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The Arkham City Riddler hostage 3 is located at the Industrial District. We can, of course, unlock the ability to go and rescue them after finding more Riddler inspired secrets. Then completing another Enigma Device related riddle. Our rewards will then be our location to the third hostage.


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Video Shows How To Rescue The Third Hostage


After having successfully rescued the second hostage over in the Amusement Mile district. We can then move onto the third hostage, who is over in the Industrial District. East of the map.

Here we will, once again, need to search for a wall with a green question mark painted on. Inspect it and enter the building

Once inside we will be met with several rather sharp and nasty corkscrew machines just rotating around in an idol yet speedy motion. We will be somewhat accustomed to these by now as they also appear within the main story. It goes without saying that we want to avoid these as much as possible.

We Confront Our Next Challenge

Just below is also a pool of water that stretches out towards our next path and ledge opposite. This is where we want to be. Our next destination.

Anyway feel free to listen to Riddler over on the big screen. He still hopes for our demise. Though, we will no doubt prove him wrong.


Regardless though we now have two options to choose from. Both options work and both of which will get us to our next destination. The ledge opposite. We can either use the Freeze Blast and simply pull ourselves across. However, another alternative option is to use the Line Launcher.

Once on the other side we will be greeted with Edward on the big screen once again. Adorable. Also he complains that we are cheating. However, did he not cheat himself in the previous hostage room? Back at the Amusement Mile district. Hmm.. Quite the contradiction.

Zip Lining Across

However, we are not yet done. At this next section we will also be greeted by a wall of running water. This running water is actually split into three sections. Meaning it does not fall as one big continuous waterfall. This is super important to remember and keep a note of.


Also just above the running water we have two electrical boxes or Electromagnets, where our Remote Electrical Charge will come in useful. In between those we have a box or shelf, which can be moved around.

Turning our attention back to the running water once again, we should also be able to locate several green question marks on the wall. These are also important. However, you can ignore the rotating spikes to the right side of the platform. We cannot access it right now anyway due to the electrical barrier that is currently blocking the path. We will come back to that in a second. For now concentrate on the task in front of us, the running water and Electromagnets.

Enigma Conundrum Riddler Hostage 3 Puzzle
These Green Question Marks Are Delightfully Necessary!

Our objective is to use the Batarang and aim at all three of the green question marks on the wall, one at a time. However, we cannot do that until the water has been stopped. So to remedy that make sure to equip the Remote Electrical Charge.


Use the Remote Electrical Charge on the Electromagnets and move the shelving around. By doing this we also stop the running water. Mainly due to the shelving blocking the water supply. Activate the three question marks to remove the electrical barrier.

Now we can turn our attention to the sharp rotating spikes. Though it may look scary and trust me touching them will likely cause damage to the caped crusader and force us to restart form the last checkpoint. However, we will need to head through them.

Before going so however. Though it may look obvious to just glide across to the opposite side. To the far end wall. That is not our actual destination. The far end wall just leads to a dead end. So with that in mind, where exactly does our next destination point us?


In truth we cannot actually see our next destination due to the multitudes of spiralling sharp blades. However, we can find it to the right. Just use the Line Launcher and then half way through the bladed mechanical machinery, you will want to change direction.

Riddler Hostage 3 Deathtrap
Scary Spikes

We can do this by changing and aiming the Line Launcher to the right by taking advantage of the L2 button on the controller, or whichever is more equivalent depending on your chosen platform. This will then bring us into a new room. A room where we can finally confront our hostage.


In this next room we will be met with several square platforms that are all bunched up against a wall, located to the left. Here we can also find several Electromagnets, which means we will need to equip and make use of the Remote Electrical Charge once again. Finally next to these Electromagnets is a box. Perhaps we can move this box somehow?

To the right side of the room we have our hostage, who is currently strapped to a chair, with her back facing us. Of course, there is also the matter of an electrical barrier too. So we need to remove this barrier before we can confront her.

Our Final Challenge

In order to remove the barrier we need to make use of the Electromagnets. So turning our attention back to that once again. Here, on the series of square panels, there will be one very obvious circle panel. Step on it and the barrier will be removed. Leave the panel and the barriers return once again. So, ultimately, we need someone or ‘something’ to remain on this panel and keep the barriers down.


After managing to solve the puzzle we can then proceed and rescue the female hostage, who is simply named as the ‘Doctor’. She will give us our next frequency code. Which will be 6-0-6, 1-2-0.

We can then either progress onto the next hostage or search for more Riddler related secrets.

The Female Riddler

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