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All Riddler physical challenges within Batman Arkham City. This includes performing pounce attacks, perform inverted takedowns, disarming enemies and more. These specific challenges are uniquely different to the rest of the Riddler related collectibles. They are mainly designed in order to be able to learn the game mechanics.

Whilst the rest of the collectibles require you to collect various trophies and solve riddles these do not require any of that. So in order to be able to complete these ones it is best to complete the main story first. Then you will have al of the required gadgets unlocked and ready for use.




Video Shows All Physical Challenges



Glide continuously for over 150 meters (without using the Grapnel Boost upgrade)For this one we will need to find a rather tall structure of building, with plenty of room.

Then run and glide. Do not use the Grapnel Boost, do not touch the floor, and do not grapple onto other buildings and objects.
Glide continuously for 250 meters (Grapnel Boost upgrade permitted)For this one simply glide around the city and use the Grapnel Boost to help move around the skies. Do not touch the ground.

The Grapnel Boost can be unlocked by completing the various AR Training courses
Perform a vertical dive for over 50 metersHead to a high vantage point and perform a Dive Bomb (R2 whilst gliding)
Perform five consecutive line launchers without touching the groundA good location to perform this one is over by the shark (Tiny) pool, in the Museum. Here there is plenty of room.

Use the line launcher and change to different directions.
Glide for 30 meters while maintaining a height of less than 5 meters. We can perform this one during the AR Training courses.
Achieve a x20 combat comboSimply chain your combat combo attacks.
Use 3 Quickfire gadgets in one combat encounterA Quickfire gadget consists of either a Batarang, Freeze Blast or an Explosive Gel. Combine them all and use them during combat.

A Batarang can be quickly thrown via the use of the L2 button, whilst the Freeze Blast requires the R2. The Explosive Gel requires the L2 and Square button combo
Achieve a x5 variation bonus in one combat encounterChances are you will unlock this one as you get more used to the combat mechanics. It will come without even noticing.

Just chain and use different fighting abilities and method techniques. Such as quickfire gadgets, Cape stuns, and a simple beatdown.
Use Caltrops to stun an enemySwitch over to Catwoman and use the available Caltrops and throw them at the inmates


Aerial attack off a stunned enemy into anotherRun up to an enemy target and use the Cape Stun attack (Circle button). The enemy will get stunned.

Whilst the enemy is stunned use the ‘X’ button and then the ‘Square’ to bounce from the current enemy to the next.
Use the Slide to trip an enemyRun up to an enemy and slide them over. Use the ‘X’ and ‘R2’ button combo.
Perform a Beat Down to finish an enemySimply use a Cape Stun attack followed by a ‘Square’ button mashing
Counter an enemy projectileWhen an enemy target is holding an object and is about to throw it at you, counter it
Hit an explosive object with a Batarang before it is thrownSelf explanatory. Throw a Batarang when an enemy target is holding an object that they intend to throw
Take out 2 enemies at once with the Glide Boost attackFrom a high vantage point press and hold the ‘R2 and Square’ to collide with an enemy below.
Use a combo Batarang in combatJust use quickfire Batarang attacks. L2 on the controller
Perform a Batclaw SlamUse a quickfire Batclaw attack, with the L2 and Triangle button combo. Follow it up with an ‘X’ attack.
Perform a Special Combo Whiplash and Special Combo Whip Trip in one combo flowHead to an area with quite a few enemy targets and begin chaining your combos together.

Once you reach around x4 combo we can perform the Special Combo Whiplash. Using the ‘Square and X’ button combination.

Continue chaining the combo attacks and once it reaches x7 or higher, we can then trigger the Special Combo Whip Trip using the ‘X and Circle’ inputs.


