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Where to find the Riddler trophy and collectibles in the Stagg Airship found in Batman Arkham Knight. There are also two airships here that we will need to cross over if we plan on getting them all!


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A Video That Shows The Locations To All Of The Riddler Collectibles Within Stagg Airships

FIRST GRID – Riddler Trophy Stagg Airship

Stagg Airship AlphaRiddler Trophy #1Penguin Thugs (Character Showcase)

For this one we will need to enter a small side room and equip the Remote Hacking Device (Bamboo). This will reveal a set of monkey cages. Use the Batarang on the Riddler mechanism logo twice. Once to move the monkey to the left and onto the green panel. A second time to locked the cage door and order it to stay put. That is one panel sorted.However, there is a second green panel here. So with that said, once again use the Batarang. We need to chase the monkey onto this second green panel.Once done we can then collect our trophy. Which is sitting waiting for us next to this set of cages.

x5 DestructibleThe destructible objects within Stagg’s Airships are basically boxes of insects that you may come across during your exploration. The ‘ingredients of fear’. To destroy them you will need to punch or use any means of attack. Including the Batclaw
Stagg Airship BetaRiddler Trophy #2Gotham Skyline (Concept Art)We can find this one inside one of the subject testing cells. Interact with the nearby computer to register it as Stagg’s fingerprints. By doing this the cells will unlock and open.
Stagg Airship BetaRiddler Trophy #3Primates (Character Showcase)Head to the lower ground and we will discover another location where we can use our Remote Hacking Device (Primates). Use the Batarang to play around with the cages and order the monkeys to stand on the green panels.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Cargo Hold)Riddler Trophy #4Sick Joker (Character Showcase)

This next Riddler Trophy is located in the compartment below. To get there we will need to use the Voice Synthesizer on the nearby door, labelled 02. From there use the Remote Hacking Device to eliminate the nearby sentry threat. Then, once ready, go ahead and interact with the Airship Stability Controls. Okay now return to the previous room and we will see a bunch of cargo boxes below. We need to remove some of these in order to gain access to a vent that goes even further below. Clear a path and then use this vent.

This said vent also leads to the Riddler Trophy.
Stagg Airship BetaRiddler Trophy #5Cloudburst Chamber (Concept Art)

Here we will come across two Sentry Gunners, use the Voice Synthesizer on the gate opposite them. Then tilt the Airship, this should then dispose of our nearby enemy threat.Once the threat has been dealt with remember to title the Airship once again to get the cargo box back inside and out of our path.Follow the path and head to the right in order to find a green panel. Stand on this panel and equip the Remote Controlled Batarang. Aim it towards the other Airship. Aim it at the light up Riddler symbol on the far right.(Note: If the airlock door is still closed there is a button nearby that can solve this issue)

Stagg Airship Alpha (Foyer)Riddler Trophy #6Surveying His Domain (Concept Art)

Head to the Foyer and use the vent to get below. Here tilt the Airship so that we can pass the following barricade.Down here we will see several cargo containers and just behind another vent is our trophy. Move these boxes to the far right by tilting the Airship.

Stagg Airship Alpha (Cargo Hold)Riddler Trophy #7Swat Van (Character Showcase)Head through the 02 door that we unlocked previously, during the ‘Riddler Trophy #4’. Then grapple up to a vent above.

In this next room we will want to equip the Line Launcher and perform a zipline to the other side. From there grapple up to the next vent above.
The trophy is then just above us, on a small platform.
Stagg Airship BetaNeed something moved quickly, in a freezer? This company’s owned by a cockney geezer!Prodigal (City Story)Scan the whiteboard. It will have a note on it stating ‘You Name It, We’ll Freeze it’


Stagg Airship AlphaRiddler Trophy #8Oracle’s Hideout (Concept Art)Head through the open doorway and follow the path to the right. Our next trophy is located at the end of this path. Should be an easy one to spot.
x10 DestructibleBack to hunting down yet more ‘ingredients of fear’ insect crates. These are marked on the map as ‘Breakable Objects’
Stagg Airship Beta (Subject Testing)Riddler Trophy #9North Refrigeration Truck (Character Showcase)Head into the ominous green room and you should notice some crate boxes above. Get out your Remote Hacking Device and turn the cargo box on the right green, unlocked. Proceed to tilt the airship left so that these boxes now join up with the rest.

