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Where to find all of the various Panessa Studios Riddler trophies and riddles within Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight has many optional side quests and missions to complete. Some of which are tied to the story and will not unlock until you have managed to progress to a certain point.

However, by far the longest side mission is connected to the genius character, the Riddler. One of my personal favourites. After completing a series of challenges that involve trying to rescue Catwoman we will then be tasked with tracking down various Riddler trophies and completing other related challenges.

There is a total of 243 Riddles to be solved within Batman Arkham Knight. Quite a lot in truth. Only after completing and solving them do we get the true final showdown with the Riddler.

Remember an easy way to get these riddles marked on the map is to go and interrogate any thug you see that is highlighted in green. You can interrogate them by eliminating the other remaining thugs in the area first before attempting the interrogation.


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Video Shows The Locations To All Of The Riddler Collectibles Within The Panessa Studios



Stage BRiddler Trophy #1Mini-Gun Brutes (Character Showcase)Head to Stage B and grapple up to the vents above. Equip the Line Launcher and perform a tightrope. Use the Freeze Blast on the pipes up here and grapple on up. Once you are up top find and drop down the next ledge, it will lead you to the trophy.
Stage BRiddler Trophy #2Haunted House Set (Concept Art)Head through the open vent and use the Freeze Blast on the pipes. This will then reveal a ball with our trophy inside. Now every time we use the Freeze Blast it will blow energy, enough to keep this ball rolling. So keep supplying the rolling ball with its necessary Freeze Blasts and get it to land on the ground, close enough for us to go and collect it.
Stage AA visual artist with burning ambition; prove he made movies before his ignitionBurn Notice (City Story)Head to Stage A and immediately head through the following doors on the right. Scan the Inferno poster and framed picture.
x15 DestructibleThroughout Panessa Studios there will be these strange Jack-In-The Boxes. They apparently belong to Harley Quinn. We need to destroy them. Use your Batarang to quickly dispose of them.
Stage BRiddler Trophy #3Bruce Wayne’s Office (Concept Art)This one seems to be stuck in a rather large fan. Equip the Remote Hacking Device and unlock the mechanism screen above (Impeller). This will then stop the fan and make it safe for us to collect the trophy.
Stage BRiddler Trophy #4Python Drone (Character Showcase)Head through the vents below and use the Disruptor on the mines here. Then proceed to run and slide under the wall and to the next trophy. (Note: This will require the ‘Disruptor – Sabotage Mine’ upgrade)
Stage CRiddler Trophy #5Jason Todd (Character Showcase)Head to the game show area over in Stage C. There will be a slot machine in the corner and a trophy on the ground in front of it. Equip the Remote Hacking Device. We need all four to represent the symbol of a ‘heart’. Colour does not matter
Stage CRiddler Trophy #6Johnny Charisma (Character Showcase)

Take to the stage over in Stage C for this next one. Then interact with the stage panel in order for Riddler to appear on screen.From there equip the Remote Electrical Charge and the order in which you are looking for is Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

The second set is as follows; Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red.

The third set is as follows; Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green,
Quarantine CellsRiddler Trophy #7Robin (Character Showcase)

This trophy is locked behind a closed shutter. Get out your Remote Batarang and aim it at the electrical board in the Quarantine Cells. Just above the computer terminal.

Once you have successfully electrified the Batarang, you will then need to guide it through the window panes of the nearby window up here. This is the room that is behind that closed shutter.

By sending the Batarang into this room you should be able to find an electrical box, fry it and the shutters will hopefully open. Grab your reward inside.


Riddler Trophy #8Evacuation (Concept Art)Stand on the green panel and then switch to the Remote Controlled Batarang. Guide it through the vent and to the ‘Riddler mark’ at the end. We have to do this three times. The first two times needs to be aimed at the ‘Riddler marks’. Whilst the final time sees the Batarang being guided through a small room and into a small fuse box.
BackstageRiddler Trophy #9Militia Radar (Character Showcase)Here we have our next Riddler Trophy that has been hidden behind a closed gate. To remedy this issue, simply switch to the Remote Electrical Charge. Use it to open the gate. Okay we should now be inside the room. However, we are not yet done.

Now equip the Line Launcher and use it to reach the next green panel. Now use the Line Launcher once again but this time we want to head down the next hallway here. So quickly turn direction and we will find our third green panel.
We can now collect our trophy.
Stage ARiddler Trophy #10Movie Sets (Concept Art)Grapple on up to the top of the set, here there will be several enemy turrets for us to deal with. Use the Remote Hacking Device. Disarm the other turret manually. Then disarm the other one. When both turrets have been dealt with we can then go and collect our reward.
Quarantine CellsRiddler Trophy #11Quarantine Cells (Concept Art)Head into the side room that we unlocked earlier (Riddler Trophy #7). Here we will have several screens, all of which display the ‘Riddler mark’. Switch to the Batarang.

