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Quotes from the Riddler, the iconic puzzle and strategy mastermind from the Batman universe. He is one of the fan favourite characters. Often causing problems for the Dark Knight and the citizens of Gotham City in his attempts to prove that he is simply the ‘greatest everything’.

This article will showcase a collection of quotes from the Riddler and will be mainly focused on the voice lines and dialogue within the highly popular and award winning video game series from the company over at Rocksteady. So this will include the likes of the Batman Arkham trilogy series. Such as Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Video Shows The Various Quotes From The Riddler


In Batman Arkham Asylum the Riddler is very much an optional individual, who, just like the other titles within the series, does not really count as a main character. In fact you can skip him altogether if one chooses to. Given how many collectibles there is in his side challenges, I’m not really surprised if people did in fact skip him.

In order to unlock him all you had to do is continue on through the main story. However, during the start of the game and when you are tasked with trying to chase down the clown prince of crime, we will then be forced to interact with a fallen GCPD officer. This will then automatically trigger the start of the Riddler challenges. This is the only time where you are forced to interact with the character. After that and for the remainder of the Riddler challenges everything is optional.

Unlike the next entries into the Batman Arkham series, there are no Riddler side activities. For example in Batman Arkham Knight you have activities such as racing the Batmobile around several race tracks. Whilst in Arkham City you have activities that involve rescuing hostages. However, in Arkham Asylum there is none of that. It is simply a run around looking for trophies and, of course, solving riddles.

All of this makes the Riddler section, especially when it comes to compiling dialogues together, very short. Though, also because of this it is also somewhat tiresome to repeatedly do the same thing over and over for 240 times.

Still for a first entry into the highly popular Batman Arkham series by the team over at Rocksteady, it paved the way for those much needed improvements that then followed.

Also in Arkham Asylum we never get to see what Riddler looks like. We simply get his voice lines or quotes from the Riddler instead. It was not until the much later games when we managed to see his actual character. Even later to get the chance to fight him.


Whilst struggling to solve the very first riddleYou know, PORTRAIT? Painting? Picture on the wall? In a frame?!
After solving one of the riddlesBah. Another one of the easy ones. Don’t feel too proud, Batman
After successfully managing to solve 50% of the Riddler challengesWhat do you call the detective who is only half-way to the end?
Randomly triggers whilst either exploring or navigating the Riddler challenge menuNo challenge is too great for me
Solving one of the very first riddles.Don’t get too full of yourself, Dark Knight. It only gets harder from here


In Batman Arkham City the Riddler, is, once again, an optional character. In order to trigger him this time around you needed to either interact with one of his red or green trophies (depending on if you were playing as either Catwoman or Batman).

Alternatively you can also revisit the church too, after the first initial scene with the Clown Prince. Here the quotes from the Riddler will also be a bit different when compared to simply collecting a trophy without revisiting the church.

For example, if you simply ignored the church and, instead, collected a trophy first. Then Riddler would automatically greet himself. In doing so he would demand you to collect the rest of his trophies, even if you do not want to. The Riddler trophy quest would then begin.

However, if you met him in the church then he would inform you that he has managed to kidnap several of the GCPD officers, including Officer Cash. This begins the ‘Hostage conundrum’ side quest. Where we are tasked with saving all five hostages.


After being locked out of the Enigma MachineSeriously? Do you need me to tell you what to do? Well I will, in thirty seconds.
When trying to collect one of Catwoman‘s trophies (As Batman)What do you call a bat that thinks he can take something for a cat?
During the fourth Riddler hostage rescueWhat is it? Unsure what to do next? May I suggest lying down on the floor and allowing the roller to do its thing?
After failing to rescue the fourth hostageQuestion: What do you call someone who prevented a guard from turning into minced meat? Answer: Not you, Batman
After the Riddler has been defeatedThis isn’t over. I’ll find a way to get out of this! I swear!


In Batman Arkham Knight the Riddler is seen within a new side mission known as Riddler’s Revenge. His revenge refers to trying to finally capture and break the Batman. After having been defeated in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. This time he plans to go all out and in the process has managed to successfully capture Catwoman, in his plan to use her as bait in order to lure out the Dark Knight.

The Riddler’s Revenge side mission is something that is quite different when compared to the previous Batman Arkham titles. For one, we now get to see the Riddler character and what he looks like. In the original title, Batman Arkham Asylum, fans were only ever given dialogue. Things changed with Arkham City however. Though, our only real fight against the character came in Arkham Knight.

In Batman Arkham Knight players were able to fight the Riddler not once but twice. With the second time occurring only after having successfully completed the entire Riddler’s Revenge side mission. This said side mission also helped contribute towards the 100% completion of Batman Arkham Knight and the Arkham Protocol hidden ending.


The Riddler’s Revenge managed to feature many different side activities too. From thrilling racing tracks to solving puzzles. All of which to try and rescue the kitty cat from the clutches of impending doom.

The Riddler may come across as a rather rude individual. Always trying to claim that he is better and smarter than everyone else. A lot of people may also find his attempts to prove that he is the ‘greatest everything’ he can also come across as somewhat annoying. However, if people do find him to be annoying then, in truth, that is a result of him winning. He wants to annoy those around him. It is proven as much within his dialogue and character voice lines.

The above posted video itself features over an entire hour of Riddler dialogue and voice lines. That has been taken and recorded throughout the game. Including dialogue that is often missed and skipped as it requires players to fully complete the Riddler’s Revenge side mission. Meaning that all 243 trophies and collectibles need to have been found.


