Unlocking The Freeze Cluster in Arkham City

How To Get The Freeze Cluster In Batman Arkham City

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How to get the Freeze Cluster in Batman Arkham City. Which is a much needed and necessary piece of equipment if one wishes to complete all 440 of the Riddler trophies and secrets.

However, it is also a gadget that is very vague on how it can be acquired. There is next to zero mentions on how to find it. How to unlock or anything. It is available in the Waynetech menu but it will only show once you have it unlocked.

Video Shows The Location To The Freeze Cluster


So to unlock the Freeze Cluster in Batman Arkham City you will need to continue through the main story until you are able to confront Mister Freeze. After the fight against Victor you will then learn about his wife, Nora. We will also find out that Harley Quinn managed to steal the cure from the vault.

From there make your way back to the Steel Mill. We will then come across Joker’s sidekick having been caught and tied down. This was, of course, the work of Talia al Ghul.

Speak with Harley to find out that something has been stolen by the Joker and is currently being kept inside the Mill. She is, of course, referring to the Freeze Cluster.

The Hot and Cold side quest will be available to us. The objective is to find the stolen Freeze tech


In order to find the stolen freeze tech we will need to make our way to the Steel Mill, self explanatory since Harley did mention it was in this location.

From there head to the Loading Bay. To where we encountered our first fight against Hammer, the Abramovici twin. Also, where we encountered both Harley and the Joker managing to capture the Bat.

From there we will find a door that will require us to use the Remote Electrical Charge. Unlock the door and head inside. We will then find ourselves in the Freight Elevator.

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the gates in front of us. This will allow us to drop down to the area below. There may be a few unsuspecting henchmen down here too.

Anyway once on the lower ground grapple on up to the nearby ledge. More thugs will be here, just staring at the Harley intercom. Ignore or defeat them, your choice.

From there proceed and head through the double doors. This will take us to the Boiler Room. To where the Freeze Cluster is located and can be found.


The Boiler Room will also feature several of the Clown‘s henchmen. Who all seem to be enjoying their success against Penguin and his men. We will have no choice this time around but to fight them off. They are in our way and there are no alternative routes.

From there head to the back of the room, by the wooden crates. The Freeze Cluster can be found here. Simply collect it. Then it will show up on the Waynetech menu.


In order to use the Freeze Cluster all you will need to do is activate it through the Waynetech menu. From there is will be available on the shortcut menu by using the directional pad on the controller.

Equipping The Freeze Cluster Grenade

In order to use the Cluster we then need to use both the L2 and R2 button combinations. This gadget will allow us to create a large blast radius that is capable of freezing multiple enemies to the ground at once.

It is an upgraded version of the Freeze Blast, which can only freeze a single target in place.

The Female Riddler

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