Aim the Batarang at these ‘Riddler marks’, working from the bottom left and heading counter-clockwise.
Stage CRiddler Trophy #12Henry Adams (Character Showcase)

Head to Stage C and the trophy can be found on the table. However, we cannot take it just yet. So with that being said make your way through the nearby open vent. Equip the Remote Controlled Batarang.

Guide the Batarang through this vent and into the ‘Riddler mark’ on the wall. Close to the ceiling.

BackstageRiddler Trophy #13Taxi (Character Showcase)Near the wall of the backstage area there is a creepy looking robot with green eyes. Use the Batclaw and pull its top compartment in order to reveal our trophy reward.
Stage BRiddler Trophy #14Brutes (Character Showcase)Head through the open vent and into the next following room. Stand on the green panel. Equip the Remote Controlled Batarang and aim it through the next open vent to the left. Target the large green mark.
Quarantine CellsYou? A father figure? Don’t make me laugh. You overwork and break your staff.Office Romance (City Story)Scan the damaged and broken staff by one of the holding cells.


BackstageRiddler Trophy #15Harley Quinn (Character Showcase)

Equip and use the Freeze Blast on the steaming pipe. Grapple up to the top and you will find your trophy. In order to unlock it however, you will need to then equip the Disruptor and sabotage the weapons crate below.

Switch to the Voice Synthesizer and order the Riddlerbot to inspect the weapons crate. It will then explode and the trophy will then be accessible.

BackstageRiddler Trophy #16Young Joker (Character Showcase)Head to the large statue monument in the backstage area. Switch to the Remote Electrical Charge and use it to activate this platform. We need this platform to be pointing towards Stage B.

From there switch to the Batarang and aim it at the green marker or ‘Riddler mark’. This will change the direction in which the platform will then turn in.
Use the Remote Electrical Charge to once again move the platform around. Stop it at Stage A. Again repeat the same process.
This time we need the platform to stop at Stage C.
Stage ARiddler Trophy #17Albert King (Character Showcase)Head into the room on the right to find a wall of coloured panels and switches. Remember them. Exit the room now and enter the room opposite. Stand on the green panel.

These question or ‘Riddler marks’ need to represent the coloured switches from the previous room. If you are having difficulties then the answer is; Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
BackstageShe and her love are no longer together, she’ll keep the flames burning forever and ever.Power Play (City Story)Our riddle is locked behind a closed gate. Switch to the Voice Synthesizer and unlock it. Scan the emotional statue. Poor Harley..
BackstageRiddler Trophy #18Riddler Robot (Concept Art)Just before you exit the backstage area there will be a hidden door, near the exit. This room will have several Riddlerbots in it. Switch to the Voice Synthesizer.

This one is a timed challenge. We will have less than 5 seconds in which to defeat all of these Riddlerbots. From there return to the previous room and collect the trophy.
BackstageRiddler Trophy #19Panessa Studios (Concept Art)Our next trophy is locked behind a closed gate. Near the Stage C doors. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to open the shutters.

Now we have quite a few electrical charge mechanisms and each one has a particular order to follow. They represent each picture or poster. They connect to the circle of life.

So with that being said the correct order is as follows; Baby, toddler, the Riddling Fun (teenager), Completely Mystified (graduate), A Stranger Out Of Answers (business man), Old age man, grave stone (death)
Stage BRiddler Trophy #20Christina Bell (Character Showcase)Grapple on up to a platform above. Here there will be another Riddler challenge for us to complete. Equip the Remote Electrical Charge. This will then lower a wall that requires us to use Explosive Gel.

Before blowing up this wall switch back to the Remote Electrical Charge and use it in order to raise the wall once again. When it reaches the top it will connect with a breakable wall above. Detonate it then so that the wall behind it does indeed break. Grapple inside to find our reward.
Stage ARiddler Trophy #21Twin Rattler Drone (Character Showcase)Grapple up to the top of the backdrop. Here we will find another large robot with green eyes. Our trophy is right here, next to it.

Equip the Batclaw then switch over to the Remote Electrical Charge. Use it to slowly give power to the robot, enough to eventually have it blown up. This will then release the required trophy.

The Female Riddler

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