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Riddlers Revenge is one of the many available side missions within Batman Arkham Knight. It also includes the What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection riddle, and is one of the more earlier ones that can be unlocked. However, some of the mission requires you to have completed and advanced a bit more in the story. The more of the story you complete the more of the mission we can undertake. The reasoning behind this is because we need all of the three islands unlocked first. All of which are story related.

We first unlock the side mission as part of the main story and after visiting the ACE Chemicals building. Here Edward Nigma (who is also alternatively known as Edward Nygma, Nashton and more importantly, the Riddler) will appear on the big screen and announce that he has managed to capture Catwoman. He mainly does this to lure Batman into taking part in his mission to rescue Selina Kyle (Catwoman). This then takes us to the Orphanage.


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After Edward appears on the big screen and we get notified about Selina Kyle getting captured, our main objective then is to go and visit the Orphanage. Which is over at Miagani Island.

Whilst at the Orphanage entrance we will notice that there are a few members of Riddler‘s gang. One of whom appears to be highlighted in green. This is important as this means that we can interrogate them.

By interrogating these highlighted members we can unlock secrets regarding the locations of Riddler’s trophies and riddles. This is not part of rescuing Catwoman exactly. However, if you plan to 100% the game then you will want to take advantage of these opportunities.

Riddler Announces The ‘Catnapping’ of Catwoman


Enter the orphanage building, which is actually known as the ‘Pinkney Orphanage’. Here we will find Catwoman tied and blind folded to a chair. Proceed and help her out. This will trigger another scene involving the Riddler

Batman Unties The Captured Catwoman

After untying the cat Edward will then appear and send his new creations, the Riddlerbots, onto both Batman and Catwoman. This triggers a fight against them. We will also be able to control and play as Selina for the first time in Batman Arkham Knight.

Defeat the Riddlerbots and the Riddler will, once again, appear and this time he will mention that Catwoman has an explosive collar around her neck. This then prompts us to complete more of his trials.

If you keep speaking to Selina we will be informed that she was tricked by Edward before her capture. That he had a job for her. Her character tape (that can be unlocked later, technically it is a series of tapes that include both Catwoman and the Riddler) also hints at this too.


To begin this one we will need to drive into the garage that has been painted with various green graffiti. This garage is actually an elevator lift. Once inside we will get another scene with the Riddler. These scenes are actually mainly used to hide the loading screens.

A ‘Riddler Themed’ Garage Elevator


Once inside feel free to listen to Edward, this is optional. He mainly just talks in a way to express his egotistical side. So its kind of a waste of time. We get nothing for it, no rewards or trophies. Just additional extra dialogue. So counter this by pressing the ‘O circle’ button on the controller. Depending on what platform you are playing on. This will then raise the ‘Riddler Bloackade’

Here Edward will explain what this specific task requires us to do. Its basically a race track with a time limit. Complete three laps of the course, all within the time limit, to complete it and move on.

A lot of the race course will feature various ‘Riddler Blockades’, use them to navigate through the track. We can further increase our overall speed by hitting the accelerate option, which is the ‘Triangle’ button or whatever is equivalent. Depending on your chosen platform. (Afterburner)

After successfully completing the racing circuit, Riddler will then tell us to ‘step on the pressure pad beside him’. In doing so this will unlock a new puzzle. Here we have several red circles and a single green panel.

The panels themselves actually represent the room in which Selina Kyle is currently trapped in, back at the orphanage. They also represent the different keys within the room.

Now we want to avoid the ‘red panels’ and locate the green panel key back in the orphanage, using this panel that can be seen from Batman‘s perspective. Locate the correct key and this will decrease the amount of ‘so-called lives’ on Catwoman’s collar.


Heading to Chinatown for our next one. This trial will be the start of our puzzle solving related challenges. Yes, not all of them require racing around circuits. This one will also involve switching between both the Batmobile and the Dark Knight himself. Failing to realise this will trigger an additional bit of dialogue from the Riddler. Despite his apparent arrogance he does give hints and tips as to how to solve the issue at hand.

For example, one of his dialogue comments refers to ‘On balance I don’t think you’re going to figure this out’. Which essentially means that you will need to use the wooden balancing structure. Notice that this same structure also has one of those ‘Riddler Blockades’ attached to it? We first encountered these back at the first race course in Cauldron Trainyard.

