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Arkham City AR Training (or Augmented Reality Training) is one of the available optional side missions within Batman Arkham City. It basically acts as a tutorial to the games mechanics. More specifically the gliding aspects of the game.

The AR Training will feature a series of challenges that require Batman to glide through various checkpoints. Which usually consist of anywhere between three to five gates. Glide through them all within the set time limit in order to complete the course.

However, during each course Batman cannot touch the ground. It needs to be a non-stop glide until all checkpoints have been met. In doing this we will be able to unlock both the AR Knight trophy achievement (Complete all augmented reality training exercises). Alongside the Prototype Grapnel Boost upgrade.


Enigma Conundrum (First Riddler Hostage)
Bane (Side Mission – Fragile Alliance)

We can only unlock the Prototype Grapnel Boost upgrade after we have completed four of these challenges. From there Batman will automatically contact Alfred who will send out the Batwing. The upgrade will allow us to boost and glide around the city, extending our gliding distance in the process. The upgrade is needed for other aspects of the game including the Riddler trophies and challenges.

The AR Training mission features both an easy (Training) set of challenges, followed then by an Advanced difficulty set. Bringing our total to 8 challenges altogether.

Usually the training exercises are marked on the map as a ‘W’ symbol. Basically a ‘Wayne’ symbol. Once you have managed to find one we can then try to locate the ‘red Bat-symbol hologram’. These holograms are the starting locations. Interact with them in order to begin.

Video Shows All Of The A.R. Training Challenges


The A.R. Training challenges require Batman to glide through the green coloured checkpoint gates. We can begin gliding by simply jumping off a platform. From there keep the button pressed and hold it, whilst also navigating around the city. For the Playstation version, the gliding button will be the ‘X’ button.

We can remain in the air by performing a Dive Bomb whenever our speed begins to decrease. This can be done by pressing and holding the R2 button (Playstation). As we perform a Dive Bomb our speed will begin to increase once again. Allowing us to then raise higher into the air once again.

Whilst gliding around we can also use the Grapnel ability, which is a story related piece of equipment. Thus unmissable. The Grapnel can also help us remain in the air. We can do this by pressing the ‘R1’ button, again on the Playstation controller.


Challenge #1Industrial District5This one is located over at the Industrial District.

Locate the red Batman hologram and begin the challenge.

The gates will lead down to the pier below the large crane
Challenge #2Industrial District4Make your way over to the North Gotham Dock. The starting hologram is located on the large crane

Start by performing a Dive Bomb and end on the ship or boat below
Challenge #3Industrial District5Claim the first green gate and then proceed to do a Dive Bomb for the next two.

Proceed underneath the bridge, to where the last few gates remain
Challenge #4Industrial District5Grab the first gate as normal and then perform a Dive Bomb to gain speed.

From there raise high into the air to claim the last remaining gates


Advanced Challenge #1Amusement Mile3This one is located on top of the large crane, near the North Docks.

There are 3 gates for this one and they are all tricky to get. So it may take a few attempts.

Make sure to have the Grapnel Boost unlocked first before doing this one.

As soon as the challenge begins proceed and grab the first one. Position yourself ready for the next. Slow and steady

Once positioned for the second gate go ahead and perform a Dive Bomb. Try to avoid the water.

The final gate is under the arch
Advanced Challenge #2Industrial District5We can find our next one on the red ‘Tricorner Naval’ sign.

These gates will direct us into Joker‘s Funland.

Grab the first gate and then perform a Dive Bomb for the next two.

Glide into the rather linear and tight entrance to Joker‘s Fun House.
Advanced Challenge #3Park Row4The starting hologram sits on top of a Gargoyle.

Claim the first gate and then perform a Dive Bomb for the next two.

Ignore the next gate as its behind us and we will risk touching the nearby walls or even the ground. Doing so will result in us having to restart once again

So use what little space we have and make a U-turn. Then head towards the next gate, by The Stacked Deck neon sign.

The final gate is outside the courthouse
Advanced Challenge #4The Bowery4The red starting hologram is on the gargoyles.

Grab the first gate and then proceed with a Dive Bomb. The next gate is to the left, around the conrner

Remain under the glass skylight roof windows. Basically the substation.
The Female Riddler

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