Use the Quickfire Remote Electrical Charge during a comboThe Quickfire Remote Electrical Charge can be activated through the ‘L2 and Circle’ button inputs.
Use the Quickfire Explosive Gel during a comboQuickfire Explosive Gel can be activated through the ‘L2 and Square’ button combination.
Use the Quickfire Freeze Blast during a comboTo perform a Quickfire Freeze Blast simply double tap the ‘R2’ button on the controller.
Use the Smoke Pellet to disorientate enemies into attacking each otherWalk up to a bunch of thugs and equip the Smoke Pellet. Throw it using the ‘L2 and R2’ button combo
Finish a fight with a combo BatarangSimply end the fight with a Batarang combo. Self explanatory.
Use the Remote Electrical Charge to get an armed enemy to fire his weapon and surprise at least one other nearby enemyFind a bunch of armed goons and use the Remote Electrical Charge one on of them.
Use the Remote Electrical Charge to force an enemy to hit another enemyLocate several inmates and use the Electrical Charge on them.
Use the Remote Electrical Charge to blast one armored thug into any other thugFind an armored thug. They are usually yellow in colour, when in detective mode. Aim and use the Remote Electrical Charge.
Complete one Claw Climb using at least 8 separate leaps without missing the timing for a single jumpFind a nice tall building. The chimneys over in the Industrial District is a good choice. Then climb up the chosen structure.


Use the Freeze Cluster to immobilize three or more henchmen at one timeFind a group of henchmen and throw the Freeze Cluster at them.

The Freeze Cluster can be unlocked by completing the Hot and Cold side mission
Use the Freeze Blast to freeze an enemy then a Batarang to knock them downA rather simple one. Approach a target and throw a regular normal Freeze Blast. We can do this by Quickfiring with the ‘R2’ and then switch to the Batarang with ‘L2’.
Perform a Grapnel Boost TakedownSearch for inmates on a rooftop above. Make sure one of them is rather close to the edge. Grapple up towards them

As you Grapple up towards them double tap the ‘X’ input on the controller
Use the Reverse Batarang to knock down an enemyLocate an inmate and then switch to the Remote Batarang. Hold both the L2 and R1 input buttons
Kick an enemy while riding the Line LauncherFor this one it is best to catch henchmen off guard. Switch to the Line Launcher and point it towards their direction
While riding on the Line Launcher towards and unaware enemy, use the Takedown attack to drop down and knock them outSwitch to the Line Launcher and aim towards an unsuspecting thug. As you collide use the ‘Triangle’ button input
Catch a Remote BatarangUse the Remote Batarang. Throw it and perform a U-turn. Let Batman catch it
Fly a fully boosted Remote Batarang into a thug and send him flying through the air. Using the Remote Batarang aim it towards an unsuspecting inmate. Use the ‘R2’ input to boost it and collide it into the target.
Perform a Pounce attackThis basically works on unsuspecting enemy thugs. Approach them from above. Similar to Batman‘s Glide Kick


Use the Freeze Blast to freeze an armed enemy before taking him outFind an armed inmate. You can use the detective mode to figure out if they are armed or not.
Then use a Freeze Blast. We can do this by performing a Quickfire Freeze Blast (R2).

Walk up to the frozen inmate and activate an Ice Smash Takedown
Use the Smoke Pellet to disorientate an armed enemy and follow up with a TakedownWhilst in combat lob a Smoke Pellet then execute a Takedown
Disarm an enemy using the Batclaw DisarmLocate an armed enemy. Approach them and use the ‘L2 and Triangle’ button combos.
Use the Disruptor to jam the gun of an armed enemy and then get him to try and fire. Equip the Disruptor, which can be found at the Iceberg Lounge, then use it on an armed enemy.
Use the Remote Electrical Charge to temporarily disable a backpack Jammer device. We can find a backpack Jammer over in the Subway. Activate the detective mode and look for a ‘red caution’ mark on one of the enemy targets.

By finding one we will find the backpack Jammer. From there use the Remote Electrical Charge
Take down an enemy using the Sonic Shock BatarangEquip the Sonic Shock Batarang and aim towards a patrolling henchmen. Not at them. Then, once the henchmen goes to investigate it use both the ‘L2 and R1’ button combos.
Perform an Inverted Takedown from a Vantage PointA rather simple task really. Use a gargoyle vantage point and wait for an enemy to pass below you. Perform the ‘Triangle’ Inverted Takedown
Perform a Knockout SmashSneak up on an unsuspecting inmate and perform a stealth takedown. Whilst doing so activate the ‘Square’ button input.
Use the Quickfire Whip attack during combatWe can perform a Quickfire Whip attack by pressing both the ‘L2 and R2’ button inputs.

This concludes all of the Riddler related physical challenges for Batman Arkham City. As a reward we will receive several concept art work for many of the different characters, including Two-Face, Catwoman, Joker, and Riddler


The Female Riddler

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