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Riddler Hostage 4 Batman Arkham City

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The Arkham City Riddler hostage 4 becomes available after having rescued the third hostage and solved more of the Riddler secrets. Which are the trophies and riddles.

From there we will need to use collect the frequency code and solve a small riddle.


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Rescuing The Fourth Arkham City Hostage


After progressing through Batman Arkham City and solving multiple Riddler secrets you will then want to access the Enigma menu, where we will be presented with our next riddle. We will need to solve this riddle if we want the location to the fourth Riddler hostage.

Our riddle is as follows; I’ll be right under your feet, in the midday sun; you cannot loose me, no matter how you run. What am I? Again, as with the previous Enigma riddles we can turn the two wheels that appear on the screen.

I'll be right under your feet, in the midday sun; you cannot loose me, no matter how you run. What am I?
Enigma Puzzle Wheels

These wheels will both have several words and letters on them. None of which will make an actual word on its own. This is where the second wheel comes into play. By turning and combining both of these wheels we can make a word.

The word that we create using these wheels needs to spell out the answer to our riddle. Feel free to try and solve it yourself and listen to Edward egotistically mock you whenever you fail to get the correct answer. You have unlimited attempts to try and pull it off but you, at this point, will get locked our for 30 seconds. Meaning you cannot do anything until the timer ends.

The riddle is I’ll be right under your feet, in the midday sun; you cannot loose me, no matter how you run. What am I? and our hints are feet, midday sun and, to some extent, you cannot loose me. Now if you picture yourself in the midday sun and look at your feet you will always see a reflection. A shadow. You cannot loose a shadow during this period of the day. Hence, the third clue.


We will now get the location to our fourth Riddler hostage. Who is over in the Industrial District. West of the Steel Mill.

Okay continue the Enigma Conundrum side mission and make your way to the Industrial District. Where we should be able to locate a wall with a green graffiti mark on it. Upon closer inspection we should also be able to interact with this wall.


Proceed through the door and listen or don’t listen to Nigma’s mocks and speech and the next door will lead us to our next puzzle room.

This puzzle room will be very similar to the first one, where we rescued the first hostage over at the church. In Park Row. We have a large room with square tiles that can cause electrical damage, if you step on them. We also have our hostage in the middle of the room waiting to be recued. Very, very similar.

However, one key difference this time around is the giant, and very much noticeable, set of rotating mechanical spikes. Which we do not want to touch.

Riddler Hostage 4 Puzzle Room - Arkham City
Using The Cryptographic Sequencer

After witnessing the struggles of our hostage immediate turn around and use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the terminal next to the door. Some of the tiles will then turn black. Which basically means, for a set period of time, that they can be stepped on without the Dark Knight getting a ‘shocking’ response in the process.


However, you will need to still be wary of the sharp incoming blades too. Touch them even once and you will witness the Game Over screen and will be automatically taken back to the last checkpoint in the game. Which will be at the doorway.

Cross the black panels and once you realize that you cannot go any further turn and look to the right. There should be a ledge. Just above this ledge is a ‘green question mark’. It is actually a switch.

Use a Batarang on this switch to reveal more black panels that we can cross. If you cannot reach it for whatever reason, then just use the Line Launcher and perform the Wire Walk (R1).


Our next destination is on top of this ledge. We basically want to use the platform above us as a form of bridge.

Cross this platform bridge and head towards the furnace at the end. To the right of this furnace is another ledge. Use the Line Launcher to reach it. That is the sharp blades now having been taken care of.

Now whilst Edward is rather dashing and a delight to look at, his rather large hologram is also being projected onto a breakable wall. A wall we now need to destroy.

Behind this wall we have a large electromagnet and a crate box, along with another green switch on the end far wall. Our objective is to equip the Remote Electrical Charge. This moves the crate around the area.

From there use the Remote Controlled Batarang and aim at the green switch. This will remove the electric barriers next to us and allow us to move on.

In this next area we will have two paths to choose from. Well one really. A path to the right and one directly opposite us. As said there is only the one path to choose from. As the path opposite leads to a dead end. So use the Line Launcher and head to the right.

As we do this Batman will automatically collect and rescue the hostage.

The Female Riddler

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