The Wooden ‘Balancing’ Structure. PLUS Blockade


Use the blockade to hold the wooden balancing structure in place, so that we can navigate up and to the next platform. Now I would recommend that you exit the vehicle, if you have not yet already done so. For this bit we can use the Batmobile remotely by accessing the tools cycle view (R1)

As Batman simply head to the much smaller green panel that is next to the wooden balancing beam. This will allow us to interact with the large red and green blockades in order to form a path for the Batmobile to ride along.

Here there will be yet another wooden balancing beam. The same method to solving it applies as it too has blockades attached to it. Try to raise it as high as you can.

You mainly want to use the Afterburner in order to ride along the wooden beam and quickly use the blockade to form your next path opposite. Mind the gap!

Landing The Jump

Once on the other side use the Batmobile to power up the winch and it will slowly lower the lift platform and provide power to the room.


Report back to the orphanage. Now before we can attempt the Numeracy 101 challenge, the Riddler will give us a quick riddle to solve. Our riddle is What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection?

Now looking around the room there appears to be several question marks on the entrance to Catwoman’s location. Just below it is an actual mirror, with a strange symbol on it. Whilst just above it there is a small light. All of this will come in useful in order to solve our current situation.

What Kind Of Question Can Only Be Asked Upon Reflection
What Kind Of Question Can Only Be Asked Upon Reflection


In order to be able to solve the What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection riddle, our big hints and clues are both question and reflection

The question refers to something that is always mostly seen at the end of an actual given question. In this case, the room is full of green ‘question marks’. Meaning we need to solve a question mark related puzzle. There is a large one on the ground below.

Whilst the reflection relates to something having been reflected. There is only one object within this room that is capable of that. Coincidentally enough it is also connect to the large ‘unfinished’ question mark. Here we will have a mirror.


Now the much smaller question marks which are located on the gate opposite can actually turn this mirror for us. So either aim at them using a Batarang or simply interact with them. Your choice as it does not matter.

So we have a way of turning this mirror and we now know we have to complete the large question mark, which is located on the mirror. However, what we are missing is the ‘dot’. The ‘mark’.

So the last part of the What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection riddle is to find the ‘dot’, which is actually just above us. It is the spotlight. The only object in the room that can be seen on the mirror. Thus the only actual reflection.

Solve the ‘unfinished’ question mark and then align the spotlight with the mirror. If done correctly this will complete the What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection riddle


The What kind of question can only be asked upon reflection puzzle is one of two instances where Riddler will give you the answer automatically. We can use this alternative method if we are either stuck still or rushing for time. In order to get the answer to this riddle automatically, simply attempt to leave the room and exit the building. Edward will simply reply with ‘I see what you’re trying to do! You’re testing my patience, aren’t you! Trying to drive me insane as I watch you ‘struggle’ with that riddle. Well, ha, Batman! Ha! I’ve made it easy. Now all you have to do is stand in the right place, and scan!’. The puzzle will then automatically move and align currently. So do as he says and scan it. Simple!

Moving on we can then go and speak with Catwoman before embarking on through the green door, and to our ‘Numeracy’ test.


Start by placing both characters on to their respectful panels. With the Dark Knight on the blue and Selina on the pink. Now we will be given a series of either blue or pink coloured question marks (depending on which perspective you are currently in). We will also be given a series of different numbers too. All of which are connected to the puzzle.

These numbers represent which question mark you want to aim towards, by either using a Batarang or Catwoman’s whip. Notice that these characters have their own colours?. Their panels are a dead give away.

Numeracy 101 Puzzle

Ultimately you will want to swap between both Selina and Batman in order to learn the correct number order. As Riddler mentions ‘I do hope you two are getting along, because you’ll need to work together if you want the key hidden in here’. The numbers themselves are random.

Anyway once you have it solved you can prepare yourself for another wave of Riddlerbots. Then grab the key from the cabinet in the room, this will further decrease the number on Selina’s collar.


Head to the Elliot Memorial Hospital, which is located over in Bristol. Miagani Island. Time for another race course!

There is nothing too special about this particular race course. Just remember to use the ‘Riddler Blockades’ to your advantage. There will also be sections where these said blockades will be controlled by Edward, thus they are automatic. Getting caught by one will explode the vehicle. Do not worry though, unless the timer runs out we will not have to restart the race. Just get used to these automatic blockades as we will be seeing more of them later.

