concept Art)
Our next trophy is over at the Wonder Tower. We will need to reach the very top of the tower in order to find it.

Once at the top search the walkways as it will be sitting on one.


Where to find and how to solve all of the different riddles within the Wonder City area of Batman Arkham City. There is a total of 6 riddles to solve altogether.

This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?This riddle can be found and solved over at the Wonder Tower.

Ride the elevator up and shimmy across to the other side of the tower rooftop. Then continue climbing to the very top.

Once you reach the top there will be a wire or tight rope that we can walk over, do so.

Activate the Detective Mode and we should be able to find a green question mark. An ‘unfinished one’

This next part will be a little tricky as we need to face the green mark. The ‘dot’ is just underneath the top half of the puzzle. To align them both we need to jump off the pole here, whilst facing the two marks and scan!
Crime is a global issue. You’ll never stop it, BatmanMaking your way to the Wonder Tower Foundations. Scan the giant globe display, near the entrance to Wonder AvenueWonder City 2 Of 3 (City Story)
Read all about it! Is this a sign of the Times?In Wonder Avenue. Just to the right after entering the area. There will be a signboard with a news clipping on it. ‘Wonder City Shut Down’Wonder City 3 Of 3 (City Story)
Wanted: Dead.. and alive?Head to the Chamber of the Demon by entering through the secret Drugstore. Then use the maintenance hatch.

From the maintenance hatch turn and head right. Here there will be a Solomon Grundy poster
Buried on a Sunday 2 Of 2 (City Story)
Do these demonic twins pose a threat?Head to the very north of the Wonder City map. To the Chamber of the Demon.

After exiting the manhole cover head and proceed through the large doors opposite.

Scan the two statues
Talia’s Guard (City Story)
Where can you get a wonderful view of the past?Navigate to the Wonder Tower and ride the elevator lift to the top.

Once at the top you will be greeted with a display board, showing the map of Gotham City
Wonder City 1 Of 3 (City Story)


Where to find all 12 Demon Seals within Wonder City in Arkham City. These seals appear as metal objects that often appear on walls. With handles attached to them. They also have bright red eyes.

Once you have managed to find one you will then need to destroy it. You can do that by using the Batclaw.

1-3Wonder Tower Foundations has a total of three Demon Seals.
One just above the elevator lift. The second it to the west of the lift, on the lower ground. Whilst the third is just above the door to the Wonder Avenue
3-6Our next three reside at the Wonder Tower. Ride the elevator lift up to the top.
There is now two seals we can claim. One just above the lift and the second just outside of the elevator, look up.

The third one is right at the top of the tower. Head up and as you reach the area where you glide to the next platform, the demon seal can be found here.
6-9Head to the Wonder Avenue and there will be two Demon Seals on the ceiling just as you head through the tunnel with the announcer speaker.

Continue on and the third one is located on the door leading to the Chamber of the Demon
10-12Our next set of Demon Seals is located over at the Chamber of the Demon. North of Wonder City.

Head through the secret passageway at the drugstore and head through the following manhole cover. Once you reach the other side turn around to find the next seal.

The next two seals are located on the other side of the large single door. Where we met Talia and her assassins


The Female Riddler