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Where to find all of the Miagani Island Riddler trophies and collectibles, which is east of Founders’ Island. In Batman Arkham Knight. Miagani Island is also the island that features many different districts such as Grand Avenue, Bristol and Kingston.


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Video Shows The Locations To All Riddler Collectibles Within Miagani Island



Pinkney OrphanageIt Doesn’t Take Much To Tame A Cat, Make Them Wear This, And Then Call The BatOn The Prowl (Gotham City Stories)There are multiple ways to unlock this one. We can either scan Catwoman‘s collar to find a tag with a ‘green question mark’ on it. Alternatively, if you have since managed to rescue and free Catwoman then you can find her collar in the Final Exam room. On the floor.
Riddler Victim #1For this one we need to head to our destination and listen to Riddler on the screen. From there equip the Remote Batarang and through it towards the rioters down below. One of these rioters should turn red, indicating that this is our target. Eliminate the target by whatever means necessary.
Riddler Trophy #1Pump Station (Concept Art)This one requires us to eliminate the Riddlerbots and then use a Batarang on the green question marks. This will then revive the robots. Defeat them for a second time and then we should be able to collect our reward.
Riddler Trophy #2This one can be found by the Mercy Bridge. Near a set of stairs and the ocean water.
Riddler Trophy #3This trophy is located on top of the train car.
x10 DestructibleTo complete this objective we need to destroy a total of 10 Breakable Objects. These are marked on the map and it does not matter which order you go for. As this one requests us to destroy 10 breakable objects we will clear two objectives with this one. An objective in the first grid (x10 Destructible) and one in the third grid (x5 Destructible)
Riddler Trophy #4Head to the rooftop, to where the Vicky Vale Show billboard stands. From there run and glide through the windows of the building opposite. The trophy sits on the table inside the building.
Friends of the Waynes though not as wealthy, their memorial ward keeps Gotham healthy.Keep Your Friends Close (City Story)Scan the Elliot Memorial Hospital building.
Riddler Trophy #5The Old City (Concept Art)Look for a breakable wall and use the Batmobile to destroy it. Get out your Remote Electrical Charge and use it inside the building this will move the gate in here. Then swap to your Voice Synthesizer and control the robot move it to the gate and perform a takedown.
Move the gate once again using the Remote Electrical Charge and then use a Batarang on the Riddler symbol to revive the robot. Back to the Voice Synthesizer. Make the robot stand on the panel. We can then get our trophy
Pinkney OrphanageRiddler Trophy #6Alfred Pennyworth (Character Showcase)Use the Batmobile and the winch to pull at the green Riddler structure. Our goal is to switch between both the winch and the Remote Electrical Charge and move the large round ball inside the structure. Get it to the bottom. Once complete the structure will turn from green to purple. Basically be deactivated and allow us to claim our reward. The round ball inside the structure has our Riddler Trophy.
The highest building in Arkham City. A Strange man worked here, who took no pity.Wonder Tower (City Story)Head to the destination and you should be able to locate Arkham City in the distance. Scan the tower where the events of Hugo Strange took place.
Riddler Trophy #7This one sits inside an idol tram car.
Riddler Trophy #8This one is casually sitting inside of Poison Ivy’s building. (Botanical Gardens)
Riddler Trophy #9Gridlocked (Concept Art)The next one is located underneath the Penitence Bridge. Start by using the Voice Synthesizer and command the robot to stand on the panel. Then have Batman stand on the other panel. Swap to the Batmobile and begin firing at the Riddler symbols on the bridge pillars and a time limit will begin.

Switch back to Batman and, using the Batarang, aim and target the Riddler symbols up here too. You will need to be fast. You need to beat the timer that triggers after the Batmobile has activated it. Use quickfire (L2)
Riddler Trophy #10We can find this one inside a building. Use the Batmobile to destroy a breakable wall and then glide up into the actual building.
WatchtowerRiddler Trophy #11We can find this one inside the watchtower elevator.
Riddler Trophy #12Police Officers (Character Showcase)Using the Batmobile drive on to the green panel on the road. We can then begin. Basically Riddler symbols will appear on the wall. Destroy each one. Be quick! Use your rocket missiles when multiple appear at once.
Riddler Trophy #13Loading Bay (Concept Art)Glide into the boarded up window of the building to find this one. Alternatively use the Batmobile and target it from a distance.