When driving away from the racing circuitTurn around, you Dark Knucklehead
When failing the final racing circuitThank God! I mean: Ha ha! I knew you’d fail. Never doubted it for a moment.
During the final racing circuitSuch a pity I couldn’t show you the Riddlermobile. It’s bigger! Faster! Several times more aesthetically pleasing than your vehicle. It’s in the shop.
When Catwoman picks the wrong keyCheckmate, Batman. I seem to have decapitated your Queen.
After solving a few of the riddlesOh Batman, you’ve barely begun to solve my conundrums. In fact, Gotham remains RIDDLED with them… oh I’ve been waiting years to use that one!
Whilst exploring Gotham CityNow, Batman, when you solve the remaining riddles in Stagg’s airships you must promise – promise! – not to tear off that suit and join your monkey brethren as they fling feces against the walls. OK?
Having solved another riddleThis is absurd! An outrage! How would you like it if I started ordering Robin around, Batman!


This time, like its namesake, it features Catwoman trying to get revenge on the Riddler for kid or ‘catnapping’ her. It is a rather interesting addition to the game. However, from a personal perspective, I still cannot help but feel sorry for Riddler. I’m a massive fangirl.

This additional content was rather short and hence the rather short video length for this particular title. Whilst playing as Catwoman we get to explore Riddler’s base of operations. Where he conducted his research and created his robot army, which he calls ‘Riddlerbots’.

The Riddlerbots were, of course, seen during the main base game. They often appeared during the Riddler’s Revenge side mission and when trying to hunt down the vast amount of Riddler trophies and collectibles.

This particular video shows a compilation of Riddler dialogue and character voice lines from the Catwoman’s Revenge content. Which, as mentioned, takes place after the main base game and having completed the Riddler’s Revenge side mission. So expect potential spoilers.

The Catwoman‘s Revenge additional content is still available, should you wish to try it out. You can purchase it for a mere £1.69 or $1.99


When Riddler finds out about Catwoman’s plans for revengeHa! No prison can hold me. Hang on a second. Yes, Officer Cash, I’m just talking to my lawyer! Get out!
When the Riddlerbots try to apprehend CatwomanHow hard can it be to kill one thief?!
When the Riddlerbots try to apprehend CatwomanOh Catwoman! I’m going to defeat you from within this prison! Isn’t that humiliating?

The Riddler, otherwise known as Edward Nashton or more commonly known as Edward Nigma/Nygma, is one of the many villains within Batman Arkham Knight. He is mostly known for committing high-profile crimes and giving hints or clues in the form of riddles.

Just like the Dark Knight, the Riddler also has his very own symbol or iconic icon, in this case it comes in the form of green question marks. When you find one of these green question marks, you know that the infamous Riddler is near.


Batman Arkham VR was a virtual reality title made by the same company that gave us the highly successful Batman Arkham series. Rocksteady. The game itself was written by both Ian Ball and Martin Lancaster and took place between both Batman Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

In this one players once again took control of the Dark Knight, Batman. In a game that lets us explore Wayne Manor and the Batcave. All whilst being accompanied by the infamous butler, Alfred.

Soon enough we are informed that both Nightwing and Robin have gone missing and no one has heard from them. This then requires us to investigate in hopes that nothing major has gone wrong or anything bad has happened to them. From there we then get to investigate other locations within the game. A few of which many fans will no doubt recognise. Places such as the Iceberg Lounge, which is, of course, home to the ‘ice cold’ Penguin.


Solving a puzzle within the morgueLook at you, holding a clipboard. Like some kind of non-idiot
Finding a matching pictureStill trying to breach my impenetrable digital fortress? Oh it’s adorable!
Solving another puzzleAh! you got that one, did you? I was particularly proud of the way the mechanism – I mean stop it!
After finding seven pairsHuh, seven pairs found. That’s really, rather more than I thought. Well done. Yes. Well done.
After solving more riddlesThat was an easy one, designed to lull you into a false sense of security. Consider yourself lulled.
Getting more matching pairsI can’t prove you’re cheating, nemesis. But ask yourself, did I really don that ridiculous headgear just to look up the answers?


These Riddler collectibles were located throughout the game. In all of the available chapters. Once solved we would then get a picture grid. This picture grid was basically featured as a small mini game where we would have to select two of the same picture. Similar to the old school game of Snap. Depending on which pictures we successfully found we could then unlock yet more rewards.

These rewards often came in the form of new vehicles that were basically used as part of a showcase. Failing that we could also earn ourselves new character profiles which could be viewed in the Batcave. Alongside virtual versions of the character. I’ll admit seeing the Joker in virtual reality was rather nice, shame there was no option to do that with the Riddler. Yes, our mighty green man of perfection was never given a profile or virtual appearance. Instead we were just left with his dashing voice dialogues instead. At least he was added to the game, things could have been so much worse.


In the entire Batman Arkham trilogy series by Rocksteady the character of the Riddler is voiced by American voice actor, Wally Wingert.

Wally Wingert managed to voice the character in Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Including the Catwoman’s Revenge (DLC) and Arkham VR.

He kickstarted his career as the voice of the ‘green adorable menace’ in the 2009 title, Batman Arkham Asylum. From there he voiced the character in the rest of the Arkham trilogy series. He also managed to voice the character in the 2018 Lego DC Super-Villains.


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