With the race over with, we will then need to use the red and green panels once again in order to locate the correct key.


Our next destination is over in Kingston. Miagani Island. Here we will have a puzzle to solve, a lot of which will involve both gliding around the room and activating a series of green panels.

The Gotham Casino Trial

In order to solve this one we will need to make use of the Batmobile and, once again, listen to the Riddler’s esoteric advice. A few of his hints for this one include; ‘Stumped, Dark Knight? I can see your brain FLYING through the possibilities’ and ‘Come now, Dark Knight don’t force me to EJECT you from the chamber’

So going by his advice we will need to basically eject ourselves from the Batmobile and glide around the room (Batman cannot essentially fly but he does take advantage of using height). To which, even Edward himself, admits to – ‘Bats: the only mammals capable of flight! Since all you do is glide, you’re actually a variety of squirrel’.


So, long story short, use the Batmobile and the Afterburner ability to drive as fast as possible, starting at the elevator door. From there eject into the air and glide towards the green panels. There is a total of three green panels altogether. One of which is located directly opposite, whilst the remaining two are located around the corner. In order to reach the latter two, we must begin by activating the first.

The last panel is just beyond a death trap corridor. Try not to touch the sides otherwise we will need to retry it once again. Do not worry, by ‘retry’, I simply mean having to redo the section we are currently on. Not the entire challenge.


Alternatively, this is the second instance where Eddie will give us a free pass. The first was back at the orphanage. Simply wait it out and eventually the image and screen on the wall will change. From there simply interact with the switch on the wall. You gain nothing special either way, the trial can be completed both ways. Either by doing it the ‘normal and proper way’ or by admitting to ‘defeat’. But you do have to admit that Riddler is the best! That you were outmatched! You came to a Riddler fandom site, what do you expect? ‘Now there’s no shame in being stuck. The shame lies in thinking you could beat me in the first place’. – Riddler.

Give Up Batman?

After completing the trial by whichever method you ended up going with, there will then be another green and red panel to solve. Find and locate the correct key to progress on once again.

NOTE: In order to ‘eject’ from the Batmobile, simply perform a move known as ‘Eject into Glide’ by double tapping the ‘X’ cross button. Whichever corresponds to that in your chosen platform.


Return back to the Pinkney Orphanage and there will be another green door waiting for us. As the Riddler mentions our task is to ‘guide an electrical charge to its destination’.

In order to be able to do that we can use the three green panels on the floor. These panels will both raise and lower the tubes in which the electrical charge rides through. To give a hint as to how to both lower and raise these tubes, Batman will mention ‘The counter-weights move further when I step on the pads’. Which essentially means that the Dark Knight will be used to raise the tubes. On the other hand, Selina will be the opposite, she will lower them. Sometimes both characters will need to stand on the same panel together. This mainly comes into play when one of the tubes needs to be raised to the very top of the structure. Giving it full and maximum height.

Intro to Physics

Keep a close eye on the electrical charge as you guide it. Try to get your timing correct. However, if you manage to misjudge your actions for whatever reason, then we can restart.

To begin all you need to do is trigger the question mark switch on the wall. The same method applies if you need to restart too.

Complete the task and we will be forced to fight a bunch of Riddlerbots. This time they will have their own assigned colours, either blue or orange. Now this is important as they will be immune to damage if you do not tackle them correctly. For example, attacking the blue Riddlerbots whilst using Catwoman will be a pointless effort.


Our next Riddlers Revenge Challenge takes us to the Divinity Church. Here we will be hanging ‘like a particularly ugly chandelier’. Basically this is a drain full of water. Well, it was until Edward managed to ‘drain’ some of it. This is basically the whole key to solving this one. We need to constantly drain away the water until there no longer is any. As said, thanks to the Riddler, some of the water has been drained but it is not enough.

Another clue to this one is when Riddler mentions ‘What do bats do when they are at home?’ The answer is ‘flying around in circles’. Essentially forming what is called ‘swarming’.


Our task is to use the Batmobile and cling to the sides of this large drain. We can do this by attaching the winch and slowly lowering ourselves down. From there we can turn the drain around. This is when the ‘swarming’ part of the riddle comes into play. As we begin to turn the drain around, using the directional pad on the controller, there will be various spikes that we should try to avoid in the process. Continue to turn the drain and we will come across a conveniently placed green marker. Which mentions the word ‘Reserved’. Now keep in mind that when you see a large car park there might be quite a few spots that are essentially ‘Reserved’. It is used for when a vehicle is expected to park there. So look for the ‘Reserved’ markings throughout this particular challenge.

