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Here we have a compilation of thug and inmate quotes and voice lines from Batman Arkham City.

One of the many key features that players can quickly find whilst exploring the world of Arkham City is that the streets are filled with thugs and gang members. Usually they are aligned with one of the iconic villains within the story. Such as Joker, Two Face, and even Penguin.

Within Arkham City these thugs seem to have their own storylines. Which I find very unique and different. As if this game was looked upon from many different perspectives. Giving extra life to the world in which the game is set in.


The Gangs Of Batman Arkham (Arkhamverse)
Video Showcases Various Thug and Inmate Dialogue Voice Lines


Though it is easy to simply ignore these rambling thugs that are simply no match for the Dark Knight or anything else for that matter. After all they simply serve to be cannon fodder. Tools for their bosses to use whenever they wish. They are paid and hired mercenaries.

However, if you take the time to actually pay attention to them. Instead of just running up to them and greeting them with a fist to the face. They actually do provide some decent dialogue and backstory.

One such example is that they are not afraid to comment on how they feel deep down about their relationship with the boss of their gang. Usually they give subtle hints to being and feeling rather conflicted. Having doubts about being a member of the team. However, some of them can also be loyal too.

In Arkham City their dialogue seems to take a much more serious tone than in the likes of Batman Arkham Knight. The different gang members seem to be struggling to keep up with the events and situations that are happening all around them. The city is on the verge of an all-out war and they are in the middle of it all.

Whereas in Batman Arkham Knight, the various different gang members seem to be more laid back. Preferring to talk about the weather and not really knowing much about their situation other than the sudden appearance of the Militia.

A lot of hidden lore and character personalities and backstories can be revealed by just occasionally deciding to put your other errands to one side in order to eavesdrop.


Here we have various quotes and voice lines that are said by various different Batman Arkham City thugs and gang members.

Some of the dialogue gives it some extra added story. Mainly of how devoted these members are in completing their assigned tasks as well as being an occasional oddball.

Exploring Arkham City. Start of the game.Join Two-Face. Be a part of the winning side!
Joker Gang MemberJoker’s got it bad. He’s a goner, for sure.
After the bridge collapsesMust have been Penguin. Figure he wired the street to blow.
Random thug encounterWhat are we gonna do now? Look, they’re all picking sides. We’ll get left out
Random thug encounterWho do you think’s gonna win? Joker?


In Batman Arkham City there are three groups that these inmates are connected to. We have Joker’s crew, Penguin, and Two-Face. A lot of the content and backstory relates to these so called ‘gang wars’.

As I began to piece these video clips together I realised that despite a lot of conflict there were no real winners. The team with Two-Face ended up defeating Joker‘s crew. Until they then reformed and recruited some of Penguin’s goons after the Dark Knight apprehended Penguin.

From there Joker’s crew decided to get revenge on Two-Face and his team. At the end we see a few of Joker’s team torturing a member of Two-Face‘s group. Making Joker and his team the eventual winners.

However, Hugo Strange. The main antagonist, or one of anyway. Decided to attack and betray Joker and defeated some of his men in the process. He betrayed them despite handing out weapons and aid in order to be able to win their ‘little war’. Joker, of course, being ill, ended up losing his cure and the team. What was left of them. No longer had a leader anyway.


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