Rescuing M.P.T. Anne Bishop. Hostage 5

Enigma Conundrum Hostage 5 – Batman Arkham City

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Where to find the Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum hostage 5 and how to rescue them. This is the fifth and final hostage that must be rescued before completing the Enigma Conundrum side mission.

You will be able to unlock the fifth hostage after having rescued the fourth and completed more of the Riddler secrets. At this point I have all 440 secrets found and solved. That includes all trophies, riddles and destructible objects.


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How To Rescue The Arkham City Hostage 5


As is usually the case before we can find the location to the next and final hostage we will need to unlock another riddle on the Enigma Device. So head over to the Enigma menu and let us begin.

Our riddle is as follows; Hit me hard and I will crack but you’ll never stop me from staring back. What am I?. Again we will have two wheels that we can rotate and turn in order to combine and make a word. One that will hopefully solve the riddle puzzle.

Hit Me Hard And I Will Crack But You'll Never Stop Me From Staring Back. What Am I?
Hit me hard and I will crack but you’ll never stop me from staring back. What am I?

Both of these two wheels have about two to three words on them. None of which will complete and solve our riddle on its own. So our clues for this one are basically hit me hard and I will crack. Which basically refers to something having been damaged or broken upon impact.

But you’ll never stop me from staring back. Seems to indicate a reflection of some kind. We could make the would mirage using these wheels. Mirages can be shattered to an extent per say but no. We need something a bit more obvious. The answer is actually a mirror. As a mirror can both be damaged or ‘cracked’ upon impact and they also cast a reflection. Thus giving the effect of ‘staring back’.

We will now have our location to hostage 5. Who is located over at Amusement Mile, north east of the map.


Head inside the building at the Amusement Mile and after a lovely speech from Mr. Questionmark Man himself we can continue into the next room where we will find our hostage. Stranded trapped in the middle on the room. To make matters worse she is also feeling the affects of sudden volts of electricity running through her. Now we know where she is our job is to rescue her.

Start by running and sliding underneath the adorable large projection. Now it seems as though we hit a dead end. Actually it is not. In fact if you look up you should be able to see an Electromagnet. Equip the Electrical Charge and activate it in order to remove the wall.

However, it appears as though this wall was hiding behind a set of bars. Which cannot be moved. So, once again, run and slide underneath our next obstacle. Watch out for the spiked pillar. Do not get trapped underneath it.

Now we will come across a series of green electrical panels. Of course we do not want to touch them. However, we do still need to find a way across and no the Line Launcher will not work. I tried it and because of the door on the opposite side, the Line Launcher method did not work.


So, instead, equip the Batarang and aim at the green question mark symbols above. You will need to target them all. Every time one is correctly targeted, the door will slowly begin to open. Allowing us to pass on into the next area.

In this next room we will confront a series of green beams and just beyond those is three boxed crates. It seems like yet another dead end. Well, not really. In fact if you turn around you should be able to locate another Electromagnet.

These Electromagnets work really well on those boxed crates behind the green beams. In fact you can even push them into the ‘dead end’ wall. By doing so you will destroy the wall in the process. So that sorts that section out. What about these green beams? We still cannot move anywhere.

Well now that the wall has been destroyed we will now find two question marks on the following wall. Look up and above the beams and you will find a sharp spiked beam but we do not need to worry about that. However, it does leave a gap for us to, perhaps throw something.

Use the Remote Batarang on the green question marks on the wall to remove the green beams blocking our path. Remove the beams and climb the ladder into the next area. Above.

Here we will have another electrical panelled floor. However, unlike before, we can take advantage of the Line Launcher this time around. Use it and take the path to the right. As taking the path opposite is pointless with more green beams in our way.


The path to the right leads to a spiral of spikes but it also leads to a device where we can use the Cryptographic Sequencer. The code is Bamboozling. By inputting the code we will remove the next set of beams. Now we can take that path.

Rescuing M.P.T. Anne Bishop Hostage 5
M.P.T. Anne Bishop (The Fifth Hostage)

Once up the ledge we will confront our next set of electrical floor panels. As well as another ‘dead end’ wall to confuse us. Just above this wall is a ledge but do not get too excited it does not really lead anywhere.

However, what this ledge does tell us is what we need to do next. Here we will have more boxed crates and just below them are two Electromagnets. Just like before we will now need to use the Electrical Charge and combine it with the Electromagnets to throw these boxes into the wall opposite.

Now equip the Line Launcher and use it to reach the fifth hostage and complete the puzzle. Now we can locate Edward and give him my love.

The Female Riddler

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