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The Enigma Conundrum hostage 2 in Batman Arkham City can be found over in the Amusement Mile district, north east of the map. In order to find this location we will first need to complete enough secrets and then the Enigma device.

The secrets relate to the Riddler trophies and challenges. Of which there is a total of 440 to be completed altogether. As we find and complete more of them, the further we can then advance into Riddler‘s side mission.

We also need to have first managed to rescue the first set of hostages over at the Solomon Courthouse and then in the very first death trap room. After rescuing them we will then get another frequency code to use.


Video Shows The Second Hostage Rescue


After securing enough secrets by finding and solving the numerous Riddler trophies and challenges we will then be given another Enigma device and riddle to solve. The riddle clue this time is; ”The more there is, the less you see. What could I be?’

We can try to solve it by using the different letters on each of the device cogs. One of which should be able to form an actual word of some kind. There is a total of seven words combined, Four on one side of the two cogs and three on the other. Giving us around twelve different possibilities in order to find the correct answer.

Turning The Enigma Cogs


After you have successfully managed to solve the Enigma Device we will get the location to the second hostage. Who will be located over in the Amusement Mile district. South of the church. Locate the wall with the green question mark and enter

Here we will be greeted by a rather intimidating large screen of Mr. Nigma himself. Anyway hop down to the path below and step onto the green panel. We will then locate our hostage, tied up to a chair.

Enigma Conundrum Hostage 2 Puzzle
Our Hostage Is Revealed


The rules for rescuing the Enigma Conundrum hostage 2, who happens to be Officer North, are rather simple and basic. Here we have a total of three open doorways opposite us. One of which has our hostage (M.P.T William North). This hostage will soon be covered by a single barrel, covering him altogether and making it difficult to now locate him. Especially when other, similar and identical, barrels also join the party too! Keep a watchful eye on where our hostage is. What barrel he was hidden under.

When the barrels stop moving around the room in front of us. We will then want to select the correct barrel, the one that our hostage is hidden under. We can select our barrel by using the Batarang and aiming at one of the three available question marks below.

Now we could play it the normal way and believe me I have tried. However, unless I’m just terrible at selecting the correct choice. I was never able to locate the correct one. I’ll admit it is usually one of the two. These two being either in the middle doorway or to the left. I have very rarely come across the hostage being located to the right.

There is a quick trick to this mini game however. Should you feel yourself struggling a bit. The trick is to activate the detective mode as soon as you step onto the green panel. Here we can then watch the Mr. William North being moved about and actually placed into a different barrel. Sneaky and yes the Riddler does seem to be cheating.


After selecting the correct barrel, the Riddler will be shocked by our success. He knew he was cheating so I guess the surprise is warranted. Anyway switch over to the Line Launcher and hop over to the doorways and speak with William North, who will give us our next frequency code.

Rescuing Officer North

The frequency this time is 8, 6, 0, and 1, 2, 0. Find the correct frequency to get our next Enigma Device riddle.


Our next riddle for the Enigma Device is the following ‘I have a head, a tail, but never any legs. Do you know what I am?

I Have A Head, A Tail, But Never Any Legs. Do You Know What I Am?
I Have A Head, A Tail, But Never Any Legs. Do You Know What I Am?

Again we have two cogs that are part of the Enigma Device and both of which we can, of course, turn. By now all of this is self explanatory. However, this time there are fourth potential words on each of the two cogs. Giving us a total of sixteen possible words that we can make this time around. Only one of which will actually be the word that we are looking for.

This will complete the Enigma Conundrum hostage 2 side mission

The Female Riddler

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