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A compilation of Two-Face quotes and voice lines from Batman Arkham City. This includes voice lines during his first appearance within the game and his last and final scene too.

For the most part Harvey Dent is mostly only really connected to Catwoman‘s side of the story. Batman and the ex-DA don’t really involve each other. However, the only real reason he is even in the game is because of Catwoman.

Selina Kyle, who, of course, is Catwoman, is seen trying to steal from Harvey and one of his vaults. The Solomon Courthouse. With her prime objective, to steal from his vault. Ultimately though, she ends up being captured and a small rivalry between the two begins. Including the possibility of her execution.


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In Batman Arkham City Two-Face manages to catch Selina Kyle, Catwoman, infiltrating his base over at the Solomon Courthouse. Where she is seen trying to steal from one of his vaults. Though a lot of this was due to having been ordered by Professor Hugo Strange, who had threatened her using an acquaintance and friend of Selina. Holly Robinson.

Harvey catches her in the act and threatens to have her sentenced, whilst a bunch of his men watch on inside the court room. Selina hanging frustratingly over a pool of chemical liquid below.

Batman then arrives and rescues the cat before her ‘nine lives potentially ran out’. Much to the disgust of Two-Face himself, who had now managed to swap places with Selina and was, instead, finding himself hanging over the liquid. Though, it is optional, we do get the chance to speak with Harvey at this point. So this is an opportunity for some extra missable dialogue.

Embarrassed and ashamed, Harvey was eager to get revenge. Not only had Miss. Kyle tried to steal from him but she had also managed to claw half of his face too. The various claw indentations and marks on his face were a dead give away

As an attempt to get revenge Harvey had some of his men destroy Selina’s property. and even managed to steal from her. Which prompted her to go and pay Mr. Dent a visit over at the Museum. This would be their final confrontation.


Two-Face manages to catch Catwoman attempting to steal from himGet your filthy paws off that, now.
When Catwoman is being sentancedFate delivered a gift to us tonight.

A gift that will show everybody that we mean business.
As Batman fights off Harvey’s goonsYour sentence is death, Batman!
Catwoman inside the museum. Where Dent is expecting her to turn upDon’t let me down. When she gets here, I want her dead!
After Harvey catches the cat. The court is now in session


In Batman Arkham City, the character of Two-Face is voiced by Troy Baker. Who also managed to voice him in Batman Arkham Knight, the sequel to Arkham City.

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