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Here we have a compilation of the many Arkham Knight HQ Riddler trophies and collectibles that can be found within Batman Arkham Knight. This specific location has multiple different entrances to it.

It is also where we confront the Arkham Knight for a final showdown. This is also the location where we discover the true identity of the same said character. Who, of course, is Jason Todd. The Red Hood.


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A Video That Shows The Locations To All Of The Riddler Collectibles Within The Arkham Knight HQ



Level 02 – Ventilation ShaftRiddler Trophy #1Joker (Character Showcase)

Winch the Batmobile and when ready glide over to the platform opposite. Here there will be several screens and a Riddler trophy.

Equip the Remote Electrical Charge and use it on the screens. You will then need to time your next move perfectly. The screens need to stop rotating on the question mark symbol. As its continuously moving this is easier said than done.

Arkham Knight HQRiddler Trophy #2Excavator (Character Showcase)Head to the green closed shutters and use the Remote Hacking Device (Robotics). Inside there will be several sentry gunners. They guard our trophy.

Next to these gunners is a Riddlerbot. Use the Remote Hacking Device to distract the gunner furthest from us, on the right. Then switch to the Voice Synthesizer.
Have the Riddlerbot destroy the other sentry gunner. Whilst we go and collect our reward.
Arkham Knight HQRiddler Trophy #3Militia Brute Weapons Expert (Character Showcase)Here we will find a large board with a ball mechanism that is currently holding our Riddler trophy. Equip the Remote Electrical Charge.

We need to rotate this large board, which is actually a maze, around. So that the large ball inside moves and lands so that we can go and claim our prize.
Arkham Knight HQVengeance burns darkly inside the betrayed, as they stare at reminders of debts unpaid.The Fall (City Story)Head behind the escalators to find a board with pictures of Batman and Robin.
Arkham Knight HQRiddler Trophy #4Excavator Battle (Concept Art)Crawl through the underground vents. It will lead to a cave. At the end is our Riddler trophy.
x10 DestructibleThe destructible objects within the Arkham Knight HQ are the small noisy robot machines (Spider Drones), that you can see often climbing along the various walls. We can destroy them by either using the Batmobile or Remote Electrical Charge. They are marked on the map as ‘Breakable Object’
Construction AccessRiddler Trophy #5Arkham Knight’s Personal Guard (Character Showcase)Use the Remote Hacking Device to disable the enemy sentry gunner. Then proceed to stand on the green panel.

Equip the Remote Controlled Batarang and send it through the vent. We need to do this twice. Once to activate the ‘question mark’ inside the vent. This will also unlock the small gate in the vent. A second time to destroy the electrical box and gain us access to the Riddler trophy.
However, we need to be fast as the sentry gunner will only remain idle for a limited time.
Level 03 – Ventilation ShaftRiddler Trophy #6 Batmobile MK II (Character Showcase)Head to the Ventilation Shaft and use the winch to lower the Batmobile down to a large green board on the wall. In order to activate it we will need to drive on to the green panel which is just below us.

Now in order to beat the green board we need to aim and fire at the ‘Riddler marks’ that the rolling ball inside the board comes to. This will then allow the ball to roll even further. It will get more complicated as after completing it a first time, we will then need to redo it. This time with further additional rolling balls.
Get a total of 3 rolling balls through the coarse in order to complete this one. The trophy will then appear for us to collect.
Level 05Riddler Trophy #7Fan Control Room (Concept Art)This one is hiding in the elevator shaft.


Arkham Knight HQRiddler Trophy #8Rooftop Confrontation (Concept Art)

Equip the Remote Hacking Device and use it to open the shutters (Conductivity). Head inside the following room.

Switch to the Remote Electrical Charge and our task now is to form a path for the electrical current to pass through. Similarly to what we had to do before back at the Orphanage.

Arkham Knight HQRiddler Trophy #9Botanical Gardens (Concept Art)This trophy is located on the lower ground. Behind a wall.
Riddler Trophy #10Hideout Entrance (Concept Art)This one can be found amongst the plants and soil. Near the wall, right of the map.
Riddler Trophy #11Excavator Reveal (Concept Art)

Dive through the pane glass and you will come to several screens, all of which seem to represent the ‘red off’ symbol. Equip the Remote Hacking DeviceWe will now begin a basic game of ‘Snap’ or ‘Pairs’. Match all of the different symbols to complete this one.(Note: The symbols are random so just play around for a bit)

Level 04 – Maintenance SectorWith a fluffy white coat and ears standing tall, what burrowed the hole in which Alice did fall?Down the rabbit hole (City Story)Scan the bunny masks on the mannequin dolls inside the shop.
Level 03 – Ventilation ShaftRiddler Trophy #12Scarecrow (Character Showcase)Here we have another green board to play with. Switch to the Remote Hacking Device. Our goal is to get the rolling ball down the board and to the bottom where we can go and collect it and our reward. Use the question marks to turn the dials.
x15 DestructibleWe now need to destroy the remaining Spider Drone robots. There is no specific order and they should all be marked on the map as ‘Breakable Object’.
Level 04 – Maintenance SectorRiddler Trophy #13Access Tunnels (Concept Art)Head through the vent and we will be greeted with our next challenge. It also involves a large ball. Equip the Remote Electrical Charge. Guide the ball through the maze and collect it to complete this one.
Level 01 – Generator StorageRiddler Trophy #14GCT Building (Concept Art)We can find this one sitting on the table over in the Generator Storage


Level 04Riddler Trophy #15Serpent Drone (Character Showcase)Head up the elevator shaft and we will find a locked and closed shutter door, use the Remote Hacking Device (Underneath)

Once inside look ‘underneath’. The door code suggested and hinted as much. Here turn the switch ‘On’. Grab the trophy.
Riddler Trophy #16This next one is situated underneath the table by the Chinese and Asian decorations.
Level 01 – Generator StorageRiddler Trophy #17Cloudburst Tank (Character Showcase)Grapple on up to the Generator Storage and equip the Remote Hacking Device (Semiconductors). This will then allow us through the door here.

This puzzle is a bit similar to the previous one (Riddler Trophy #8). Except this time we only have the one electrical circuit that needs guiding.
 Level 05 – Briefing RoomRiddler Trophy #18Briefing Room (Concept Art)This Riddler Trophy hides behind a mannequin.
Level 04 – Maintenance SectorRiddler Trophy #19Civilians (Character Showcase)Ride the elevator up to the top floor. Here we will be confronted with a breakable wall. Use Explosive Gel.
Riddler Trophy #20Thugs (Character Showcase)This trophy collectible is hiding underneath the concrete floor. Look for a breakable section of the floor and you should be able to spot it.
A psychotic doctor who caught the fear bug, the fruits of his research: a powerful drug.Critter (City Story)Scan the rather spectacular room on the ground floor. Flashing, bugs flying. Is it not delightful?
Level 05 – Briefing RoomRiddler Trophy #21Militia (Character Showcase)We can find this one sitting on top of the purple ‘Bar’ display sign. Over in the Briefing Room.

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