Riddler Trophy #14Diamondback Drone (Character Showcase)This riddle is a race between time and it requires us to begin from Penitence Bridge. Stand on the green panel here and get ready to race for the Riddler trophy. You will have 40 seconds to reach your destination.
Riddler Trophy #15On The Shoulders Of Giants (Concept Art)This is another one where we need to glide into the breakable window or wooden barricade. Make sure to get good height and accuracy.
Riddler Trophy #16This one sits on a small stone structure.
Riddler Trophy #17This one can be found on the rooftop next to the watchtower.
Riddler Trophy #18Two-Face Thugs (Character Showcase)Head to the destination and use the winch on the mechanism to open a small window. Head inside and look for an entrance to an area above you. The trophy is up here. To remove the robots after collecting the trophy just switch back to the Batmobile and release the winch.
Wayne TowerRiddler Trophy #19Head to Wayne Tower and close to the rooftop there will be a secret entrance. The trophy is in here.
Riddler Trophy #20Bring your Batmobile to the building rooftop using the multi-storey car park. Jump the small ramp so that the vehicle can then interact with the riddle puzzle. By providing energy and electricity using the Batmobile we can then go and collect our trophy.
x15 DestructibleGo around destroying the various breakable objects that are marked on the map.
Wayne TowerThe Prince of Gotham sits high in his tower, yet this picture recalls a happier hour.Legacy (City Story)Head to the Wayne Tower and scan the framed picture of Bruce and his parents.
Riddler Victim #2Listen to Riddler on the screen and then switch to the Remote Batarang. Search for your target and eliminate them.
Botanical GardensRiddler Trophy #21We can find this one inside of Poison Ivy’s lair. The Botanical Gardens.
A former warden who had a Strange turn, his appointment as mayor was a cause for concern.Visiting Hours (City Story)At Lacey’s Department Store there will be a poster on the building wall. This poster will be related to Mayor Quincey Sharp.
Riddler Trophy #22Dragon Drone (Character Showcase)For this one we have to be fast. Using the Batmobile activate the Riddler mechanism and have Batman exit the vehicle and equip the Batclaw. Pull on the mechanism using the winch and watch as the Riddler Trophy rises. Quickly grab it!
A natural cure for Scarecrow‘s doom, your saviour’s gone but still in bloom.Wallflower (City Story)Scan the entrance to Poison Ivy’s lair. You are mainly wanting to scan the small flower by the entrance.
Riddler Trophy #23Use the Batmobile to destroy the breakable wall. Then head inside and collect your reward.
Riddler Trophy #24This next one is located within the underground of the Lady Of Gotham statue. Simply glide into a breakable section of the statue and continue to follow the path to the trophy.
Riddler Trophy #25Paramedics (Character Showcase)Use the Batmobile and winch to move the ball around inside the mechanism. Try to get it to drop to the very bottom so Batman can go and collect it.
Pauli’s DinerRiddler Trophy #26Head inside Pauli’s Diner and this trophy is located behind the counter.


Riddler Trophy #27Police Car (Character Showcase)For this one we will need to scan the roads and environment for Riddler graffiti. Then follow this graffiti and destroy the strange symbol at the end. A symbol that looks very different from the rest.
Riddler Victim #3Listen to the Riddler on the screen and use the Remote Batarang to locate your target. Eliminate them.
Joker‘s FunlandRiddler Trophy #28We can find this one at Joker‘s Funland. Near the Ferris wheel.
Riddler Trophy #29Transport Tunnels (Concept Art)The next one requires us to use the Batmobile to scan for the Riddler graffiti. Follow the graffiti to find another graffiti marking that does not match the others. Our trophy is behind this one.

(Note: The graffiti will eventually lead to a gate. If it is not already open then you will need to exit the vehicle. From there make your way to the other side of this gate and use the Remote Hacking Device)
Riddler Trophy #30To gain access to this one we will be required to climb through the vents.
Disarming, charming, quite the inquisitor. She’ll pull back the vale, whoever her visit.Showtime (City Story)Scan the ‘Vicky Vale Show’ billboard on the building rooftop.
The League Of Assassins stuck blades through hearts, now they impale each other’s art.The Demon’s Head (City Story)Scan the ‘Demon’s Head Will Return’ graffiti that can be found on the building wall.
Joker‘s FunlandRiddler Trophy #31Riddler (Character Showcase)To complete this one we will need to take advantage of the Voice Synthesizer and order the robots to stand on two of the green panels. Have Batman standing on the third and remaining panel. Use the Batclaw to claim the trophy.
Lacey’s Department StoreRiddler Trophy #32Waitress (Character Showcase)This next one can be found just outside of Lacey’s Department Store. Using the Batmobile and winch pull on the mechanism to raise the sign on the building. It will then reveal a breakable wall. Destroy this wall. The Riddler Trophy is inside
Are you suffering from a mental split? Take out the trash before you defend it!Taking Out The Trash (City Story)There is a small building store named Hells Gate. Scan this to earn this one.
Pinkney OrphanageRiddler Trophy #33This one is situated on the rooftop of the Pinkney Orphanage
Riddler Trophy #34We can find this in an underground tunnel. Where the Militia checkpoint is located.
Riddler Trophy #35ACE Workers (Character Showcase)At the Hotel building go ahead and use the Batmobile and winch to open a side door. The trophy is inside. Unfortunately, after taking the trophy, several sentry guns will appear. Switch back to the Batmobile to remove those.
Riddler Trophy #36Lone Protector (Concept Art)Make your way to the Mercy Bridge and use the Batmobile to blast and destroy the breakable wall. Then glide and grab your reward.
Riddler Trophy #37To find this next one we will need to glide past and through the Dang-Good Donuts display. The trophy is hiding inside here.
Pinkney OrphanageYou forced this contraption over my brain, I’ll reward you with punishment, debasement and pain.Social Outcast (City Story)Head into the Final Exam room and equip the Remote Hacking Device. From there head into the puzzle room and use the device on the shelving on the end wall. (Masterplan)

We will then have access to a secret room. Scan the table to earn this next one.
Riddler Trophy #38We can find this one sitting casually on a small table.

This concludes the locations to the Miagani Island Riddler Trophies in Batman Arkham Knight


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