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The side mission Enigma Conundrum is part of the Riddler related section of Batman Arkham City. It can be unlocked after having returned to the Church over in Park Row. Here we will encounter the Riddler character and be told the location to our first hostage.


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Video Shows How To Rescue First Hostage

I Am An Instrument Whose Music Always Comes From The Heart What Am I?

Before the Riddler will give us the location to the first hostage we will need to first solve a riddle. The clue to this riddle is ‘I Am An Instrument Whose Music Always Comes From The Heart What Am I ?’

We cannot leave the church at present, so the answer must be something that is inside of this building. Feel free to look around. The clue seems to relate to an instrument of some kind. So that is what we are looking for.

Once you have successfully managed to solve the riddle we will then be given the location to our first hostage. Who happens to be over at the Solomon Wayne Courthouse


Head to the Solomon Wayne Courtyard and here we will encounter some inmates. Who happen to be members of the Two Face crew. Well, all except one of them anyway.

One of these inmates are highlighted in green. This means that they actually work undercover for the Riddler. So keep that in mind.

Our hostage (M.P.T. Eddie Burlow) is also here. So what we need to do in order to rescue them is to eliminate the inmates. Leave the green highlighted inmate for last. Meaning do not attempt to defeat him. Simply ignore him instead.

Once the other remaining inmates have been dealt with we can then interrogate the ‘green’ individual. Who will tell us where some of Riddler’s secret trophies are being hidden.

We can then proceed and rescue the hostage. As we do so the officer will then give us some rather random numbers, to which Batman will conclude that they must be part of a radio frequency.

Search for the radio frequency (2-7-5, 3-2-5) by using the frequency device.


After solving and rescuing the first hostage we will then be given a strange Enigma device. In order to be able to solve it we need to inspect it. We can find it in the menu and by scrolling across to the Enigma.

Now we will be given a riddle in which we need to solve. The answer to this riddle will be the answer to solving our Enigma Conundrum. Our clue is ‘If you know me, you’ll want to share me but if you share me, I’ll be gone. What am I?’

We can turn the dials around and form different words in order to find the correct one.


Head to the Riddler Hostage marker on the map. Here, in order to gain entry into the building, we will need to find the wall with the green Riddler graffiti on it. Then interact with this section of wall.

Here we will meet up with Riddler once again. He will introduce us to our first challenge room. Which will have an electrified floor.

In order to prevent becoming a fried and electrocuted bat we need to deactivate the electrified floor. We can do this by locating the Riddler question marks on the walls within the room. From there use a Batarang and aim at them.

By doing this the floors will be safe to manoeuver around but only for a brief time, so be quick. Keep using the Batarang on the marks located on the wall. Then ride the lift at the end.

Rescue the hostage and obtain the next frequency code. Which is 6-2-5, 9-2-5.

The Female Riddler

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