Head inside now and grapple up to the very top. Up here unlock the remaining cargo boxes, of which there should be two of them.
Tilt the airship to the left so that all of the cargo boxes slide in that direction and as a group. Then lock the nearest cargo box but leave the rest alone. Tilt the airship slightly once again so that one single cargo boxes loses the pack. We do this so that we can gain access to the vent below.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Foyer)Riddler Trophy #10Penguin Brutes (Character Showcase)Head to the Foyer and grapple on up to the top platform. Here we should be able to see our Riddler Trophy. It is currently behind a gate. To solve this issue out simply switch to the Remote Hacking Device (Friction)
Stagg Airship Beta (Biological Engineering)A bragging reporter’s worse than a narc, but perhaps the assassin has found his mark?Cheap Shot (City Story)There is a magazine in the Biological Engineering room. It sits on one of the tables. (GC Style). It shows a picture of Jack Ryder.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Foyer)Riddler Trophy #11Bat’s Eye View (Concept Art)For this one we will need to tilt the airship so that we can get to the gate above. From there go ahead and use the Remote Electrical Charge. Grapple inside and take your prize.
Stagg Airship Beta (Biological Engineering)Riddler Trophy #12Simon Stagg (Character Showcase)Here we see yet another trophy hiding behind a locked gate. Equip the Voice Synthesizer and use it to gain access to the trophy and our next reward!
Stagg Airship Alpha (Cargo Hold)Riddler Trophy #13Pinkney Orphanage (Concept Art)Grapple up towards the three large containers and we will find some green Riddler marks. Switch to the Batarang and aim at all three of these marks. Then use the Batclaw to claim your next prize.
Stagg Airship Beta (Biological Engineering)Riddler Trophy #14Stagg Airships (Concept Art)Open the vent panel and follow it to a lovely green room. From there equip the Remote Electrical Charge and use it on all three of the electrical mechanisms. This will release the trophy.


Stagg Airship Alpha (Cargo Hold)Riddler Trophy #15Lucius Fox (Character Showcase)Head through the open doorway of the Cargo Hold and equip the Explosive Gel. Destroy the ceiling. Tilt the airship to the right and a large cargo box should come falling. Use this cargo box to destroy the large glass pane that blocks our access to the nearby trophy.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Cargo Hold)Riddler Trophy #16BOA Sentry Drone (Character Showcase)Use the vents to reach lower ground. Down here there will be a green panel, go ahead and stand on it. Switch over to the Remote Batarang and guide it towards the large green ‘Riddler mark’
Stagg Airship Beta (Subject Testing)Riddler Trophy #17Deceased Scientists (Character Showcase)This trophy is locked inside one of the cargo boxes. Simply tilt the airship and the cargo box should go flying out of the airship. Yes, we now need to glide and go after it. Surprisingly it will have landed on a platform, rather than the vast ocean. Hmm.
x15 DestructibleWe now get to destroy the remaining insect crates. These are all marked on the map as ‘Breakable Object’. There is no particular order.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Foyer)Riddler Trophy #18Observation Deck (Concept Art)Equip the Remote Hacking Device (Gradient) and the large ball that was once stuck inside a box will actually move. Our goal now is to tilt the airship and get it to roll towards us. It has our trophy inside.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Research Laboratory)No Dark Knight, Stagg’s pet is no figment, it’s just lacking the usual pigment. Lab Rat (City Story) This riddle has us flying through breakable window panes. Inside this next room is a monkey behind bars.
Stagg Airship Alpha (Research Laboratory)Riddler Trophy #19Human Testing (Concept Art)Equip and use the Remote Hacking Device (Simian). Now we need to use the Batarang and the ‘Riddler mark’ to order the caged monkeys onto the green panels.
Stagg Airship Beta (Biological Engineering)Riddler Trophy #20Ace Chemicals Factory (Concept Art)For this one we will need to use the Freeze Blast (it can be acquired back at the Panessa Studios)
Stagg Airship Beta (Biological Engineering)Riddler Trophy #21Batwing (Character Showcase)In the Biological Engineering room there will be a set of locked shutters. Use the Remote Hacking Device (Chimpanzee)

It is time to order the monkeys to stand on the panels once again. Remember to use the Batarang in order to do this.
The Female Riddler

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