The Drain Game

When you manage to find one, stop and look around, with the various different camera angles. On the opposite side of this drain there should be a section that we can either glide into or a wall that we can essentially destroy. Remember, if you locate a breakable wall, the Batmobile can solve this issue for us.

We need to repeat this process a total of three times, using all three available winches. These are also numbered too, so make sure to do them all in the correct order.


At the final section, Edward, the Riddler, will try to trap us inside by using two sentry gunners. Now we can keep running towards them but that will likely be pointless. We can also try to disable them but it only works on one at a time, leaving the second one open to attack still. So the only way to remedy this is to switch to the remote Batmobile. Have the vehicle eliminate our ‘little robot problem’ for us.

A Convenient ‘Reserved’ Sign

Solve and remove the remaining water. From there we can try to locate the correct key by using the panel once again. If you manage to explode ‘Miss Kitty’ we can simply try to work out where the correct key is once again. No need to redo anything too ‘time consuming’.

At this point the collar on Catwoman will be in the ‘two digits’. Meaning that there are only ‘two’ more challenges left. Managing to get this far also unlocks the Death By Design trophy achievement.


Return back to the Orphanage and meet up with Selina. It is time to play with yet more ‘deathtraps’. Anyway once Eddie has finished with his ‘egotistical speech’. the nearby green panel will light up. I advise you to step on it, using Batman. We need Selina to do another simple, but necessary task.

As Batman stands ‘proudful’ on the glorious green panel we now need to switch over to Miss. Kyle. As a ‘cat’ she has the ability to cling on to various different ceilings. Including the one that leads from this starting area and into the adjacent room. This is where her puzzle begins. The only way to get this adjacent room open for her to climb through is by activating the green panel, which Batman is currently guarding.

Advanced Deathtraps Riddler's Revenge
A Secret Path Is Revealed


Right onto the actual puzzle itself. Opposite both the Caped Crusader and Catwoman will be a strange board with a giant question mark on it. Our hints from the great one, this time, are the following; ‘Riddle me this: can a MAZE still amaze if it doesn’t have walls?’ and ‘Stuck, you two? When the answer strikes you it’ll be like a cartoon lightbulb flashing above your heard’.

What these two major hints relate to is that we will now be navigating around a maze, though, as said, it doesn’t have any walls. Instead the maze represents a grid on the floor. However, we will still need to navigate it in a somewhat similar fashion. As for the lightbulb reference. If you take a closer look at the board opposite both Miss. Kyle and Batman there will be several lightbulbs featured on it. One of which has already been lit up.

Now before you go running into it like a complete ‘moron’, there is an extra twist to Eddie’s game. This being that the boards in front of each character represents the action that is to be taken by the opposite ‘player’. Meaning that the set of lightbulbs opposite the ‘cat’ are intended for the ‘flying rodent’ and visa versa.


Halfway across the grid and this same board will start rotating. The same method to solving it applies but the trick is to work it all out whilst it continues to rotate.

Such A Distraction (I Meant The Lightbulbs)

If you happen to find yourself on an incorrect tile then you will be electrified. Taking damage in the process. Try to avoid that and head towards the destination, as directed by the picturesque lightbulb puzzle board.

Once both characters have managed to solve their share of the maze then there will be more Riddlerbots to deal with. Before then collecting the next key.


Welcome to the rather brutal and yet somewhat entertaining racing circuit. This one managed to stop me in my tracks for a few hours. Well, I mostly blame the adorable green distraction that appears on a number of large screens. Still I guess the course itself can still prove to be a bit tricky. I mean we have several sharp spiked objects, alongside yet more blockades. Plus a lovely sliding wall. Yikes!

There is not too much going for this one, in truth. Just try to avoid these aforenamed obstacles as best as possible. We can still interact with some of the blockades. Most notably the red coloured spikes. Though it might not be too evident to begin with. Some of the green blockades can be moved too, especially at the start of the course. However, once you reach the third and final lap then Edward will regain control of them. Thus all of the green blockades will be running automatically and cannot be tampered with.

Behold Your Doom!


As for the long wall in the middle of the race course. This needs to be tackled strategically. The problem with this wall is that its wet, it has water running down it and into the pool section below. So take caution. Do not go too fast so that you end up slipping out of control and off the ‘racing track’. Same applies if you go too slow too. Going at a somewhat ‘normal speed’ should be sufficient.

During this particular circuit the various obstacles can also change. It is not random but their location and which blockade they get replaced with will change as each lap has been successfully completed.

If you fail to complete the circuit and all three laps within the given time limit then do not worry too much. Just simply drive back to the start and retry the same lap once again. If you try to use the ‘Reset’ option in the main menu then you will be sacrificing all of your progress and be teleported back to the very first lap. Ultimately it is up to you how you want to proceed.

After having completed the racing circuit we can once again attempt to select the correct key for Catwoman. This will be the final time in doing so. From there proceed and ride the elevator back up and out. Here we will also be told the very reason why I dislike Batman, as a character. He is essentially a bully.

For completing this one for the first time we will be rewarded with the ‘Lethal Pursuits’ trophy achievement.


Before we can begin this one we first need to make sure that we are prepared. By this I mean we need to have acquired the ‘Remote Electrical Charge’. Which can be collected over at the GCPD Evidence Room. Locate the ‘Batman Display Case’ and destroy it. The ‘Remote Electrical Charge’ is the only piece of evidence in his display case.

With that now having been acquired we can proceed back to the orphanage. To meet up with Selina once again. Then proceed through the green door marked ‘Final Exam’. This is the final trail within the Riddlers Revenge challenge side mission. Here we will also locate the cabinet that holds the final key. Un.. never mind it cannot be used right now.

Proceeding on and into the next room, where we will face our final puzzle. The Riddle Square!

Meet… the Riddle Square!


Here we have a rather large grid that is centered in the middle of the room. This grid has been designed with numerous green panels, all sporting the infamous question mark symbol. Also on this grid we have a strange electrical beam, that appears to be coming from the ceiling. Around the outside of this grid are little electrical devices, this is where the Remote Electrical Charge comes into play.

Now trying to reach the grid as Batman will led us nowhere, instead we will be met with a series of black bars. To which Riddler will also inform us about ‘Riddle Me This: how can you play my game when you’ve already been barred?’ Despite not being able to access the grid as the Dark Knight, the same cannot be said about Miss. Kyle.

In order to actually solve this one we will need to, once again, switch between both Catwoman and Batman. With the former being used to stop the green panels. She can do this by sitting on them. Whilst Batman can use the Remote Electrical Charge.


Now the section underneath the grid is actually made of electricity. This is evident if you choose to look into any of the empty slots within the grid. Falling into one of these sections will also result in having taken damage. The electrical devices can push these grid panels around in all kinds of different directions, left, right, up, and even down. Of course they do require the Remote Electrical Charge, which only Batman can use.

The end result requires us to draw power to the electrical beams. So move the green panels and use Selina until these beams fit an empty slot. Once done correctly Edward will then trigger the rotating saw blades. Which may be fun to watch but they can cut a kitty to shreds. So to avoid those simply jump to the ceiling until they come to a stop.

‘Cat’ Plays With Electrical Beam


After successfully managing to solve the Riddle Square and claiming the final key, Catwoman will now be free of her explosive collar. However, as you then try to exit the orphanage you will be met with a very frustrated ‘green boy’.

The Riddler will appear in a rather stylish mechanical machine that can fire green lasers. These lasers come at you quick and hard. Though, they can also be just as quickly avoided too. The same cannot be said about the number of Riddlerbots that appear, each one sporting their own colours. By now we should know how to handle them. With the blue bots being a preference towards the Dark Knight.

Its a simple fight in all honesty. Though that is mostly due to the fact that it is also not the final encounter against him. Instead this particular combat fight simply serves as the ending to having successfully managed to rescue Catwoman. It is not the complete ending to the entire ‘Riddlers Revenge’ side mission as a whole.

In order to get a ‘rematch’ with Eddie and complete his side mission once and for all, we are going to need to collect all of his trophies and solve all of his riddles. All 243 of them that are scattered throughout the city. Only then can ‘justice’ be served.


All 243 Riddler Related Trophies (Challenges)

This completes the Riddlers Revenge side mission in Batman Arkham Knight

The Female Riddler

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